100% Love From The Boss zChapter 283 - It Is You Who Should Let Her Go

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Chapter 283 It Is You Who Should Let Her Go

Xia Xiaoluo kept running and crying. Even though she had guessed what might happen in Ling Tianyi’s room last night, she still couldn’t accept it when she saw it with her own eyes. She was depressed and heartbroken.

As a girl, Xia Xiaoluo wasn’t able to run as fast as Ling Tianyi. Therefore, Ling Tianyi caught up with her at the gate of the hotel and pulled her arms at once.

“Xiaoluo, listen to me! Xiaoluo, I will explain it to you!” Ling Tianyi was anxious.

“No! I won’t listen to you! I saw it clearly with my own eyes!” Xia Xiaoluo tried to get rid of Ling Tianyi, but she didn’t make it.

Ling Tianyi kissed Xia Xiaoluo suddenly in order to comfort her mood. However, Ling Tianyi was too anxious to notice they were in public place. People around them were all staring at them!

Ling Tianyi’s kiss was gentle and restless. However, Xia Xiaoluo disliked his kiss at this moment and felt it was disgusting.

Xia Xiaoluo tried her best to push Ling Tianyi away, and then she rubbed her mouth with her sleeves. What was more, she went to a store and bought two bottles of water to rinse her mouth.

“Am I that disgusting for you?” Standing behind Xia Xiaoluo, Ling Tianyi frowned, not knowing what to do.

“Yes! You are the most disgusting man in the world! You are the most disgusting bad man in the world. I hate you! I don’t want to see you anymore!” Xia Xiaoluo said and went on rinsing her mouth.

Ling Tianyi felt guilty about hurting two women by drinking too much for one time. He didn’t finish dealing with Qiao Anna and did not know how to explain to Xia Xiaoluo.

“Xiaoluo, I’m sorry for what happened. I know I make you heartbroken, but I swear that I didn’t do it on purpose. I drank too much last night. I promise I will deal with it well! What’s more, I swear that I will never do it again! Please don’t do that to me! Do not hate or disdain me. Forgive me and give me another chance, OK?” Ling Tianyi said to Xia Xiaoluo who was still rinsing her mouth, showing his sincerity again.

“I gave you a chance once, but you missed it! I will never believe your words again!” Xia Xiaoluo got rid of Ling Tianyi’s hands with her eyes full of anger.

“Xiaoluo, I love you! I love you very much!” Ling Tianyi was speechless. He could say nothing but express his love for Xia Xiaoluo.

“However, from now on, I decide not to love you anymore. I will never love you! Just listen to me carefully, from now on, I’m NOT your girlfriend! I have NOTHING to do with you, so please keep away from me! I just want to have a peaceful life!” Xia Xiaoluo said coldly.

“Please, don’t treat me like that! I didn’t do it on purpose. Please forgive me this time, just for the last time! I don’t want to lose you! I love you very much!” Ling Tianyi pulled Xia Xiaoluo, not letting her go.

“I can’t afford your love. Let me go, I don’t want to meet you again!” Xia Xiaoluo pushed Ling Tianyi away and got on a bus without seeing it clearly.

Ling Tianyi just stayed there because he knew that Xia Xiaoluo needed to calm down. She wouldn’t listen to him no matter what he said to her at that time. He also had to arrange the operation for Qiao Anna as soon as possible to comfort her, not letting her pester him again. Then he would feel relieved, focusing on delighting Xia Xiaoluo.

Ling Tianyi made some phone calls to know something about the medical service in R Country. He almost determined which hospital could conduct the operation for Qiao Anna. All he needed to do now was to talk with Qiao Anna for the details of the operation.

Feeling sad, Ling Tianyi went back home. Due to what had happened, he dared not to go out to drink the wine even though he was depressed. Because everything was in a mess due to his boozing last night.

Knowing Xia Xiaoluo’s wound on her head, Ling Tianyi was afraid that she couldn’t take good care of herself, so he called his secretary Luna to help Xia Xiaoluo have some food and take her to the hospital to change the dressing.

Regardless of his own wound, Ling Tianyi went to take a shower. He really wanted to wash away the bad memories, but he could not hide and pretend as if nothing had happened at all. What he could do was to compensate for it and comfort Qiao Anna. Meanwhile, he would try his best to explain to Xia Xiaoluo in order to get her forgiveness as soon as possible.

In the afternoon, Ling Tianyi went to meet Qiao Anna who seemed to be better.

“Anna, I have contacted the best hospital in R Country to conduct the operation for you. The earliest time will be tomorrow. So I want to ask when you want to leave. It’s up to you.” Ling Tianyi said seriously.

“Can we go there next month?” Qiao Anna said, kept lowering her head. She seemed to be shy, daring not look at Ling Tianyi’s eyes directly.

“Next month?” Ling Tianyi seemed unexpected about that answer but he nodded. “Of course! What time in the next month? It’s up to you. But you had better tell me your decision now then I can arrange my work in time and accompany you to go to R Country.”

“Well, then the end of next month!” Qiao Anna said, lowering her head.

“OK! I will arrange it! Don’t hesitate to call me if you need my help.” Ling Tianyi said, and then he started to drink coffee due to embarra.s.sment.

Qiao Anna decided to go to R Country at the end of next month because she would pretend to be pregnant if she was still unable to make Ling Tianyi love her at that time. What was more, she would also reveal it to both the Qiao family and the Ling family. Then they would force Ling Tianyi to marry her.

