100% Love From The Boss Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 Spanking Follows DisobedienceAfter dealing with the emails, Ling Tianyi stretched himself. Catching a glimpse of the little woman by his side, he found that the s.h.i.+ftless girl was playing games on the iPhone he bought for her.

“Xia Xiaoluo, you don’t listen to my words, do you?” He was furious at once. Why should it be this difficult to ask her to study and write?

“I’ve finished the six pages, as well as the preview. Look, I left some marks when I do the preview.” She showed the textbook marked with several wave lines which didn’t take her over a minute.

“What about the six-page characters?” Ling Tianyi questioned her, for he knew she couldn’t finish it at her slow pace.

“Done.” Xia Xiaoluo said in a low voice without confidence.

“Bring it to me.” Ling Tianyi reached his hand out, and he wanted to see what tricks the little girl was playing.

Xia Xiaoluo reluctantly handed the six pages of A4 paper to Ling Tianyi, and groaned, “I did finish six pages, filled with characters.”

Ling Tianyi couldn’t help but burst into laughter when he saw the papers, “Well well, Xia Xiaoluo, what should I say?”

Xia Xiaoluo bent her head and didn’t dare to have eye contact with him.

Ling Tianyi threw her “masterpiece” on the desk. The first half page was full of characters in normal size, while the rest was filled by a huge character each.

“You just asked me to write six pages, but you didn’t say how many characters a page, and you didn’t mention I can’t write big characters.” Xia Xiaoluo said like a mosquito. Although she thought she was reasonable, Ling Tianyi’s expression made her frightened.

“Xia Xiaoluo, this is my first time to know you’re a little bit smart.” Poking on her head, Ling Tianyi continued, “You’re usually clumsy, but smart when you’re lazy. Why can’t you use your mind on proper business? How will you live in the future if you’re always like that?”

Ling Tianyi educated her like a father, just hoping this smart clumsy girl could mend her ways. However, Xia Xiaoluo didn’t get the point and muttered with frown, “Don’t be worried. If you divorce me one day, I can earn my living, and I won’t bother you.”

Ling Tianyi was not angry actually, but her words made him furious.

He thought it was good for her and tried to persuade her to study hard. However, she was not only ungrateful to his kindness, but also mentioned the divorce. She had gone too far, and he must teach her a lesson.

Pulling her into his arms, he put her on his knees, making her lay on her stomach.

Holding her with on hand, he took the steel ruler with the other one.

“If I don’t punish you, you’ll never know who the boss is at this home.” He took off the panties under her skirt. Xia Xiaoluo rebelled but in vain.

“Ah!” She felt the pain on her bottom and cried.

“It hurts…” She whimpered.

As soon as Ling Tianyi saw the red marks, he was stunned. He just wanted to spank her pink soft b.u.t.t to teach her a lesson, but he never thought he did it too heavily, and had beaten her like that.

He immediately threw the steel ruler, feeling both sorry and guilty.

“Baby, I didn’t mean to do that. Don’t cry…don’t cry…” He didn’t know what to do, and he held her up taking her to the bedroom, and put her on the bed. She lay on her stomach.

She was still crying, for both the pain and the shame.

Ling Tianyi found the medical kit and gently applied the ointment for her.

“Ouch! It hurts!” Xia Xiaoluo screamed and cried, and Ling Tianyi’s head was going to blow up.

Finally, he finished, and Xia Xiaoluo didn’t feel that bad anymore. Her crying became sobbing.

Ling Tianyi was not good at comforting others. Although he wanted to do that for her, he still scolded her, “This is the lesson for your disobedience. Now you know it hurts!”

At that, Xia Xiaoluo cried out at once with lots of grievances. He spanked her with reasons, but it was she who did the wrong thing in the end. It was not fair!

Seeing her crying, Ling Tianyi felt very guilty.

“Fine. Since I hurt you, I allow you to take a rest at home tomorrow, and you don’t need to go to school. But if you fail the final, I’ll punish you all the same.” Ling Tianyi really couldn’t bear it and finally compromised, and he gave her the promise she wanted the most.

“Really?” Wiping her tears with her arms, she looked at him, thinking it was incredible.

“Yes.” He took out his mobile phone, called the princ.i.p.al of Dwichen’s College, and asked for a leave of absence for her in person.

Although the princ.i.p.al didn’t know their relations.h.i.+p, everyone in Dwichen’s College had a background, so it was not a big deal that someone could have known a big shot like Ling Tianyi.

Now that the biggest shareholder of the college had a request, the princ.i.p.al naturally had no reason to refuse him, and a leave of absence was not a big matter. Being able to take the initiative to ask for a leave had shown due respect to the college, while most students just skipped cla.s.ses directly, ignoring the discipline of the school.

