Escape From Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals A Treasure Chapter 99

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Chapter 99 Strong

At the beginning of the audition, they clearly had quite the tacit understanding. Why did it become like this now?

It was terrible! So tragic that one couldn't bear to look at it!

The mechanical dialogue made Ling Yue, who had always had a good temper, couldn't help but, “Please, you two are a strange couple but happy newlyweds, instead of having no feelings for one another! Xiao Qiao is inexperienced. Jin Mu Lin, you should help her find her feelings, not be influenced by her no feelings!”

“Cut! I'll give you three days, and if you can't find the feeling, we'll change to another!” Feng Sixia saved his roar and threw the script, leaving.

As soon as Feng Sixia left, Gong Xiaoqiao found a corner to squat in, and the voices of doubt about her acting skills disappeared from her ears, because she fell asleep as soon as she relaxed.

Jin Mu Lin looked at her from afar, wanting to go forward, but couldn't put down his face. Besides…

He saw that Qin Yao had gone over.

Qin Yao approached and looked at her sleeping face with concern.

It had been said that recently the progress of the crew was very slow, and the protagonist wasn't in good condition. Qin Yao specially rushed from A city…

As if realizing that someone had approached her, Gong Xiaoqiao immediately awakened and rubbed her eyes, “Qin Yao, when did you come?”

“I heard you don't seem to be in good shape lately. I wasn't relieved until I came myself to see. Is there anything I can do to help?” Seeing her tired face, Qin Yao asked anxiously.

“It's okay, I'll just get some sleep.” Gong Xiaoqiao buried her head back between her knees.

“You seem sleepy, don't you have a good rest at night?”

“It's just a little insomnia, don't worry.” Gong Xiaoqiao answered in a daze.

“How can minor insomnia be so serious? Xiao Qiao, are you sick? Should I accompany you to the hospital?”

“I'm not that weak. I'm strong, don't worry about it.”

Qin Yao's frowned as he her hand tightly, his att.i.tude firm. “Xiao Qiao, be obedient, let's go to the hospital now, and come back as soon as you've been seen.”

“I'm not going.”

“Why? Xiao Qiao, are you hiding something from me?”

Gong Xiaoqiao was a little impatient. “For example, I'm dying of a terminal illness? Please don't be so imaginative all the time! We have already discussed the problem, you should stop thinking about it.”

The more she spoke, the more worried Qin Yao was, and the more suspicious he became.

Because she looked so bad, and she didn't want to go see a doctor with him. It looked like she was hiding something form him…

Qin Yao hugged her, nearly crying, “Xiao Qiao, take it as I'm begging you. Please, let's go have a look, I'm not a.s.sured that you…”

Gong Xiaoqiao deliberately became dishonest, “Oh, but I'm sleepy, I just want to sleep.”

“And you even said you didn't lie to you. You just said you couldn't sleep, but now you're sleepy again.” Qin Yao was slightly angry.

In fact, the reason was very simple. She didn't have insomnia, just that she dared not sleep alone at night.

Gong Xiaoqiao was also angry. “Then kiss me and I'll go.”

Qin Yao's cheeks suddenly turned red.

“If you don't kiss, I won't go.” Gong Xiaoqiao raised her face, vowing not to compromise if he didn't agree.

Qin Yao looked around and determining that no one was around, quickly leaned over and kissed her forehead.

“Here!” Gong Xiaoqiao with a ruffian look, pointed to her cheek again.

Qin Yao coughed lightly.

“Here, too!” Gong Xiaoqiao was *insatiable.

Looking at her soft lips, and naughty look, Qin Yao both loved and hated it. “Female hooligan.”

*Got an inch and took a mile.

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Escape From Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals A Treasure Chapter 99

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