100% Love From The Boss Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 Offend My FiancéeJust having a glance at Xia Xiaoluo, Ling Tianyi knew that she was drugged. Looking around the room, Ling Tianyi couldn’t help giving a gasp of horror. Shen Jiani called him, telling him that she found Xia Xiaoluo in the Bar. Had the d.a.m.n Shen Jiani not called him, he could not have imagined what might happen to Xia Xiaoluo.

“President Ling, there must be something misunderstanding! Yes, a misunderstanding! I have no idea that she is your woman. If so, I would not ever dare to touch her a finger, even if you would allow me to do so. It’s her sister who sent her to me. Great fortune! I have not yet…”

Kneeling down on the floor, Bang was sure that he had offended this very important figure who was quite popular both in the business circle and the underground.

“Get out!” Ling Tianyi shouted with great anger, kicking out Bang who was getting on his knees and begging for mercy.

But, at this moment, Ling Tianyi did not have any time to deal with the daredevil loafer. He took Xia Xiaoluo in his arms and went outside immediately. Together with the manager of the Bar, Shen Jiani came over here wriggling her slim waist. Ling Tianyi spoke to the manager in an ice-cold voice, “Have the event checked out. Dare to scheme against my fiancée? Hum, I won’t let him pa.s.s.”

“It’s very easy! I don’t bother to take efforts to make an inquiry. That guy will confess by himself.” Shen Jiani poked fun at Ling Tianyi, and said with an enchanting smile, “Mr. Ling, I have done you such a favor, then how would you thank me enough?”

“I owed you a favor and I will pay you back.” As the little girl in his arms could not bear the effects of the drug, Ling Tianyi did not have any more time to talk with Shen Jiani.

In the first place, he must help her with the d.a.m.n drug. But there was also a wound bleeding. And he had no idea how many such wounds she had on her body. At the thought of what she suffered, Ling Tianyi felt so heartbroken that he wanted to execute all those who set the trap for Xia Xiaoluo.

Ling Tianyi took Xiao Xiaoluo back to the presidential suite of Hously Hotel. Though there was the bleeding wound on Xia Xiaoluo’s body, she could not go to the hospital at all in such a condition. On the way back to the hotel, Ling Tianyi had especially bought plasters, Yunnan Baiyao (namely, a medicine exceptionally effective for the treatment of fracture, injury, etc.) and gauze at the pharmacy.

He carefully took off Xia Xiaoluo’s beautiful skirt that was selected by Mu Yifeng, the stylist, in person. He also cleaned her wounds with the utmost care. Though she was not mortally wounded, he felt extremely heart-rending each time he cleaned a wound on her body.

With Xia Xiaoluo, Ling Tianyi casually did not have any self-control, but he managed to control himself and kept carefully cleaning and dressing her wounds.

After he surely had all the wounds done, he spoke to Xia Xiaoluo tenderly, “Babe, well, don’t be scared anymore. Now you are already safe. I will take revenge for you and now I will help you.”

Xia Xiaoluo let the man, her so-called fiancé, help her to get rid of terrors and give her all she needed.

Xia Xiaoluo did not wake up until noon, became clear-headed, opened her eyes and yawned.

Her mouth was dry. She took the bottle on the bedside table to finish off the drink with one gulp. Then she found a note under the bottle, writing “Babe, you are tired and have a good rest. I will take lunch for you at noon.”

Looking at the note left by Ling Tianyi, Xia Xiaoluo remembered all the things last night, which were still fresh in her mind. Xia Jingru maliciously framed her but Ling Tianyi, who was completely repulsive to her, saved her in time.

Hearing the sound of opening the door, Xia Xiaoluo knew that Ling Tianyi returned. She quickly took on the clothes prepared by Ling Tianyi near the pillow and rushed into the bathroom.

After they had experienced so much, Xia Xiaoluo felt somewhat embarra.s.sed to see him again.

Walked into the bedroom of the presidential suite, Ling Tianyi did not find his lovingly little girl, but he found the door of the bathroom locked tightly. So, he knocked on it and said, “Babe, I am back and bring you some delicious food.”

Xia Xiaoluo did not reply, then Ling Tianyi asked again, “Don’t pretend you were not here. Come out! If the food is cold, then it won’t taste delicious.”

“Rumble!” Xia Xiaoluo’s stomach had begun to complain. She then hastily rushed to finish was.h.i.+ng and dressing but slowly walked to Ling Tianyi with her head bowed.

“OK, take a seat.” Ling Tianyi said, “Look, there is so much delicious food I have bought for you.”

Xia Xiaoluo then took a careful check of her lunch. Wow! Braised prawns, sweet-and-sour spare ribs, chicken wings cooked with Cola and a vegetable dish, stir-fried pea shoot with less oil. That’s her favorite.

Ling Tianyi opened a Thermos bottle and took a disposable bowl. He poured the soup into the bowl and put it in the front of Xia Xiaoluo, saying “It’s the black-boned chicken soup made especially for you. And it looks very nutritious. Have a try. You are not that healthy.”

“Ouch!” Xia Xiaoluo shouted, sticking out her tongue with her hands fanning it.

Ling Tianyi felt very speechless, saying, “You cretin! It’s so hot! Don’t you know to blow on it?”

“It’s you who let me take the soup firstly,” said Xia Xiaoluo feeling aggrieved. Her tongue still pained, and meanwhile, she was scolded as a cretin. It’s so natural that she would not feel too great.

“Then, try the dishes. Take the soup when it is cool enough,” Ling Tianyi said and gave a large piece of spare ribs with chopsticks to Xia Xiaoluo, who began to have her lunch with great pleasure.

