100% Love From The Boss zChapter 257 - Revenge! I Must Revenge!

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Chapter 257 Revenge! I Must Revenge!

In the Ling’s villa, Ling Desheng asked Ling Tianyi to come to his study. So Ling Tianyi took Xia Xiaoluo to his room. He told Xia Xiaoluo not to go anywhere again and again, telling her that he would come back as soon as possible.

Ling Tianyi also told He Meishu that she was not allowed to make trouble for Xia Xiaoluo. He Meishu was very upset about Ling Tianyi’s words. Ling Tianyi really forgot her mother after he got married. He Meishu was reluctant to see Xia Xiaoluo. Out of sight, out of mind. So He Meishu sat alone in the living room, watching TV. It was a leisure time for her.

As soon as Ling Tianyi came into Ling Desheng’s study, Ling Desheng handed him a packet of information. “Have a look at it!”

Ling Tianyi opened the files, which were all written in a foreign language. He found that it was a fax copy of a physical examination report in the hospital.

Ling Tianyi frowned. “Is Cheng Yalin diagnosed as AIDS? Really?”

Ling Tianyi did not feel sympathy or regretful about Cheng Yalin, he regarded it as her retribution. If Cheng Yalin didn’t persecute Xia Xiaoluo, maybe he would help her after he knew this, such as providing her with financial support or arranging the best hospitals and doctors. However, he was unwilling to help her at all now.

“It’s true. Once I heard about it, I called you back.” Ling Desheng said, “I know you have been together before. It was in the past, I don’t want to mention it. Now I just want to know one thing. Did you make love with her during these days when she came back? If you did, we have to think it over. It’s not a small thing.”

Ling Desheng called Ling Tianyi back for this. He was told that Cheng Yalin has been diagnosed as AIDS, but he did not know when she was infected. At that time, he was worried that his precious son has made love with her. If so, their family industry would end.

“Dad, don’t worry! I have nothing to do with Cheng Yalin. Since she left me, I had nothing to do with her. It’s different from the past. There is only Xiaoluo in my heart, I only love her.” Ling Tianyi said. Although Ling Tianyi’s tone was stiff, Ling Desheng felt relieved.

“Well, nice. Since you know it, you should be careful. Cheng Yalin has a strong sense of revenge. She can’t revenge you, maybe she will hurt Xiaoluo. She knows that hurting Xiaoluo is hurting you.” Ling Desheng said.

“I know. Thank you for your reminding!” Ling Tianyi said. Although he arranged the police to arrest Cheng Yalin at the airport, he was still anxious. He was not worried about himself, he was afraid that something would happen to Xia Xiaoluo. So he had to be careful these days.

“OK. I just want to tell you this!” Ling Desheng stood up. “By the way, I haven’t eaten the dishes made by Xiaoluo’s for a long time. Since you are here today, let her cook some dishes for me, okay? I suppose that will not make her tired?”

“No problem! Xiaoluo is willing to do it for you.” Ling Tianyi said with a smile. He felt that his father seemed to accept Xia Xiaoluo. Maybe it was due to Xia Xiaoluo’s cooking skills during the days when Ling Desheng was in hospital!

Ling Tianyi and Ling Desheng came out together. Ling Desheng went to the garden to water the flowers. Ling Tianyi went to tell Xia Xiaoluo. As soon as Xia Xiaoluo knew that her father-in-law wanted to eat the food she made, she was excited that she decided to cook a big meal for him.

“Darling, come on. Dad seems to accept you. I will help you. Let’s cook a big meal!” Ling Tianyi held Xia Xiaoluo’s waist, going to the kitchen with her.

When they were pa.s.sing by the living room, He Meishu seemed unhappy. After all, in order to protect Xia Xiaoluo, Ling Tianyi disobeyed her in public when they were in the hospital. She was still upset about this.