Qiao Anna still pretended to be gentle and graceful. She didn’t make Ling Tianyi annoy her, instead, she told Ling Tianyi that she wanted to go home right away.

Ling Tianyi took Qiao Anna home safely and apologized to her again. He went back home after watching Qiao Anna go in.

However, Ling Tianyi kept thinking about Xia Xiaoluo after going home. He missed her crying, her smile, her obedience and her quarreling with him… Finally, Ling Tianyi couldn’t stand it anymore, so he drove to Xia Xiaoluo’s dormitory.

“Manager Ling, in my opinion, you shouldn’t meet Xiaoluo now, for fear that she will feel depressed again when she sees you.” Ouyang Ziqian had been waiting for Xia Xiaoluo downstairs for a long time.

Ouyang Ziqian went there to wait for Xia Xiaoluo because he thought that Xia Xiaoluo would go downstairs for a walk when she felt sad.

“Ouyang Ziqian, it’s none of your business!” Ling Tianyi said angrily.

Ling Tianyi became more irritated when he thought that Ouyang Ziqian took Xia Xiaoluo to the hotel. However, he believed Xia Xiaoluo because Ouyang Ziqian was nothing like Chu Tong. Although Ling Tianyi disliked Ouyang Ziqian, he trusted him and his words.

“Xiaoluo is my junior schoolmate, a member of our FLY dance club, and she is the girl I’m wooing, so it’s my duty to take care of her. I will interfere in it if you go on hurting her. I thought you were her husband before, so I just worried about her secretly instead of becoming the third person even though I fancied her. You became her boyfriend several days ago, so I only looked after her silently. However, you hurt her too much. From now on, I will protect her, not allowing you to hurt her again!” Ouyang Ziqian said seriously.

“If you come here because of your love for her, please let her go! Just give her a chance to live a happy life for the sake of your love. You are not suitable for each other!” Ouyang Ziqia said continuously, his tone was sharp but gentle.

“Listen to me carefully! It’s none of your business, no matter what happened between me and Xiaoluo!” Ling Tianyi said and pushed Ouyang Ziqian away.

Ling Tianyi picked up the mobile phone and called Xia Xiaoluo. He thought that Xia Xiaoluo would be angry if he broke into her dormitory directly.

Ling Tianyi has called Xia Xiaoluo for dozens of times, but Xia Xiaoluo hung up the phone. Finally, Xia Xiaoluo even powered her mobile phone off.

“You are driving me crazy!” Ling Tianyi shook his head and called Luna, his secretary.

“Manager Ling, h.e.l.lo! What can I do for you?” Luna asked politely.

“Where is Xiaoluo? Is she by your side? How is she now?” Being anxious, Ling Tianyi asked. Luna had never seen his boss so nervous and anxious before.

“Manager Ling, Miss Xiaoluo had got her dressing changed and she took a shower just now. Twenty minutes ago, she wanted to have a rest and asked me to go out. I’m in the room of the dormitory teacher on the first floor of the dorm building, waiting for Miss Xiaoluo’s orders.” Luna told Ling Tianyi what happened briefly.

“Come out! I’m at the gate of the dormitory!” Ling Tianyi said and hung up.

In half a minute, Luna came in front of Ling Tianyi: “Manager Ling, what can I do for you now?”

“How is Xiaoluo now? Did she cry? Did she curse me?” Ling Tianyi asked, being agitating.

“Hum? Manager Ling, Miss Xiaoluo is in a bad mood now and her eyes are still red. When I asked her questions, she was reluctant to answer me. She always intended to ask me out. But she didn’t curse you. I didn’t hear that.” Luna told Ling Tianyi the truth.

Ling Tianyi took a deep breath, “Well, you go home to have a rest and come here tomorrow morning!”

“I will go back now. But what if Miss Xiaoluo needs help?” Luna asked.

“I will stay here today. Come here tomorrow morning on time.” Ling Tianyi said.

“OK. I will leave now. Just call me if you need me.” Luna said and left directly after Ling Tianyi waved at her. She wasn’t the friend of Xia Xiaoluo, and Ling Tianyi was just her boss, so Luna was delighted to go back for a date with her boyfriend.

Looking at Ouyang Ziqian beside him, Ling Tianyi said actively: “Ouyang Ziqian, why do you fancy Xiaoluo? You know that we were a couple, so we did everything that a couple would do. We even had an unborn baby. But it was a pity.”

Ling Tianyi sighed. He felt sorry for that baby, and then Ling Tianyi said continuously “You are excellent, so you can choose any other girls who are more charming with powerful families. Why do you fancy Xiaoluo? She is mine, so you’d better give up!”

Ling Tianyi wanted to ask Ouyang Ziqian to give up, so he talked to Ouyang Ziqian peacefully. Ouyang Ziqian was a gentleman in his opinion. As for the villain Chu Tong and the rash young man Fang Ruichen, Ling Tianyi would never have that talk.

“Manager Ling, thank you for talking with me so peacefully. But I won’t give up. I love Xiaoluo, so I don’t mind what happened before. I will love her and protect her more because you hurt her. I will try my best to create a happy life for her. Therefore, it’s you who should let her go, not me!” Ouyang Ziqian said gently.

100% Love From The Boss zChapter 283 - It Is You Who Should Let Her Go

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