The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 67

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NT: Errrm, I'm sorry for the delay. I was a little busy yesterday finis.h.i.+ng the translation into Spanish of another novel and, well, I ran out of time to do this, but hey, it was just a day of delay so it does not matter too much.

◇◇ In a certain room of the Demon King's Castle ◇◇

The three remaining candidates for the position of Heavenly Kings were surprised to learn that the Magic Canyon Beast, Dodôn, had disappeared.

Although they knew that he wasn't good when it came to devising some strategy before attacking, they knew that his strength and destructive power was the greatest among the four Four Heavenly Kings's Candidates.

「I can't believe it, what happened?」
The Raiko, Moulin, crossed his arms while frowning.
By the way, although Moulin was also bad when it came to creating strategies, his speed and ability to kill others with his fangs were the best among the Four Heavenly Kings's Candidates.

「In my opinion, I think it's just a communication failure, surely he has not returned since it's wasting time somewhere」
The Cold Vampire, Juteime, let out a sigh while sharpening the fangs she used to suck the blood of others.
By the way, although Juteime was bad when it came to creating strategies, her ability to sneak up on others using her transformative skills was the best of the Four Heavenly Kings's Candidates.

「That doesn't matter, I want to go out and cause more chaos roy」
Unlike the other two, the Rock Giant, Destroy, was simply complaining like a small child while waving his arms from side to side.
By the way, although Destroy was bad when it came to creating strategies, his ability to kill using his overwhelmingly large body was the best among the Four Heavenly Kings's Candidates.

At the end, Destroy, who had only been complaining during the meeting, decided to attack the city that Dodôn was supposed to attack before disappearing.
「I will destroy the whole place before Dodon returns roy!」
Destroy left the room as he shouted that cheerfully,
And while they watched him go.
「Well, I'll also cause some fuss elsewhere! I'll make sure I do it as eye-catching as the other Heavenly Kings would do」
「In my opinion, the fact that we ended up working our separate ways was something inevitable」
They both left the room while saying that.

The original task of the Four Heavenly Kings's Candidates, the search for the Evil Magic Stones of the Evil G.o.d, had already been completely forgotten.
The candidates for Four Heavenly Kings's Candidates were nothing more than a brainless group.

NT: Oh my, that was soooo unexpected

◆ ◇ Hills near Houtarou City ◇ ◆

「That's the city roy」
Destroy, accompanied by his Evil Rock Giants subordinate, was at the top of a hill overlooking the entrance to Houtarou.
「Well, that city is our rtarget roy! Attack roy!」
Destroy said that while pointing towards the city with his giant arms.
「「「Roy! Roy!」」」
Upon hearing his words, his subordinates began to raise their arms excitedly.
「Charge roy!」
Then, Destroy began to move his gigantic body, approaching step by step towards the city.
His subordinates had also begun to move, following him from behind.
「Destroy roy!」
「Slaughter roy!」
「Plunder roy!」
「… I feel like I'm forgetting something … But it doesn't matter! Continue!」
His intense desire to destroy everything in his path had made him completely forget the missing Dodôn.

When he got a little closer to the city, Destroy was able to confirm the presence of a person at the entrance.
「That's good roy. You will start this red blood festival roy」
Destroy raised his arms excited as he said that.
And then, he swing it down on the man who seemed to have a good physique.


The man stopped Destroy's arm with one hand while letting out a sigh.
Destroy, who could not understand how it was that the man managed to stop his arm, which he had swing with all his strength, with only one hand, was paralyzed.
At the same time, the Evil Rock Giants behind him, who could not understand what was happening, stood paralysed in their place.

「Since Furio-dono murdered Dodôn, I had been wondering if the Demon Army would attack again, but it turns out that rhe only one who came was you, Destroy」
The man who stopped Destroy's arm with one hand, Gozaru, look at Destroy with an expressionless look.

This morning, Gozaru had confirmed the ident.i.ty of the Demon's corpse that Furio had killed last night.
Gozaru had discovered that it was one of the veterans of the Demon Army, the Magic Canyon Beast, Dodôn. He also deduced that the Demon Army probably would attack the town again, so he arranged things so that he was patrolling that day.