“Now do you believe me?” Hanging up, Ling Tianyi sat by her side; seeing the tearstains on his little wife’s face, he still blamed himself.

“Tomorrow is Friday, and weekends are following. Then, I don’t need to go to school for three days.” Xia Xiaoluo stopped sobbing and began to laugh. As long as she didn’t need to go to school, she wouldn’t frown even if the sky had fallen down.

“Why are you laughing?” Seeing her smile, Ling Tianyi breathed a sigh of relief.

“Don’t be smug. If you make a mistake again, I’ll spank you all the same,” said he, patting on her cute b.u.t.t slightly.

“It hurts! This is domestic violence!” Xia Xiaoluo exclaimed.

“No matter what you say, you must know that spanking follows disobedience. But I promise you, I won’t use that steel ruler next time, just by my hand.” He said slowly.

Ling Tianyi did blame himself, for he never thought he could get out of control and left a red mark on her soft skin, and he was really sorry for that.

That night, he didn’t trouble her anymore, putting handwriting practice and preview behind himself. Ling Tianyi knew she felt wronged. He just held her in his arms and had a tight sleep.

In the next morning, he didn’t wake her up, but softly got up, buying her a chocolate cake that every girl liked. When he went out for breakfast, he found he didn’t know what his little wife liked at all, so he just bought something according to a normal girl’s taste. For example, his younger sister loved chocolate cake very much.

He would like to accompany her as a compensation for the result caused by his steel ruler. However, he just kissed his sleeping wife, took his laptop and left for the company.

He was the president of Huasheng Group, and there were many things waiting for him to handle. All he could do was to finish them as soon as possible and went home early, and he didn’t work overtime at weekends, for he needed to make some time to accompany his poor, cute, and hateful little wife.

After Xia Xiaoluo woke up, it was already over 10:00 a.m. Since her bottom still hurt, she could only lie on her stomach, which was very uncomfortable.

She opened her dreamy eyes and didn’t change her night gown, and she saw a plate on the bedside table with a fresh chocolate cake and a box of pure milk next to it.

She was hungry and started to eat at once. That chocolate cake was so tasteful that Xia Xiaoluo was choked while gorging it, and she immediately drank half box of milk and recovered.

After breakfast, she noticed there was a note under the plate.

“Baby, eat slowly and don’t choke yourself.” She read it out and respected his foresight. She did get choked and felt very uncomfortable.

“You’ve got a wound on your bottom, and you can order for a takeout at noon. I’ll bring the supper back home tonight. Remember, behave well at home and don’t mess it up. Stay in bed and take a good rest. You can watch TV, but don’t play on my computer, and you mustn’t leave the house without my permission. If you disobey, it’ll be your b.u.t.t that suffers the most.”

After reading that note, Xia Xiaoluo curled her lips, rubbed and threw it into the dustbin.

“Talking about spanking me. Violent man, you’ll die like a dog. Humph!” She said to herself and cursed.

However, she knew he would not be back in the daytime, and it seemed like she was free. She quickly finished was.h.i.+ng her face and brus.h.i.+ng her teeth, and then she went to the study to surf the Internet. When Ling Tianyi was at home, she didn’t dare to play on the computer like that, but now he was not in; she could do whatever she wanted.

She completely ignored his warning about “don’t play on my computer”. She thought it was okay as long as she could turn it off before he was back.

Sitting in the chair, she still felt her b.u.t.t hurt a little bit, but the computer was more attractive, so she found a soft mat, starting to play a game called Dance Mission.

While she was playing, she forgot about the time, and she felt very hungry when it was already three p.m…

She wanted to order a takeout, but finally found she didn’t have the phone number of any restaurant. When she was with Ling Tianyi, it was his duty to order the food, and she was mainly responsible for purchasing food in markets and doing the cooking on her own.

Xia Xiaoluo actually knew the number of The Innisfree Western Restaurant where she once worked in, but she didn’t have a happy ending with her manager when she quit the job, so she felt embarra.s.sed to order from there, let alone the food there was very expensive. Even if she had money now, she was unwilling to be robbed.

Xia Xiaoluo rummaged the fridge and searched in the kitchen. Unfortunately, she found nothing to eat. Since she argued to buy fresh food they need all the time, there was no stock in the fridge.

“Should have bought some snacks.” She said to herself.

Although her b.u.t.t still hurt, she decided to go out for some food for her hungry belly. Ignoring Ling Tianyi’s warning about “you mustn’t leave the house without my permission”, she naively thought he would not discover if she came back earlier than he did.

100% Love From The Boss Chapter 40

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