100% Love From The Boss Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 Want to Hit the Headlines on BBS?Xia Xiaoluo’s yelling almost resounded in the whole building, so Fang Ruichen covered his poor ears.

“Little Pig Xia, why did you call my name? Fang Ruichen is a name that can’t be casually called by the submissive like you.” He looked down at her, who was much shorter than he was. The feeling of being condescending made him very proud.

“I warn you, my name is Xia Xiaoluo. If you dare to call me Little Pig Xia, I’ll beat the c.r.a.p out of you. What’s more, I’m not yours. I agree to listen to your order for one month; however, you’re not my boss, and I’m not your sidekick.” Xia Xiaoluo rested her hands on her waist and looked up at him. Although she was short, she was not short of the manner.

“Do you want to hit the headlines on Dwichen’s BBS?” Fang Ruichen took his ace in the hole.

Xia Xiaoluo glared at him and took a deep breath, “Ugh, we’ll see how long you can be complacent like this.”

Fang Ruichen smiled with smug, for he knew she compromised. However, he wisely stopped talking about girls’ painful period, and asked her, “Em, tell me. You’re so silly and bad-tempered, so no boy likes you, right?”

“Psycho! No one will consider you’re dumb if you don’t talk!” It was the first time for her to find that there had been someone who was more awful than Ling Tianyi.

“Yo, I thought I was the earliest, but someone’s already here. You two are the new members of our club, right?” A mature girl with wavy hair wearing a pair of 10-centimeter high heel shoes walked into the dance room.

Seeing someone coming, Xia Xiaoluo took her as a saver, immediately stood up and said with a smile, “Yes! h.e.l.lo, I’m Xia Xiaoluo, a freshman from the Chinese Department, and today is my first day in FLY Dance Club. Nice to meet you.”

“Xia Xiaoluo, you’re so lovely. My name is Xiao Man, vice president of FLY Dance Club. On behalf of FLY, I welcome you to be a member of us.” Whipping her wavy hair, Xiao Man elegantly stretched out her hand with slender fingers.

Xia Xiaoluo was so excited and shook hands with the vice president who was like a G.o.ddess, “You’re so pretty! Your dance must be the best. I decide to learn dancing from you.”

“Ugh!” Standing by their side, Fang Ruichen was like a forgotten sculpture.

“May I have your name? Are you a new member of FLY?” Xiao Man was very mature, and her words sounded gentle but forceful.

“How can I join such a boring club?” Even faced with the elegant and mature vice president, Fang Ruichen was still very arrogant with no respect.

His words made Xiao Man embarra.s.sed, but just after a little while, she recovered her elegant manner and said to him, “Now that you think FLY is boring, then tell all of us, these boring people, which interesting club are you in.”

“Basketball Club! In this world, only basketball is the greatest sport, and I’ll be the greatest and perfect basketball player in the future.” Mentioning basketball, his eyes were s.h.i.+ning.

“Basketball, good, I like it, too. My favorite star is Michael Jordan. How about you?” She asked.

“You’ve got a good taste. He’s my idol!” Whenever he talked about Jordan, he felt thrilled.

“If he’s your idol, you must have read his book For the Love of The Game: My Story!” When Xiao Man mentioned a book name in English, Xia Xiaoluo immediately got overwhelmed, for her English was too weak.

“Yes, of course.” Fang Ruichen answered proudly.

Xiao Man smiled and recited a paragraph from that book, “There is no such thing as a perfect basketball player, and I don’t believe there is only one greatest player either. Everyone plays in different eras. I built my talents on the shoulders of someone else’s talent.”

“Youngster, although I don’t know your background, as a junior, I advise you to be modest. Even Jordan knows to be humble, but you get above yourself too much.”

While Fang Ruichen kept provoking her, Xiao Man never lost her temper but reb.u.t.ted his words with his favorite topic, basketball.

Fang Ruichen lost his ground, carried his backpack and turned around to leave the dance room without any word.

“Youngster!” Xiao Man called him.

Fang Ruichen stopped, standing still. She mildly said, “Although you don’t like dancing, we have many performances later, and I hope you can come and watch our show. Of course, if you have games, we FLY will also be your cheering squad and cheer for you.”

“Thanks!” Fang Ruichen walked away without turning back.

The smile on her face made Xia Xiaoluo wors.h.i.+p her very much. This mature vice president really deserved her t.i.tle, who was erudite with outstanding appearance, mild temperament, and good talking skills.

“I…” Xia Xiaoluo would like to speak with Xiao Man, but she didn’t know what to say. Standing before such a beauty like her, she had a sense of inferiority and inadequacy.

“That boy is your boyfriend, right?” Xiao Man started first.

Xia Xiaolu hurriedly shook her head, “No. He’s my cla.s.smate. We often quarrel with each other. Just now, he was here to pick on me. He’s Big Pig Fang. Humph! I don’t like him at all!”

Xiao Man smiled, held her hand and took her to the rest area in the dance room. Sitting down, she said, “Actually, that boy is not bad. He just doesn’t know how to express. Maybe you can give him more chances.”

