100% Love From The Boss zChapter 310 - Ling Tianyi Abandoned You

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Chapter 310 Ling Tianyi Abandoned You

Conspiracies were behind the calmness, but Xia Xiaoluo was totally ignorant of the overwhelming mighty storm that she would encounter. Even though Ling Tianyi has tried his best to protect her, Xia Xiaoluo was still exposed to the unknown danger due to carelessness.

After three peaceful days, Ling Tianyi got some clues. When he was about to take actions, his father, Ling Desheng took action earlier than him.

After 8 o’clock at night, while Xia Xiaoluo was playing with her mobile phone, all the lights in the villa were turned off, and Xia Xiaoluo was really frightened because she realized that something unfortunate would happen at once.

In a flash, the fact proved Xia Xiaoluo’s presentiment, she was knocked on the head, and she lost her consciousness at once. When she woke up, she was locked in a moist darkroom.

Xia Xiaoluo was dizzy and she was badly hurt all over her body. What was worse, she wasn’t able to move at all because her arms and legs were tied up. She wasn’t able to call for help either because there was a piece of smelly rag in her mouth.

It was dark in the room and Xia Xiaoluo could see nothing, so she was frightened at that moment. Ling Tianyi had asked her to stay at home for fear that she would be in danger. However, beyond her expectation, she was still kidnapped in her own house. She didn’t know why this would happen. Being locked in the darkroom, Xia Xiaoluo really didn’t know what to do.

Being dizzy and frightened, Xia Xiaoluo fell asleep unconsciously again. When she woke up again, she lost the sense of time and had no idea how long it had pa.s.sed.

Hearing vaguely that someone was talking outside, Xia Xiaoluo became alert at once.

“The girl is pretty, so how about having some fun with her? It must be wonderful!”

“Are you crazy? The Ling family and the Qiao family both wanted to arrest her! So how dare you get involved? Are you tired of living?”

“It’ll be alright as long as we keep her alive! We will not kill her, and we can send her to them on time. We have suppressed our desire for several days, so we really want some relaxation!”

“Just go ahead, but don’t get me involved if you are in trouble! I would rather look for a cheap girl in a hair salon than offend that woman! This woman can’t be teased easily, because I don’t want to die!”

“Right! Brother Qiang is right! Biao Zi, you’d better hold it! She is the woman of Ling Tianyi. If Ling Tianyi knows it, he will make trouble for us, even our boss won’t afford it.”

“Biao Zi, forget it! I will take you to the nightclub to have fun after this, you can do everything you want there!” A calm man named Brother Qiang said.

“When will we go there?”

“Someone from the Ling family will come here to take the woman away and give us a lot of money. Then we will go there!”

Xia Xiaoluo heard what they said clearly in the room, and she was frightened. Her back was full of sweat because she wasn’t able to resist if the three men really broke in to rape her at this moment. Fortunately, Ling Tianyi’s reputation was powerful enough, or she would be dead.

If she was really raped by them, Xia Xiaoluo would rather kill herself.

Then Xia Xiaoluo heard some noise, someone was talking and it seemed that Ling Desheng came personally.

Ling Desheng entered the darkroom where Xia Xiaoluo was locked. Biao Zi opened the thick, dark curtain. Xia Xiaoluo found that it was already daytime now.

Due to the sudden sunlight, Xia Xiaoluo closed her eyes instinctively. But her eyes were still hurt, because she had been locked in the dark for a long time.

“Sir Ling, check the girl by yourself! if there is no problem, please…” Brother Qiang said and rubbed his hands. He was embarra.s.sed to mention the money directly because he knew that Ling Desheng would keep his promise, so he just started a topic like this.

“Um! Well done! A De!” When Ling Desheng said this, A De, Ling Desheng’s driver as well as his bodyguard, gave a cheque to Brother Qiang.

“Nice! You are so cool! What should we do now? Leave her to you or send her to the Qiao family for you?” Brother Qiang was looking at the cheque of 500 thousand yuan happily, his eyes were s.h.i.+ning. Therefore, he would obey Ling Desheng’s orders no matter what Ling Desheng asked him to do.

Ling Tianyi thought for a while and said slowly, “Take this unlucky woman to the Qiao family together with me later!”

“OK! OK!” Brother Qiang agreed at once.

“I want to talk with the girl alone before we set out!” Ling Desheng said. He could imagine the consequences of Xia Xiaoluo after she was sent to the Qiao family. She would either be severely punished or die after she was sent there. So, he wanted to talk with her first, he wanted to know the truth.

Now that Ling Desheng said this, Brother Qiang and the two men left at once. While A De, Ling Desheng’s trusted follower, stayed in the room. He was standing at the door of the room for fear that somebody would eavesdrop on them.

Ling Desheng took the rag in Xia Xiaoluo’s mouth away personally, letting her have the chance to speak.

Xia Xiaoluo coughed and then she asked Ling Desheng, “Why? Why do you treat me like this?”

“Why can’t I treat you like this?” Ling Desheng asked Xia Xiaoluo leisurely.

“I haven’t made any mistakes, I’m innocent!” Xia Xiaoluo roared. She glared at Ling Desheng furiously, her eyes were full of anger.