Xia Xiaoluo had her own temperament like this. When facing delicious food, she could not control herself. After a while, both her hands and her lips were full of oil, which was held in disdain from Ling Tianyi. He considered himself so lucky that the greed gut did not reveal her true colors when they went back to have dinner with his parents in their villa.

Xia Xiaoluo did not have very good table manners, but she was not indifferent. She was so grateful for Ling Tianyi’s rescue of her. And she felt even more grateful to him for buying so much delicious food for her.

After the dinner, Xia Xiaoluo burped and stayed blank at the sofa.

Ling Tianyi sat down by Xia Xiaoluo, lighting up a cigarette, and then said slowly, “The secretary has already made flight reservations for us to Country A the day after tomorrow, and it is estimated that we will stay in there for one week.”

“So long?” Xia Xiaoluo stood up immediately in a hurry seemingly on hearing Ling’s words.

“Any problem?” said Ling Tianyi blinking his eyes. And he could not ever figure out what was in the little woman’s mind.

“There are two problems.” Xia Xiaoluo whispered.

“Spell it!” Ling Tianyi cherished the words and never spoke a needless word. He preferred to say anything directly, instead of talking in a roundabout way.

“Firstly, all my luggage were in Xia Jingru’s, including things of extreme importance for me. She will not give it back to me easily. I need at least one week to deal with her. Secondly, it’s time to fill out the form with my goals of the college entrance exam. My friend tends to give up the entrance exam. But yesterday when I was clearing up all my stuff, I found a poster. According to it, I supposed that the scholars.h.i.+p provided by School of Foreign Languages could definitely cover her tuition fees. Taking the scholars.h.i.+p, my friend will be able to go to college. But she had not known that yet.”

“The first one is not a problem. You just have to remember that you are Mrs. Ling right away, then any person, Tom, d.i.c.k or Harry, will never manage to offend or bully you. Only by making a phone call, they will cooperate and send all that you want to you. The second one is not a problem, either. If you obey what I said, I will pay the tuition fees for your friends.” In Ling Tianyi’s eyes, there was no problem if it could be solved by the use of money.

“My smartphone service was suspended because it was in arrears.” Xia Xiaoluo murmured weakly, for she was really too poor to live.

“What’s your phone number?” Ling Tianyi asked impatiently.

Xia Xiaoluo reported a string of numbers, which made Ling Tianyi frown. He said, “How poor your phone number is! Just change a new one.”

Not waiting for Xia Xiaoluo’s reply, Ling Tianyi made a phone call to his secretary, Luna, taking advantage of his iPhone which was the last version. “Xia Xiaoluo’s ID card was given to you, then apply for a new mobile phone sim card for her. The phone numbers should be lucky ones and the telephone bills should be fully paid. After it is done, you send it here to me.”

It was not an hour when Luna had arrived at the presidential suite since Ling Tianyi hung up the phone.

But she left soon after she left the sim card, for she did not dare to disturb the volcanic-tempered President Ling. Moreover, she was busy applying for a pa.s.sport for Xia Xiaoluo.

“Give me your smartphone. I will help you to install it.” Ling Tianyi reached for Xia Xiaoluo’s smartphone.

“My smartphone was taken away by Xia Jingru, together with my luggage,” whispered Xia Xiaoluo. Hearing her words, Ling Tianyi suddenly flew into a rage. “Why didn’t you tell me about that earlier? Then I have Luna bring a new smartphone for you. You stupid little girl!”

“You didn’t ask me before. Besides, I had my own smartphone,” muttered Xia Xiaoluo pursing her lips.

Ling Tianyi took a sip of water and put the cup back on the table heavily. It seemed to be the right time to deal with Xia Jingru.

Ling Tianyi made a phone call to Yao Sheng. Last night, he did not have time to contact him but this morning he did. He planned to handle the brutal and cold-blooded Xia Jingru.

“Xia Jingru seems to have known something last night and she flew abroad overnight. It is said that she went to the Maldives for a holiday.” Yao Sheng’s account of Ling Tianyi had always finished what Ling Tianyi told him to do perfectly and efficiently.

“She ran fast enough! Keep a close watch on that guy! I will never let her go.” Ling Tianyi hung up after finis.h.i.+ng these words.

“What’s the phone number of your home?” Ling Tianyi asked, for he could settle all accounts with Xia Youfeng if he could not find Xia Jingru.

Xia Youfeng knew about what Xia Jingru did to Xiaoluo last night. When he received a phone call from Ling Tianyi, he was so scared almost to pee his pants. In addition, his voice was shaking.

“President Ling, I am thinking to visit Xiaoluo.” Xia Youfeng said flatteringly.

“Xiaoluo is very good under my protection. You don’t need to do that. All that you need to do is take good care of your lovely elder daughter. She offended my fiancée and she must have no good results!” said Ling Tianyi in an ice-cold and fierce voice. Even Xia Xiaoluo could not help chilling on hearing these words, let alone Xia Youfeng.

“President Ling, would you please forgive Jingru with your leniency for Xiaoluo’s sake? Anyway, Jingru is too young and too ignorant. And she is Xiaoluo’s sister. We must discipline her more strictly. We won’t allow similar incidents to happen once more.” Xia Youfeng begged and promised again and again. Zhu Yufen, next to him, was also worrying so much to cry. She did not want her only daughter to have an accident.

“It will depend on my fiancée’s mood whether I forgive her or not.” Ling Tianyi hung up the phone after finis.h.i.+ng these words. By saying so, his little girl could hold her heads up, for it’s a chance for her to lord it over Xia Youfeng and Zhu Yufen, who must apologize to her.

100% Love From The Boss Chapter 28

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