The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 The direction they are headed to

…One month later

Glenial was still doing her information gathering in Houtarou’s town.

It’s because she is in charge of this region and this town is the biggest one around here.

After being defeated in an ovelwhelming manner by Aapshow, she felt that this was a humiliation and her strong feeling of revenge was burning inside her soul.

“Furio-Dono! This meeting must be a luck of one in hundreddddddd! Today I will win for sure!”

“…Right now I’m having a meal with Husband-sama. so can you wait until we finish our meal?”

“y…Yes, of course, I’m sorry for disturbing Mistress”

like this, while being respectful toward Lys, she kept on calling Furio, and every single time she gets instal-killed (not literally).

And after some day later.

“Furio-dono! Please make me your Disciple”

Genial started begging for it.

“Unn….I don’t do that kind of thing…”

at first, Furio was rejecting it but, Glenial was too persistent.

Day, afternoon and evening, she prostrated in front of Furio’s house and kept on begging.

One day, early in the morning, Unfortunately, Glenial came begging  right before the couple’s wake up s.e.x and so Glenial received a full powered kick from Lys and she nearly saw a river styx, Finally, Furio just gave up and accepted her as his disciple.


“If you are really going to become my disciple than you must report this to your superior Uliminus”

Lys said to Glenial so Glenial went back to the Demon Lord’s castle in High spirit but,

“What the heck are you thinking nya!? Becoming someone’s disciple while in middle of the mission nya!? What are you doing not doing your work Nyaa!!!”

“Thats not it Uliminus-sama! This is for the Mission! To train oneself is also important”

“There is nothing more important than Demon Lord-sama’s mission nyaaaaaaaa!!”

“Demon lord-sama’s order is important! however to complete the mission in higher efficiency I need to become his Disciple!”



Even though Glenial was scolded for very long time by Uliminus, she still didn’t back down.

This kind of scenery is continuing on every day but….the result didn’t come out yet.

To Glenial who didn’t seem to come back

“It’s not easy getting approval fufu”

saying so Lys laughed.

in the shadow,

“…I’m..really lucky…If we were together every day…I don’t know how long this secret will last….my heart couldn’t take such a pressure”

Varissa who were feeling pressured from thinking that Demon lord was searching for her, and with Glenial’s precense it just got bigger so when she was gone, She felt relief.


As for Magician Belano

Her face was blue with no l.u.s.ter.

“Yaa, Belano-dono. Let’s work hard together studying magic !”

saying so Volarisu who wore a male outfit sat right next to her in the cla.s.sroom.

Volaris searched desperately for any information regarding Belano and she finally was able to catch on the information that Belano was staying in the Magic school.

and so She started attending the School.

She as a Knight has no mana in her.

of course, it is useless to study magic but

“This is also for achieving higher level in study, plus may be some day I might take a Magic Knight as a subordinate”

With such a forceful reason, she forcibly enrolled to the school.

After many days of not going to school, when she finally decided to go she met with the reality.

At first Belano thought that she may as well as quit the school and attend the school in another town but Furio was the one paying for her school fees and all plus the magic school she was going is the most prestigious school in the region so she had no choice but endure it and go to the school.

Even though she is conscious of the fact that Volaris sometimes peek at her, usually Volaris unlike her usual perverted side, she concentrates and works hard on the study.

After cla.s.s, Volaris kept on pestering her to go drink tea with her, but with clear rejection,

“I understand. I will give up for today. I will come back tomorrow”

she found out that she will leave obediently, so Belano started to get a hang of her personality and gradually coming to accept of her presence but,

“Than why not just go have a drink with her?”

to Furio

“(Bun BUn Bun Bun)”

She rejected it strongly by moving the head left to right.

“Maybe I should buy her a cake tomorrow…

Volaris was thinking of such with no care to what was going on with Belano.

I don’t need to say this but in her mind the mission to find Aapshow (now Furio) was gone without a trace.


….At the same time in the Demon lord’s castle

“…Is, the search on Vali…no Aapshow-dono done yet?”

“I’m sorry nya… everyone is finding with their best nya but…”

Uliminus bowed deeply in front of the Demon lord Goul.

Seeing Uliminus act like that Goul sighed deeply and,

“Oh well, I guess it’s not your fault if you still can’t find him….but, continue the search. And prepare for another invasion toward that disgusting castle with the hero in it.”

“Yes, sir! I understand nya”

“Aa! Uliminus-sama, you were in here! Definitely today for sure you must accept my way of training!”

“Kishyaaaaaaaa! this is the Demon lord-same’s dwelling place!!!!! what are you saying Nyaaaaa!!!!”

…….At the same time in the Magic Kingdom Cryload’s castle

“…Is there still no trace or any information regarding the true hero’s location?”

“…Unfortunately not”

First Imperial Princess working as a surrogate of the King, sighed deeply listening to the report of the female magician.

“We must act in a hurry…that Blonde Haired Hero noticed the presence of the secret treasure in the Treasury “

“tha, that…That country’s final secret weapon…”

“That is power indeed but…it is a double sided blade…before the Blonde haired hero forcibly use the weapon we must definitely find the true hero and defeat the demon lord….”

..At the same time…..Blonde Haired Hero

“Fumu…This must be where the treasure is hidden, the castle’s treasury.”

After bribing the girls with a large amount of money, the Blonde Haired hero stood before the large door.

and surrounding him was the defeated guards,

Even though his power doesn’t put a scratch on the Demon lord and its subordinate, compared to the normal people his ability is rather high so against people like guards level there will be no problem eliminating them.

“Than, using this treasure’s power I should defeat the Demon lord once and for all. And my life as a true hero is waiting for me”

Laughing like a maniac Blonde Haired Hero placed his hands on the treasury’s door.

The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 22

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