The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 Panicked people

..Houtarou town Sundry goods store UUGO

“Oi, did you really pick up the reaction? Is it without a doubt that it is reacting to the sword on the wall?”

Guard captain was drenched with sweat as he looked back at the magician who was checking the reaction by a magic for several ties.

“Ha, Hai, there is no mistake, I’m getting a reaction from that sword….”

The magician couldn’t hide his panic-stricken face as he looked at the crystal.

…it’s not the sword…the item which was stolen from the castle was a s.h.i.+eld, a flame s.h.i.+eld…but, but, ba, it’s a fact that this item is showing reaction…does it mean,

“Thi, this sword is a stolen item! explain the acquisition route of it!”

The captain guard looked at Furio and Uliminus than raised a loud voice.

True this is not the same as the stolen item we are searching for. But it is without a doubt that this item is reacting as a stolen good. then there is no mistake that this is a good stolen from the castle!

It was an action done because of such thoughts.

“here nya”

Uliminus who still kept her business like smile gave him one doc.u.ment.

“th…this is!?”

Guard captain’s face turned blue as he received the doc.u.ment.

/ This treasure, the flame sword will be given to Uliminus who worked great merits to the Kingdom of Cryload.

Magic kingdom Cryload first imperial princess/

This doc.u.ment which contained the first imperial princess’s signature and an engraved seal of the kingdom by a magic, this made the perfect evidence that the sword was presented by the now Princess Queen to the owner of the shop Uliminus.

“After a.n.a.lyzing it with magic, it is without any doubt that this kingdom’s seal is real. it also has no problem with the written record “

The official doc.u.ment that the kingdom issues contains the record of magically engraved kingdom’s seal.

And by a.n.a.lyzing it with magic, you can find that authenticity of the seal by looking at the official doc.u.ment, which comes with a content.

As a matter of fact, this sword bestowed by the princess queen after Uliminus and her group silent ear  help in defeating the New king Yuiguard’s invasion. So both the sword and the doc.u.ment is real.

No matter how you look at it, she has the authentic doc.u.ment which has a record of the item too.

But there is a reaction coming from the item as a stolen good.

Toward this unexplainable situation, guards and magicians were holding their head in a headache.

Furio was looking at the scene with a slightly evil smile.

Furio was the one to create this situation.

Furio noticed before hand that there was an item omitting a stolen item reaction mixed with other supplies.

This stolen item magic is only learnable by the magicians in the castle who specialize in stolen item search magic and all but

Furio received a divine protection from the G.o.d when he was summoned to this home, and with that he mastered every magic in this world when he turned to level 2, of course, he acquired this search magic without an exception.

Furio however, thinks this stuff as “so everyone who was summoned to the world is like that hah” , and he quite honestly believes that the blonde haired hero is no exception….even though the blonde haired hero can’t use magic….

Furio detected the flame s.h.i.+eld emitting a reaction in which showed that it was a stolen item which was mixed with the supplies.

Usually, the reaction the item emitted are nothing but a sign to show it as a magic item but, when the castle registered it as a stolen item and was picked up in the stolen item search, the reaction will be changed and will start signaling out the stolen item’s detailed information to the surroundings.

“…I sense that s.h.i.+tty fox sisters’ presence in the item”

Gozaru who was listening to Furio detected the gold and silver fox sisters presence in the item,

“that s.h.i.+tty fox sisters must be doing this for a revenge nya”

and Uliminus and the party who noticed the intention, they came up with a plan.

First with Furio’s magic casted a concealment magic on the s.h.i.+eld as to not get noticed.

at the same time copying the s.h.i.+eld’s stolen item reaction to the sword.

and so they were waiting to see what kind of play the gold and silver fox sisters were going to do.

Furio snapped with his fingers in his left hand while he was looking at the panic-stricken guards and magicians.

and at that moment, Magician who was looking at the crystal as if he was about to eat it raised a voice

“sto, stole item reaction….disappeared!?”

.. A Few minutes later in a certain building slightly far away from the sundry goods store uugo

“…nothing is happening kon…”

The castle knights and guards were surrounding the sundry good store uugo without any change.

but there has been no change to the scene even after few people went inside the shop.

“something should happen already around now kon”

-ton ton

“They are taking way too much time kokon”

-ton ton

“maybe they were arrested inside kon?”

-ton ton

“if so should we go take a peek?”

ton ton

“Ah kon? what’s wrong with you to keep hitting my shoulders kon, so annoying kon”

saying so Silver fox looked at her back.

“I’m sorry for being annoying, s.h.i.+tty fox”

Gozaru was at her sight.

The gold and silver fox sisters stood there astonished at the sudden appearance of Gozaru.

…at certain road..

“Now that I think about it desunee, that Elizabeth we became friendly with”

“Don’t ever say that name again!”

“Ha!? E!? A!? umm!?”

Allure blinked as she couldn’t understand why the blonde haired hero scolded her.

seeing her act like that the blonde haired hero

“..n, no…it’s nothing”

saying so he shut up and looked down.

….Why is my name a woman’s one just because I had 8 big sisters.. I am…

-to be continued

The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 45

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