The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 The Spar

Uliminus the Demon lord’s subordinate was feeling baffled.

“We don’t really have anything to present you with but you can stay for as long as you want”
The person who introduced himself as Aapshow, the head of the house, served Uliminus a tea and cake as he welcomed Uliminus to the house with full of smile.

…Wait nya….is this poisoned nya….

“Ara? Uliminus? Are you doubting that they are poisoned? …You dare doubt that my beloved husband-sama will stoop so low to the point of poisoning ….”

Uliminus noticed the deep killing intent behind her smiling face, which made her tremble a little and sipped on the tea.

Barrissa the knight and her party inside the room was
“…that person….is a subordinate of demon lord….”
“No good this is dangerous….what should I do….”
Trembling in a corner.

Yes, this is a normal reaction to the human commoners when they see the great me who is a high ranked demon nya….Uliminus was thinking such but

The two in front of her were acting as if nothing happened, she can understand why High ranked demon Fenlys would show no reaction but that human called Aapshow sitting next to her would not show any reaction and this really made her feel puzzled.

Plus there was something more that added to her perplexity and it was the att.i.tude of Lys.

Fenlys who she knew used to emit kill aura all over and “You lowly creatures dare…” looked down on humans.

But right now she couldn’t even detect a single kill aura emitting out rather a loving aura for Aapshow who set next to her was leaking.

Even if she is like that whenever I showed a little act which might seem dangerous or suspicious than she throws a strong killing intent toward me.

Uliminus couldn’t help but accept her strength while gritting her teeth.

“So the surrounding area seemed to be you know changed nya. Especially around the Delibeza forest”

“Aa, that forest. I kind of accidentally purified the place…. It seemed like Lys’s brother was also affected by it and I feel little bad about that and….”

“Husband-sama don’t need to feel bad with something like this. It’s brother’s fault for being so weak even though he is one of the Demon lord’s four devas.”

…wait a moment nya….

This man, he ‘accidentally’ annihilated the Fengril’s unit nya?
I don’t understand what he is saying nya

Uliminus was feeling a powerful perplexity while still showing her smile in front but,

“Wa!? …. Master killed one of the Demon lord’s four devas!?”
“Too strong….way too strong…”
“Hawa!? Hawawa….”
“…..(fainting continued)”

Eei, these four are so annoying nya

Uliminus was getting irritated over the four who sometimes gets in her thinking.

They continued talking some unimportant stuff and at the end of it, Uliminus made her move.

“I was actually in middle of my mission nya, so I’m thinking of going back nya and I want to request to you for something nya”
“Right, so what do you want?”
“I am really curious of you who even Lys couldn’t beat nya. I would like a spar with you nya”
To that word,
“Deny it Husbands sama! This b.i.t.c.h, she want to use the sparring as an excuse to touch…..”
“Daaa! I have no desire to do that nya!”
Aapshow smiled bitterly looking at the Uliminus who was desperately trying to convince Lys of her motive.
“Don’t worry I understand, my wife’s ex-co-worker might be worried that a demon’s husband is a human so I don’t have any problem”
Aapshow accepted her request.

Ulimnus had a plan for this spar.
She couldn’t just trust that he defeated Fengril, or how he overpowered Lys like an idiot, but she has to at least believe that he may be a strong person.
Thinking so without having to fight him head on, her plan was to send her specialty, a poison magic to the underground and kill him without being noticed.

Ma, Most likely Fenlys’s att.i.tude is like that since she is under that man’s mental control of some sort….she will definitely turn back when I defeat this man nya

The two went out of the house to confront each other

“I’m always ready so you can start anytime”
Aapshow who stood there without wielding a sword or activating any defense magic said so naturally.
Uliminus while feeling disturbed because of how he was without any sort of defense, she lowered her stance and

“Than…I will attack nya!”
Saying so she flew high in the air.

The flight is just a dummy.
This was an act to distract him from noticing the magic. Poisonous fang which was unleashed to the underground aiming for Aapshow.


“I see, A poison magic from the underground ”
Aapshow mumbled to himself.
And at the same time, the poisonous fang which was moving super fast underground made a sound indicating its destruction.


For instance, Uliminus couldn’t understand what just happened but as a close subordinate of a Demon lord, without hesitating, she unleashed several poisonous snakes from every direction aiming at Aapshow.


Even this was destroyed the next instance making ‘Palin’ sound.
“It’s little bad isn’t it, using poisonous attacks”

Uliminus’s body was stopped as if she was crucified in midair at the same time as Aapshow’s word came out.

Uliminus’s movement was sealed and she was pressured to the point of being suffocated as she couldn’t even breathe nor think rationally.

“I can easily dodge it but, what if it affected Lys and the Barrissa’s group.”

“Husband-sama, As for me I will be fine, I can at least protect my own life you know?”
“It’s about my feeling. I won’t feel good if a poison was aimed at you”
Hearing Aapshow’s word,

“Mou, Husband-sama”
Saying so her face became really red and looked downward.

As for Uliminus

Because she couldn’t breathe she fainted midair.

After that,
Aapshow apologized for attacking her till she fainted by prostrating to Uliminus.

Dangerous nya…that guy is seriously bad nya….I have to report it to the demon lord sama nya

She rushed back to the Demon lord’s castle.

At the same time,

“….Aapshow-sama was actually worried even about us”

“Ma, if we ever were hit with that poison, we would’ve been instdead”
“…Ha!? (she realized it now)”

Aapshow and Lys ate with Barissa and the other three while they were acting like that.

“As always Husband-sama…is wonderful”
This night, it seemed like the two did a bit rougher than usual

-to be continued

The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 14

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