The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 Evil G.o.d Invasion

…At a certain land in a certain place…

A woman stood on top of the hill and smiled contently as she looked at the direction where the forest is located at.

“That human who called himself a former king truly did a wonderful job”

In front of her, 100s of people working nonstop on building a brick tower.

The former king placed an advertis.e.m.e.nt, advertising a high pay for an easy physical job of carrying crates and building a tower, all over the guild and many taverns. And with that it didn’t take much time to fill the required number of workers and so the starting off building the tower quickened.

“With this, it won’t be much time left till I can summon a worker demons with my summoning magic”

When the woman raised her hand over her head a dark cruel purple flame rose, and at the same time under her feet magic circle started to form. Soon after, as if reacting to this from inside the tower that was in middle of construction, came a purple flame roaring to the sky.

Seeing the scene woman felt satisfied and canceled the activation, and floated out an eerie smile.


“I the closest direct subordinate of the Evil G.o.d-sama, Summoning demon Guriorion sama, shall conquer this world at ease and gift it to Evil G.o.d sama.”

For several decades Evil G.o.d sent his many subordinates to many worlds and conquering them as he continued to expand his territory.


And finally one of his subordinates came to this world.

… Demon king castle’s throne room…

“Wha!? An Evil G.o.d’s subordinate!?”

Demon king Yuiguard’s eyes widened as he heard Fufun’s report.

“Yes, there is no mistake. After investigating the earlier sighting of the unique mana, we found a tower  with an Evil G.o.d’s emblem engraved on it under construction.”


Yuiguard’s direct subordinate Succubus, Fufun reported all this while one of her knees on the floor.

“We deducted that they are building it in our demon lord’s territory is for a more efficient gathering of mana and it seems like the tower already gathered quite a lot of mana power.”

As Fufun finished the report, Yuiguard hatefully cricked his tongue and punched the armrest several times in anger and frustration.

“f.u.c.king Evil G.o.d, the only G.o.d I actually prayed and believed in….and that G.o.d’s subordinate came to conquer my f.u.c.king world, f.u.c.k….”

“Yuiguard sama what should we do…..?”




“Sh, Shut up! I’m thinking! Go back for  now!”

Yuiguard signaled Fufun to leave while still looking down with one of his hand.

Fufun, seeing the hand gesture bowed and left the throne room even though her face looked slightly upset.

…He didn’t tsukkomi me today….

Her thought process was that she must make a detailed plan on the way to let Yuiguard tsukkomi her…she truly became a hardcore M.

…At certain land in certain place….

…what the heck is this!?

Getting an order to investigate the unique mana that was detected in his guarded territory…

“Hawawawa!? What is that, that stone tower? It seems like there are a lot of it desune~”

Bily who was riding Slape who was in the horse form, looked at the same direction Slape was looking with a blank look.

He got an order in the early afternoon and he couldn’t just sneak out without getting caught by Bily so he decided to bring Bily by carrying her with the horse form.

However, Slape instantly knew he made a mistake as soon as he saw the tower, and bitt his lips.

…I thought it was some sort of mana pool but this might actually be done by one of the Evil G.o.d’s subordinate.

Slape who judged that there must be some one overseeing the place since the project seemed quite big so,

“A? wait, Slape? What happened desuka~”

Ignoring Bily who held the leash, Slape tried to run back to the farm.

“Hee, I detected some good mana and came to check….Are you perhaps the subordinate of this world’s demon lord?”

In front of Slape, a woman appeared out of thin air.

The woman was covered all in a black aura, which acted as a robe, she confronted Slape whilst floating I air.


“I though 100 people over there would be enough for sacrifice but if I added you in interesting things might happen”

The woman, Summoning Demon G.o.d Guriorion, excluded a killing intent in her voice as she approached Slape.

“Wha, wha, wha…what is going on desuka~!? Who are you>>>!?”

Bily who was on top of Slape started s.h.i.+vering as the all powerful deathly intent hit her.

Even so, if she was the same girl as before then she would’ve already fainted at this point. So looking at it this way she sure has grown.

…This is not the time to care about anything…

Slape took in a deep breathe and

“Little girl, close your mouth properly so you won’t bit your tongue”

“Fue!? Ho, horse-san….Slape spoke!?”


Bily became very surprised as she heard the horse she was riding spoke.

And when she thought the horse sparked, the next instant she was carried by a 3-meter tall old man, and toward that

“Ha, Hae? Haeeeeeeeeeee!?”

Her mind couldn’t keep up with and she could only shut her mouth as instructed.

Confirming that, Slape dashed to the opposite direction from Guriorion, in a manner that didn’t befit his large stature.

And at the same time, he moved his thought to send a telepathy to the base.

Will the guys at the base or that demon king……

…It’s me, I don’t know if you can hear me but please come help us! I want to at least save Bily girl chan..

After finis.h.i.+ng with the telepathy, Slape accelerated.


“That’s quite a funny plan isn’t it? So, how long are we gonna play hide and seek?”

Guriorion followed closely behind Slape who dashed at his fullest speed.

It was obvious that even though Slape who was running at his best speed, Guriorion wasn’t. seems like the escape failed….

Maybe if I threw Bily here he alone might survive.

However, Slape didn’t do so toward Bily who held him tightly, he hugged her tightly as if covering her with all his body continued his run.

“Oh man, you don’t have a plan do you? I kinda hoped you had something, though”

Saying so Guriorion opened a magic circle with her left and right hand. And with that she summoned a magic sword and

“Now please die. I will use your body as a good sacrificial material”

Ordered the swords to attack Slape from left and right.

…In a construction base of the Tower…

“Blonde haired hero samaa, did something weird come out of that place like a while ago?”

“Something weird?”

“Yesss, I thought it was something like purplish maybe blackish something I don’t know came out”

“How can I understand anything with your lacking description you dumba.s.s, useless r.e.t.a.r.d!”

“Fueee, I’m sorrryyy”

….I don’t think I can continue following this person desu~

“…Oh well, Maybe you got tired from all the working. Here, I will work your part too, go rest”


“I told you to rest can’t you understand? Do it quick or I might change my mind”

“Ye, Yessū”

…maybe, I should stay for a little longer….

To be continued

The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 50

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