100% Love From The Boss zChapter280 - Desperate Measures, You’re so cruel!

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Chapter280 Desperate Measures, You’re so cruel!

In the hospital, Xia Xiaoluo and Ling Tianyi were wrapped with gauze on their heads. They were in the same ward, becoming roommates.

Xia Xiaoluo fell asleep, but Ling Tianyi was still struggling. At that moment, Chu Tong came in with some fruits casually, he put the fruits on Xia Xiaoluo’s bedside.

Ling Tianyi noticed that there was nothing wrong with Chu Tong’s legs.

Chu Tong saw Xia Xiaoluo sleeping soundly. For the fear that Xiao Xiaoluo would hear their dialogue and realize his conspiracy, he didn’t want to shock her, so he walked out of the ward deliberately. Ling Tianyi did not want to wake Xia Xiaoluo up as well, so he followed Chu Tong secretly.

“I know you will follow me. What do you want to do? Hit me again? Xiaoluo has already been hurt. What else do you want to do? I’m right. You’re a violent person.” Chu Tong irritated Ling Tianyi on purpose.

Ling Tianyi ignored him, but he stared at Chu Tong’s legs and feet, Ling Tianyi lowered his voice and asked, “You are not injured. You pretended to be injured and deceive Xiaoluo deliberately. You know that she is kind-hearted, she will pity you and fall in love with you. You are a dirty dog who always telling lies. You lied to Xiaoluo that I was staying with other women and you pretended to be injured. I really look down upon you.”

“Humph! Don’t be so self-confident.” Chu Tong sneered. “Xiaoluo was willing to come to my house with me and stay with me. I promised to cook for her and she was very happy. I didn’t expect a phone call from you would frighten her to death. I had no choice but to make up my mind. I pretended to be injured, so she took me home for granted. That could be an explanation to you so that you won’t beat her up again. Unfortunately, you still hurt her, you are satisfied now. ”

“Do you think I will believe your story? You planned to stir up the relations.h.i.+p between Xiaoluo and me. Once you made up a story about a beautiful woman staying with me, you must have the ability to make up another story that you pretended to be injured.” Ling Tianyi said scornfully.

“Your brother is very sad about Cheng Yalin’s affairs. I sent him to the overseas branch to make him relax. Before he left, he begged me not to be hard on you. At that time, I promised him. But I really regretted it now. You and your brother are totally different. Your brother is a kind, honest man who is loyal, but you are really insidious and cunning. I wonder why there is such a big difference between brothers.” Ling Tianyi said, and then he went back to the ward. He wanted to protect Xia Xiaoluo. He didn’t want to talk with Chu Tong or be cheated anymore.

“Stop!” Chu Tong shouted.

Ling Tianyi stopped, but he didn’t look back. “You’re not qualified to command me!”

When Ling Tianyi went back to the ward, Xia Xiaoluo was still asleep. He felt guilty about hurting Xia Xiaoluo’s forehead. He knew that Chu Tong was irritating him, he wanted to stimulate him to fight, making Xia Xiaoluo disbelieve him. However, he fell into the trap of Chu Tong. He not only fought with Chu Tong, but also hurt Xia Xiaoluo.

“What should we do? Chu Tong? What should we do?” Xia Xiaoluo was so scared in her dream that her tone was full of fear.

“Darling, are you having a nightmare?” Ling Tianyi asked gently, but he was heartbroken. Xia Xiaoluo called Chu Tong in her dreams. She seemed to be in trouble and asked Chu Tong for help. Why didn’t she ask him for help? Or in her dream, he was the man who made her frightened!

Although Ling Tianyi was sad and really wanted to go for a drink, he knew he could not leave. If he left, Chu Tong would not be the only one who might avail himself of the opportunity to get in. Of course, Ling Tianyi believed that Chu Tong would not be as stupid as Fang Ruichen, he would not reveal Xia Xiaoluo’s affairs.

The next day, Xia Xiaoluo woke up. Ling Tianyi took good care of her, eating and was.h.i.+ng carefully for her. Xia Xiaoluo was also worried about Ling Tianyi. In her heart she scolded Chu Tong for being so cruel, hurting Ling Tianyi so badly.

“Darling, I’m sorry that I didn’t control myself and hurt you yesterday.” Ling Tianyi said anxiously.

“I’m fine. How about you? Are you still painful?” Xia Xiaoluo asked anxiously.

“I’m a man. It’s OK. But you, do you feel pain now?” Ling Tianyi touched Xia Xiaoluo’s forehead, but he dared not to touch the wound.

“I’m OK! By the way, where’s Chu Tong? He sprained his feet and he was beaten up by you. You are too impulsive. Is he serious?” Xia Xiaoluo asked anxiously.

If Xia Xiaoluo didn’t mention Chu Tong, Ling Tianyi would be better. But now, Ling Tianyi was very angry.

“Darling, you can’t believe Chu Tong, he is an evil person. He cheated you. He didn’t hurt his legs. You were injured and fainted, and you were sleeping soundly all the time yesterday, so you didn’t know anything. However, I was awake and knew he could run fast as usual, so he just pretended to be injured. Moreover, he stirred up the relations.h.i.+p between us, he said that you went to his house for dinner, and he wanted to cook for you personally. You lied to me because you were afraid of me, so you lied to me that he was injured and you took him home.” Ling Tianyi said. If there was a misunderstanding, it must be clarified at once, it was a major principle for him now.

Ling Tianyi knew it clearly. Although he and Xia Xiaoluo loved each other, they didn’t trust each other. Maybe a small misunderstanding could be the fuse of the quarrel, even making them break up. So he won’t behave like before. He had to talk with her so that they could clarify the misunderstandings.

