The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 An Idea and Expectation

“…un, quite a good result”

Furio who was inside the room for working in the house looked at the newly made s.h.i.+eld made out of dragon scale, smiled in satisfaction.

“Husband-Same is a very interesting person. You could’ve just made it with magic, it would’ve been a lot easier”

Furio smiled bitterly towards Lys’s word.

“How should I say it… It won’t be any fun if I did all of this with magic.”

When he was in his other world, he liked to do stuff like this, things like repairing the carriage, creating a shelf, he who took initiative on thing like this even during the creation of an equipment, even other than forging the hard to forge dragon scale handiwork, he tries to restrict the use of magic and worked with only his strength.

Even though his grip strength is abnormally powerful, he loves the act of creating things from base up.

till now the equipment he created like this, sold in the familiar weaponry shop, for the shop to sell it to the merchants, but,

“nya! Furio-dana, welcome nya”

lately, Furio has been bringing his creations to the sundry goods shop, the ex-demon Uliminus is owner off UUGO.

in this Sundry goods shop UUGO

the atmosphere might feel cozy and all, they pride in stuff like equipment, magic items, medicinal herbs and magic stones, even though it’s not been much since the shop opened, it already has a prosperous business.

“This will help nya. We just got the order today nya”

Receiving Furio’s s.h.i.+eld, Uliminus hugged it happily.

“it was that customer, right? I shall make a run and drag him here”

the Ex-Demon lord Goul, Gozaru as an alias who was looking from the side said it and was about to chase but

“Gozaru-dono! Stop! You, even yesterday dragged the customer here while holding his neck? that is no good. come, let’s go together, I will show you how to do it right”

“really? I shall be in your care as always Varissdono”

saying so Gozaru left the shop while following behind Varissa.

At one time, Varissa misunderstood Gozaru with “I pointed the sword at him so he is here to kill me”, and she was trembling with fear, but thanks to living togethere, the misunderstanding became gone, and lately she became capable of talking normally with him.

Seeing the back of the two, Uliminus showed a really displeased look.

“If you’re that worried about him, then why not go together”

toward Furio who said so while smiling bitterly

“I..I don’t care at all nya! don’t say weird things nya!”

saying so she frantically refuted it.

She really is a very bothersome tsundere.


The Furio now is living in the same house that he brought from the village in the south of the Cryload’s castle town by a magic bag.

Because of the increase in the population of the family, Furio renovated the house by creating a new floor and remodeled the first floor, now first floor has 12 private rooms and a sharing s.p.a.ce of living room – dining room – bath and several toilets.

the four female knights and Gozaru-Uliminus, the six of them live in the room on the 1st floor, and from there they leave for the work or the school or anything.

[I feel pity for Bily…..pray for her…I suggest…]


the devil who rules over light and darkness Hiya was reading a book which was taken from under the Bily’s bed.

A book filled with a drawing and commentary about it.

“This is really interesting…”

Hiya was reading it with all her heart put into it.

“H, today I’m so tired…..tte…hawawa!?”

Bill came back to her room after taking care of the ranch she administers.

Hiya was in the room,

and seeing the book she was holding,

toward both she panicked and ran toward them while looking like a tomato.

“Aa, it’s Bily-dono. I’m sorry for the entering without your approval. I’m currently reading carefully of this book I found under the bed which seemed to be treasure, so please pardon my rude behavior “

“No good-desu! this is bad kind of thing-desu-! this is bad to look desu-! it’s not about being forgiven-desu-!“

Bily s.n.a.t.c.hed back the book from Hiya’s hand


“No, this book is rather interesting. This really makes my curiosity for knowledge excited”


Toward the book which was supposed to be in Bily’s hand was now back in Hiya’s hand, while feeling panicked she tried to take it back again.

“this, is very useful for my training inside the spiritual world, so I would like to ask your permission to borrow it, is it alright?”

“I can’t accept that-desu-! No-desu-! give back-desu!”

Toward Hiya who was frantically trying to retrieve back the book, Hiya showed a calm face and dodged the hand.

The t.i.tle of the book Hiya was holding “How to become better in nightlife and 48 body position -Adult book -“

Bily-…she was at the age when they get curious over a love affair.


Bily decided in her heart that she will buy a safe with a lock, however against devil who rules over light and darkness, how effective it be……

….at that night in Furio and Lys’s bedroom

“husband-sama why don’t we go to the hot spring next time”

she asked him in a belly spoiled tone.

“hot spring? is there any that you would like to go?”

“Hai, this is from what I heard from Uliminus that in South there is a hot spring town called Kinousa and it seemed to be a very good place. They said the food is very tasty and I thought I wanted to go together with husband-sama”

Saying so Lys hugged Furio and put her face on his chest listening to Furio’s heartbeat.

“Than, let’s go together. we can go ask Uliminus about this in more detail tomorrow”

“Thank you very much! Husband-sama”

They had a nice time being on top of each other on this night

During the day today

“In Kinousa there are many types of effective hot springs nya, hot spring for things like healing fatigue, blessed with a children bath ..”

“Tell me more in detail of that!”

“ha? Healing fatigue nya?”

“no, about the Blessed with children of course!”

……Right now in a forest near Kinousa

“a….anou….Are you ok…Blonde haired hero-sama…”

in from of Allure who asked in a worried tone, Blonde Haired ex-hero lied in the floor while mourning with pain.

“…I don’t know what is this….what…this…the vicious thing which pours inside me…”

From the bag Blonde, haired ex-hero carried, a pitch black thing poured out and all went inside his body.

Inside the bag was the treasure he stole from the demon lord castle’s treasury.

The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 33

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