Ling Tianyi sent all the people in the kitchen away. He knew that Xia Xiaoluo didn’t like too many strangers, it would affect her performance. Moreover, it was not difficult for Xia Xiaoluo to make five or six home-made dishes by herself.

“Mom was not happy. Let’s bear her first. She will see your advantages and like you in the future. The key point for you is to recover. If you can give her a grandson, she will like you.” Ling Tianyi said with a smile.

“I know. I’m busy. Don’t disturb me! Otherwise, I’ll blame you if I fail in cooking.” Xia Xiaoluo pushed Ling Tianyi’s arms away from her waist. “Don’t help me. I’ll deal with it by myself. Just tell me where are the seasonings.”

Xia Xiaoluo cooked the meal quickly. About an hour later, six dishes and one soup have been set on the table. There was meat, vegetables, chicken, fish, pork, and soup. Ling Desheng was very satisfied with Xia Xiaoluo’s performance. Although he didn’t praise her, his expression and manner conveyed his meaning. The most important thing was that he ate much more than usual.

He Meishu didn’t like Xia Xiaoluo, and she was very dissatisfied with her since then when they were in the hospital. However, she had to admit that Xia Xiaoluo was really good at cooking. If Ling Tianyi had a wife who was good at cooking, it was not bad. Because of what happened before, He Meishu didn’t say much to Xia Xiaoluo. She just ate silently or said something meaningless.

In a word, they had dinner in peace. Nothing unpleasant happened.

Ling Tianxue kept pestering Chu Wei to have dinner together so she didn’t come back.

Before they left after eating, Ling Tianyi said to Ling Desheng, “Chu Wei has a good relations.h.i.+p with Cheng Yalin!”

Ling Tianyi thought that Ling Desheng could understand his meaning. As expected, Ling Desheng frowned and said to He Meishu, “Ask Tianxue to go home at once. If she is with Chu Wei, take Chu Wei back together.”

Ling Tianyi thought that if Cheng Yalin went to find Chu Wei, Chu Wei couldn’t refuse her at all. He was afraid that Chu Wei and Tianxue would be in trouble. Therefore, it was better for Ling Desheng to deal with it. As for Ling Tianyi, he had to stand aside. Because he had to arrange for Xia Xiaoluo, so he had no energy to worry about his sister.

Ling Desheng wouldn’t let his daughter be in trouble naturally. As for Chu Wei, he was the friend of Ling Tianyi and the sweetheart of Ling Tianxue. In addition, Chu Wei contributed a lot to Huasheng Group. Ling Desheng didn’t hope that the tragedy would happen on Chu Wei. As an elder, he had to remind the younger with kindness.

Ling Tianxue was shocked and surprised when she heard the news. Of course, she also sympathized with Cheng Yalin. After all, they were allies. However, she didn’t have much emotion because they were not real friends.

However, Chu Wei was totally shocked. He didn’t want to believe it, but he also knew that Ling Desheng would not cheat him. Ling Desheng wouldn’t cheat him with it.

Ling Desheng knew Chu Wei’s thoughts on Cheng Yalin. He was wondering why his daughter wooed Chu Wei actively. However, he just reminded Chu Wei with a few words but he did not say too much.

Chu Wei didn’t know how he went back home. He couldn’t wait to call Cheng Yalin. He hoped to find a way to help her. But Cheng Yalin’s mobile phone was powered off. He realized that Cheng Yalin should be on the plane at this time. So she couldn’t answer the phone.

Chu Wei stayed up all night. He sat in the living room. He seldom smoked. But now his room was full of smoke. He only drank when he was in social activities. But now the bottle of the red wine on the tea-table was nearly empty.

Even so, he still got dressed in the morning. He asked for a leave and went to the airport to wait for Cheng Yalin. No matter what happened to Cheng Yalin, no matter what kind of person she was, since he chose to love her, he would love her to the end. He would not give up due to any external factors. If she was ill, he would accompany her to treat the disease. He would accompany her and look after her well.