“No, I saw him falling down from the ladder personally. You can ask the dean of our training school. He went downstairs with us and then I sent Chu Tong to the hospital alone.” Xia Xiaoluo said, shaking her head hurriedly, “Although Chu Tong did something wrong, he won’t cheat you like that. How could I conspire with him to cheat you?”

“Darling, I trust you! I know you won’t cheat me. But Chu Tong is so cunning. He wants to stir up the relations.h.i.+p between us.” Ling Tianyi said and frowned.

“But Chu Tong really suffered from the feet injury. I sent him to the hospital. It was the nearest hospital from our school, you can go there to confirm that.” Xia Xiaoluo said.

At that time, Chu Tong limped into the ward and said, “Xiaoluo, are you better now? I’m sorry about what happened yesterday. Because you sent me home, someone became jealous and all these happened. I’m sorry! I’m guilty!”

“Chu Tong, please don’t pretend anymore!” Ling Tianyi was out of temper when he saw Chu Tong pretending to cripple in front of Xia Xiaoluo but run fast secretly last night.

Ling Tianyi wanted to beat Chu Tong up again, but Xia Xiaoluo held Ling Tianyi’s arms. “Darling, don’t fight with him anymore. I beg you, please!”

The word ‘darling’ melted Ling Tianyi’s heart and all his anger was suppressed.

“OK, darling, I will listen to you, I won’t beat him up.” Ling Tianyi said gently. “But, I also want to prove that his feet are absolutely good. Now we are in the hospital, so let the doctor check for him to make sure if he is really injured.

“Ling Tianyi, why do you maliciously slander me? It was true that I fell and hurt myself. I really went to the hospital last night due to the pain. Now, my ankle is worse than yesterday.” Chu Tong said, and then he took off his shoes and socks in front of Ling Tianyi and Xia Xiaoluo.

“My G.o.d, Chu Tong, your ankle is so swollen.” Xia Xiaoluo was scared. Chu Tong’s ankle did not swell yesterday but it was more serious today.

Ling Tianyi also felt confused, “You made it up. Stop pretending to be painful!”

“Xiaoluo, you saw me fall down from the ladder and get hurt. It is no need to cheat you. I was reluctant to make you support me all the time in the hospital, because you are so weak.” Chu Tong said, “Ling Tianyi is so bad. He just wants to cheat you so you will think that I am dishonest and keep away from me. I hope that you can see the facts through your eyes.”

Despite Chu Tong appeared to be wronged, he was really happy in his heart. After showing his good feet to Ling Tianyi yesterday, he twisted his ankle in the staircase on purpose. What was more, in order not to make Ling Tianyi find the evidence, he also made the surveillance videos in the hospital not to record him by using his computer knowledge deliberately.

Chu Tong glanced at Ling Tianyi again, “I do not mind having another examination. Although it is painful, I can bear it.”

“You could run as fast as a rabbit yesterday, but you get hurt today.” Ling Tianyi kicked on Chu Tong’s injury, Chu Tong screamed and fell to the ground, seeming to be miserable.

“That’s enough. Chu Tong got injured. Why did you still do that to him? Why did you cheat me?” Xia Xiaoluo believed Chu Tong obviously. She thought that Ling Tianyi cheated her on purpose. She felt very sad.

“How do you feel?” Xia Xiaoluo got out of the hospital bed and asked with concern, squatting beside Chu Tong.

“I am OK, it was nothing! I can hold on!” Chu Tong said bitterly, and beads of sweat appeared on his face. Ling Tianyi realized that Chu Tong really got hurt now.

Maybe, in order to stir up the relations.h.i.+p between Ling Tianyi and Xia Xiaoluo, Chu Tong showed his healthy feet to Ling Tianyi on purpose first, and then he hurt himself and performed in front of Xia Xiaoluo.

“How cruel you are! You dare to hurt yourself.” Ling Tianyi sneered. He knew he couldn’t explain to Xia Xiaoluo, Xia Xiaoluo would not believe him. He was really sad, but he could not prove anything.

“Chu Tong, just ignore him. I will take you to see the doctor and deal with your injury. It is more serious than yesterday.” Xia Xiaoluo supported Chu Tong, walking in the hospital.

Ling Tianyi followed them, feeling helpless.

At night, Chu Tong was taken home by Dou Ya who was called by Xia Xiaoluo.

Ling Tianyi wanted to explain to Xia Xiaoluo at that time, but Xia Xiaoluo didn’t want to hear his explanation.

Ling Tianyi was going crazy. He didn’t like the feeling of being misunderstood. He wanted to check the surveillance videos to prove that Chu Tong could run fast last night. But the surveillance videos did not work just during the period when Chu Tong was in the hospital, so it recorded nothing.

Xia Xiaoluo refused to believe Ling Tianyi firmly and she ignored him. Ling Tianyi couldn’t bear such a depressing atmosphere.

Ling Tianyi arranged his secretary to take care of Xia Xiaoluo. Feeling wronged in his heart, Ling Tianyi went to a bar alone. Although the doctor told him not to drink the wine due to his head injury, he couldn’t control himself.

Ling Tianyi sat beside the bar counter and drank the wine one shot after another alone. At that moment, Qiao Anna appeared. This was all arranged by Chu Tong.

After Cheng Yalin died, Ling Tianxue went to Europe after Chu Wei, so the alliance dismissed. Then Chu Tong found Qiao Anna after his investigation.

100% Love From The Boss zChapter280 - Desperate Measures, You’re so cruel!

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