“Are you really innocent? You offended the Qiao family, so the Qiao’s Group is going to declare a commercial war to our Ling’s Group! Even though the Ling’s Group is powerful enough to win, it will do harm to both the Qiao family the and Ling family. Therefore, the Shen’s Group and other companies will take the opportunity and take measures to be the most powerful company in A City. You won’t understand it!” Ling Desheng said lightly.

“Qiao Anna framed me up! Yi is investigating it and I believe that he will prove my innocence!” Xia Xiaoluo roared. Even though Xia Xiaoluo was frightened now, she was full of hope. She still believed that Ling Tianyi would appear soon to protect her, becoming her G.o.d who would protect her forever.

“You’d better give up! Yi won’t help you. I talked with Yi last night and he agreed to abandon you for the sake of the Ling family and Ling’s Group. Even though he was reluctant to do so, he still made the tough decision.” Ling Desheng said.

“No! It’s impossible, absolutely impossible! He loves me so much that he will protect me! He will protect me from being hurt and he will never hurt me on purpose! I don’t believe that he will abandon me! I don’t believe it!” Xia Xiaoluo roared.

“Believe it or not!” Ling Desheng glanced at A De who was standing behind him. So A De walked to him with a pad in his hands.

A De showed Xia Xiaoluo a video in which Ling Tianyi and Ling Desheng were talking about something.

Xia Xiaoluo opened her eyes wide and watched the video carefully. In Ling Desheng’s study, Ling Tianyi promised in person that he would protect the Ling’s Group at the cost of sacrificing Xia Xiaoluo. What was more, Ling Tianyi also said that he had feelings for Qiao Anna to some degree.

Xia Xiaoluo felt wronged and burst into tears. She kept trusting Ling Tianyi all the time before, but she was extremely hopeless at this moment.

“I know you felt wronged, but I want to know the truth.” Ling Desheng said, “Now that you were wronged, just tell me why you are innocent. In such a condition, nothing will be changed even though you are really innocent. Before your death, you can tell me the truth. Maybe, I can avenge you if possible. How do you like it? Tell me now!”

“OK! I will tell you the truth now!” Being depressed and hopeless, Xia Xiaoluo almost collapsed. She only wanted to vent her anger, so she decided to tell Ling Desheng everything.

Xia Xiaoluo told Ling Desheng what happened between Qiao Anna and her before and the speculation when she stayed with Ling Tianyi. Xia Xiaoluo told them all to Ling Desheng

“I’ve told you before, now I will say it again. I was really framed up by Qiao Anna! She is so evil and I’m so stupid that I have fallen into her trap! Now that Ling Tianyi decided to abandon me, I have no choice now! But please let him know what I said! I would try my best to help him if he told me about it directly! However, he is so timid that he dares not to meet me! So I look down upon him! I hate him!” Xia Xiaoluo said. She was heartbroken, she was so miserable.

“I will tell him your hatred!” Ling Desheng said leisurely, “I believe that you are innocent because people won’t tell a lie when they are going to die. So I believe you. I will avenge you if possible. However, you have to take the consequences! Because if you were smarter, you wouldn’t be cheated and you wouldn’t make the Ling’s Group into trouble; you wouldn’t be in such a bad condition.”

“A De, let’s set out now.” Ling Desheng said, with a dignified tone.

Somebody put a piece of rag in Xia Xiaoluo’s mouth again. And then, Xia Xiaoluo was thrown into a minibus. Ling Deng Sheng’s private Rolls-Royce Phantom was in front of the minibus and Ling Desheng was sitting in it.

Xia Xiaoluo knew that she was going to die, but she wasn’t afraid of death at all because Ling Tianyi abandoned her and broken his promises, which made her heartbroken. She was hopeless, so she didn’t fear death anymore. At that time, she only hoped that she wouldn’t die in a merciless way, she didn’t want to die miserably.

“Bang!” A car accident happened to the minibus suddenly. Xia Xiaoluo’s forehead got hurt. But it was not serious.

A van crashed the minibus and it was in a mess on the spot. The traffic was heavy now. In the front car, Ling Desheng frowned for fear that Ling Tianyi arranged the car accident in order to take Xia Xiaoluo away.

The car accident was not serious, but the traffic couldn’t go on smoothly. So, A De, Brother Qiang and the two men went to check the situation. Brother Qiang and the two men started quarreling with the driver of the van. A De went to find Xia Xiaoluo hurriedly, but Xia Xiaoluo was not in the minibus anymore.

“Stop arguing! Xia Xiaoluo has disappeared, why are you still arguing?” A De roared.

Brother Qiang came to check it, and then he was in a panic at once.

Ling Desheng closed his eyes to calm down. When the car crash happened, Ling Desheng knew that someone would take Xia Xiaoluo away. He frowned slightly, hoping that it wouldn’t become too serious, or it was really difficult to solve the problem.

A De told Ling Desheng about it immediately, and then Ling Desheng waved, “Let’s go home!”

100% Love From The Boss zChapter 310 - Ling Tianyi Abandoned You

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