Chu Wei was wandering at the airport. He regretted being depressed last night. If he could check the information, arrange the hospital or find a doctor last night, he might give Cheng Yalin more help. He could at least have raised money. It would cost a lot of money for the treatment. The more money he could raise, it would be more helpful to Cheng Yalin.

Chu Wei took a deep breath. For the sake of Cheng Yalin, he should be energetic, he would not be depressed anymore. No matter what Cheng Yalin did, he would help her to the end.

The staff that Ling Tianyi arranged saw Chu Wei wandering at the airport and called their boss.

At this time, Ling Tianyi was lying in bed, embracing Xia Xiaoluo. It was very happy to touch her in the morning or to make love with her gently.

Ling Tianyi didn’t want to answer the phone. He didn’t want anyone to disturb them. However, he thought that Cheng Yalin would come back this morning, so he answered the phone.

“What a blind and stupid guy! You take him away, not letting him meet Cheng Yalin. Remember, Chu Wei is my friend, my a.s.sistant and my sister’s sweetheart. Don’t let him touch that woman. Don’t let him get hurt. But don’t be too tough on him. Respect him.” Ling Tianyi hung up after he finished.

The staff Ling Tianyi arranged was confused, because he didn’t know how to send Chu Wei away from the airport politely.

Xia Xiaoluo turned over in Ling Tianyi’s arms. “Darling, what’s the matter? Did Cheng Yalin come back?”

“It’s OK, darling. I will stay with you at home today.” Ling Tianyi wanted to go to the airport, but he didn’t want to take Xia Xiaoluo with him. He didn’t want to leave Xia Xiaoluo alone at home. He was afraid that something would happen to Xia Xiaoluo. So he arranged everything last night. Today, he could stay at home with his little wife.

Ling Tianyi embraced Xia Xiaoluo for a while. And then he said, “Darling, sleep a little longer! You are tired yesterday because you made the dishes.”

“Darling, shall I go to cook for your father every day? He seems to like it.” Xia Xiaoluo said with a smile.

“Humph! I’m reluctant to make you tired! Although he’s my father, he can’t let you often make cook for him.” Ling Tianyi kissed Xia Xiaoluo’s nose. “If you want to cook, you can cook for me. I won’t eat too much, just one or two simple dishes.

“OK. What do you like to eat today, darling? I’ll buy some vegetables and make delicious food for you later.” Xia Xiaoluo smiled sweetly.

“I just want to eat you!” Ling Tianyi said. He threw himself on Xia Xiaoluo and made love with her again.

When Ling Tianyi and Xia Xiaoluo were enjoying themselves, Cheng Yalin was clenching her fists on the plane. The plane would land soon. She planned to hide abroad before, now she didn’t want to hide anymore. Since she would die, she would ask those people who she hated such as Ling Tianyi and Xia Xiaoluo to bear the consequences together.

Cheng Yalin loved Ling Tianyi before. She hoped to be with Ling Tianyi. But now she hated Ling Tianyi due to what happened before and his indifferent att.i.tude towards her.

Cheng Yalin’s eyes were full of hatred.

She wanted revenge and she must revenge. She would revenge on the people she hated. She would revenge on the unfair society.

Cheng Yalin has been working hard. She loved Ling Tianyi so much. It was a pity that she would die like this, she could not accept it.

Cheng Yalin’s thought was evil. She wanted everyone to accompany her to die. She wanted everyone to infect AIDS. And they should go to h.e.l.l with her. The people who she wanted to drag down were Xia Xiaoluo, Ling Tianyi and Jiang Yi. At this time, she did not know that Jiang Yi has been dead.

Cheng Yalin finally heard the announcement in the broadcast that the flight was about to land. She took a deep breath and said secretly, “I want to revenge. I must revenge!”

100% Love From The Boss zChapter 257 - Revenge! I Must Revenge!

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