The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 Demon

Today Furio and his wife Lys went out to Houtarou town together.
They do this every once in 2 days, and this was one of the things they enjoyed the most.

“What do you want to eat today?”
“Anything Husband-sama chooses is fine….Personally, I want to go to that place where it smelled nice last time, around that corner”
“Well then, let us do that”

Lys hugged Furio’s arm and walked together in the town.
“Master-sama and Mistress sama, are very close with each other as usual, very admirable”
This day, Varissa was looking at the two while smiling.

While the three were walking in the town, the front of them started to become crowded with people.
They got curious and took a peek they saw,

“You a.s.shole, you hit my brother and walk away without paying aa?”
“It hurts, It hurts Big Brother”

Next to the very big and bulky male was a slim and weak guy on the floor holding his shoulder and rolling around.

In front of the two was a slightly short, women with a black hooded mantle.
“..Didn’t I already apologized about accidentally b.u.mping into you?”
saying so the women showed an irritated look to them.

“Aa? My underling is in pain can’t you fcking see? You think a simple ’sorry’ would do? A? You should just fcking hand things you should hand before something bad happens right motherfcker?oi? “

The males are famous for scamming people in this place.
They always choose the people who seemed to be new to this place and purposely into them , then cry that they got hurt so after that they demand money.

The people who are surrounding them also knows this but if they help her than they know they will get the group to secretly make things difficult for them so the crowd acts like they don’t see anything.

The man looked at the women with a disgusting smile and opens his hands indicating that she had to give him money.
The women glared at the man’s face and clicked her tongue

“…This, lowly being dared to…”
next moment the black like aura started to leak from the women’s body.

“wha..what is this!?”
The man became panicked looking at the shadow and took a step back
and infant of him the women’s shadow got bigger and bigger

“Hai, both of you stop”

Furio Came between them.

“…Fu, boss Furio…”
The man recognized Furio and for instance, he showed anger but soon it changed to a fake smile.

about a month ago
This man did the same to the Furio when he first came to the town.
and because of that, the man was beaten to a pulp by Furio.

“I wish for you to stop doing such a thing, didn’t I? Koui stop acting and stand up, your acting skill is horrible as always”

“we don’t do scamming any…more you know… Oi, how long are you going to roll on the floor! lets scram”


The two bowed to Furio several times and left.


Furio looked at the Women’s direction

She already withdrew the black shadow like thing and glared at Furio with the eyes saying who are you?
“There may be a people like them but this town is filled with many good people. So please don’t feel too bad about it and enjoy the stay here”

Saying so Furio Bowed toward her.

Toward the words, the women without saying anything slightly bowed back.

than Furio got close to the women’s ear and said
“..You shouldn’t release the demons power in here. I will cause a great chaos to break out”

saying so she patted her shoulder and left

“..Husband-sama…you were too close”
Lys showed a slightly pouted look toward Furio who came back ad hugged his hand tightly.

seeing this Aapshow smiled bitterly but he still patted her head lightly with the other hand.
“I think Master-sama didn’t need to go, I could have handled them myself”

“But Varissa at first you really tried to pay him the hospital fee right?”

“tha….that was you know..I thought he was really hurt…and”

Furio and Lys both laughed as they looked at Varissa get fl.u.s.tered.

…They, saw through my disguise…?

The women were looking at the Furio’s party’s back while feeling her patted shoulder.

When the three finished with their lunch and just got out of the restaurant,

“..can I have a moment with you please?”
the women from before were waiting for them
“if it’s a grat.i.tude from before then I don’t need anything. I’ve done something everyone would’ve done”

“no..I am grateful to you about that but..I want to ask you seeing as you are an expert yourself.
the truth is I got an order from the Higher one and is in search of a person
I am searching for a male called Aapshow and his family’s residence, but have you heard of anyone of that sorts that ever came here?”

To the word Furio and Lys showed a poker face and made no reaction what so ever.
but behind them, Varissa showed a slightly surprised look.

“Hmm… I have no idea of such person…but what about it?”
“I’m not sure of the reason myself but, the command was to arrest him and bring him to the higher being.”

“I see, then if I ever see them I will keep them in mind”

“…It will help a lot”

“what is this…about arresting”
Varissa asks the question in a low voice

but Furio answered with “no idea?” and showed a slightly bitter expression.

Next day’s morning

Varissa was jogging around the house.
it is part of her daily routine.


Behind her, someone suddenly appeared and pushed Varissa to the floor and held her immobile.

when Varissa looks back she saw the same woman as yesterday.

“..wha, what are you doing b.a.s.t.a.r.d”
“You, I know you know something about Aapshow right? You were the only one to show reaction to the name”
saying so she brought the short sword to her neck.
“Say what you know then I might not take your life….”
after saying this much she collapsed and lost consciousness.

Aapshow who came behind her by teleportation magic hit her head hard enough for the opponent to fall unconscious .

“Master-sama… I’m sorry, I dirtied your hand, and I swear to train harder.”
the Varissa who stood up ignored the dirt all over her body and got onto her knees and apologized to Furio.

“It’s not your fault that you were not able to notice it since this demon is a stealth type.”
saying so Furio looked at the unconscious women and thought what to do with it.

…to be continued

The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 19

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