“You don’t know. That Big Pig Fang always picks on me and bullies me. What’s more, he often calls me Little Pig Xia. Awful!” Recalling him, Xia Xiaoluo gritted her teeth in anger.

“Big Pig Fang and Little Pig Xia. He a good match for you!” Xiao Man laughed and bantered.

“I don’t think so!” Xia Xiaoluo was anxious, but Xiao Man laughed heartily. n.o.body could tell any bad intention from her smile.

“What are you talking about?” Ouyang Ziqian, who just finished his lessons, pushed the door and came in.

“Ziqian, here you come. We were just chatting.” Xiao Man immediately came to his side. Seeing them standing together, everyone would consider they were meant for each other, for both the two were that elegant with dignity.

“Xiaoluo is gifted in dancing. When we graduate, she could be our successor.” Hearing his appraisal of her was high, Xia Xiaoluo felt flattered.

However, Ouyang Ziqian and Xiao Man began to discuss the dance club meeting that afternoon, and Xia Xiaoluo couldn’t break in at all.

Looking at this adorable couple, Xia Xiaoluo was like a grain of inconspicuous sand under the two stars’ s.h.i.+ne.

Soon, the members of FLY came one after another.

The meeting officially started, and president Ouyang Ziqian and vice president Xiao Man delivered their speeches. That scene caused a stir in the members. After all, in Dwichen’s, Ouyang Ziqian was the campus beau, and Xiao Man was the campus belle. Many students joined in FLY merely to get closer to them, not out of their love of dancing.

“According to FLY’s practice, there’ll be a dance festival after the recruiting process. Each of you must prepare at least one performance, in solo or group. This year’s festival will be on the evening of September 22, two weeks later. The venue is Kivanco Auditorium, and we’ll invite many distinguished guests. Hope you all prepare well and do your best to show the highest level of FLY.”

“Kivanco is great.” Kivanco Auditorium is the biggest one in Dwichen’s College, even in City A. At that news, all the members in FLY were eager to have a try to show themselves more in the festival.

Xia Xiaoluo had been sitting in the most inconspicuous position, silently, until the end of the meeting.

The members left in twos and threes and teamed up. Only Xia Xiaoluo followed them alone, and it seemed that kind of discussion had nothing to do with her.

After a few words with Xiao Man, Ouyang Ziqian quickly caught her up and said, “Xiaoluo, I think you have great potential. If you need any help, just contact me.”

“Thank you, Ouyang. I’ll do my best.” Xia Xiaoluo thought, even though n.o.body teamed up with her, she could do solo, so that would be not difficult for her to have one performance.

“Fine, you’re the most talented one in this year, and I heard you were a backbone in your high school. This time, you must prepare well.” After that, Ouyang Ziqian found he was about to give away, so his look was a bit embarra.s.sed.

Xia Xiaoluo did not tell him anything about her high school life, but he asked someone to secretly investigate her information.

However, Xia Xiaoluo was so insensitive that she noticed nothing. Then, Xiao Man caught them up, “Ziqian, do you have time tonight? There’s a new j.a.panese restaurant nearby, I heard their dishes taste good. Let’s go there and have a try!”

Seeing Xia Xiaoluo, she gently said, “Xiaoluo, if you’ve got time, come with us!”

“Oh, sorry. Thank you, but I have to go home. If I’m back late, my family will worry about me.” Xia Xiaoluo said. She did not dare to eat and play outside. If she went home late, she would never know what Ling Tianyi would do to her.

“Xiaoluo is a good girl. Fine, we’ve got to go. Bye, Xiaoluo!” In fact, Xiao Man hoped to have dinner with Ouyang Ziqian. Her invitation to Xia Xiaoluo was just to be polite.

Arm in arm, they walked away, laughing and talking, leaving the rest pursuers envying them.

Stepping to the school gate, Xia Xiaoluo wanted to take a bus home, but she saw that Ling Tianyi was standing at the gate and waiting for her.

“You, why…” Before she finished, she was thrown to the back seats of Cayenne, and then he sat next to her. The driver drove the car away.

Fang Ruichen followed her all the way to the gate, but before he spoke to her, the man he met last time took her away. He felt bad. Taking out his phone, he took a picture of Ling Tianyi’s car number. He determined to figure out the relations.h.i.+p between that man and Xia Xiaoluo.

“Mum called to ask us to go home for dinner.” Ling Tianyi simply put it.

“Oh!” Xia Xiaoluo said with her head down. Last time she had dinner with Ling’s family, she didn’t have enough, so she antic.i.p.ated that this time she would end up with the same situation.

It seemed Ling Tianyi had seen through her mind, “Relax! You’ve married me. One cannot alter the past. You can eat and drink as much as you want. I won’t mind.”

“Won’t it be inappropriate?” Xia Xiaoluo hesitated. After all, they are the elders, so she should not behave impolitely.

“Whatever!” Ling Tianyi said. Anyway, if she got hungry, he could take her out for night snacks after dinner.

100% Love From The Boss Chapter 46

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