「Destroy, you and Dodôn have been getting carried away in various places lately, but, for what purpose have they been doing all that?」
Destroy was so busy trying desperately to let go of his arm, which Gozaru was firmly holding, that he just ignored the words of Gozaru.
Even though Gozaru was using only one hand, Destroy could not get away, even when desperately trying to wrestle with both arms.
「Le-Let me go roy」
「First tell me your purpose. Until then, I will not let you go」
「I have no reason to say anything to a stranger like your roy」
While saying that, Destroy stood up and tried to exert more power to free his arm.
Then, Gozaru, who was holding Destroy's arm.
「A stranger? You, do not you recognize me?」
「Of course not roy」

Hearing those words, Gozaru was shocked.

「How you dare to forget me!」
At that moment, when consumed by anger, a tremendous amount of magical power flowed from Gozaru's body with great power, then, all the Evil Rock Giants were pulverized.
And then, with the arm that was free, Gozaru threw a blow directly to Destroy's face.
The top of Destroy, who had received that blow directly, was sent flying against a tree.

「… You exaggerated nya. You should have waited until after hearing his purpose first nyanya」
Uliminus, who quickly tried to get to the place before something serious happened, was greeted by a disastrous landscape and Destroy's legs, which were are all that remained in front of Gozaru, then she began to walk towards Gozaru while letting out a sigh.
「Umm, but, that guy could not recognize me despite being the Former Demon King, isn't it an insult?」
Seeing how Gozaru responded so seriously, Uliminus could not help but let out another sigh.
「Did you not suppress your Magical Power and disguise yourself as a human nya? Seriously, I can not imagine what goes through that brain of muscles」
And then, she let out a third, and deeper, sigh.

Even though Gozaru had disguised himself as a human, and had suppressed his magical power, Uliminus was still able to discover that he really was the Former Demon King just by paying attention to the atmosphere around him, his way of speaking and even noticing his hidden Magic Power.
However, to ask him, who was proud to be the strongest in the Demon Army, and who was also a complete muscle brain, to realize that, was a bit…

Hearing the words of Uliminus, Gozaru finally thought of the situation.
「Well, maybe I rushed a little」
And said that while laughing.

Gozaru was the Former Demon King.
However, even though he was not good at using his head, the h.e.l.l Cat, Uliminus, who was considerably intelligent, could compensate for this.

◇◇ In a certain place in a certain city ◇◇

「Tsk, have they already discovered that I changed my name to Braveman of Golden Hair?」
「Blonde Hero-sama~! Some men with swords came out to chase us from that store~」
「d.a.m.n! They are still so persistent, even though I already told them that I did not know anything about the recent attacks on their stores」
「We must escape~」
「Ah, yes. We'll think about something for the next one, with this is enough for today!」
「I'll ask just in case~, now you're called Blonde Braveman?」
「… He~e!? Would you really use that~!?」
「… WhWhat are you saying Tsuya! It-It's not time to think about that」
「Yes~, I'm sorry~」
「No matter, just keep running, we must escape and think of a new strategy! Anyway, we'll think of something after surviving this」
「Yes~, understood~」

The Blonde Hero and Tsuya turned in a corner while saying that.

「There they are!」
「Don't lose them!」
Some thugs with swords were chasing them both.

At that moment, a woman appeared suddenly before them.
「Woman! You're on our way!」
One of the thugs tried to push away the woman who was standing in the middle of the road.
But, the woman quickly evaded his hands, with movements that would make others think she was dancing.
Then, she beat the thugs with her hands wrapped in darkness causing them to faint.

After confirming that both had collapsed, the woman ― Ririanju, a Wicked who serve to the Evil G.o.d ― turned her gaze to the place where the Blonde Hero escaped.

… Now we are even, Golden Hair Braveman.
… No, now you were Braveman of Golden Hair-
… Wait, was … Blonde Braveman? I think… But…

Ririanju knelt while biting her lips.

… I-I don't know the name of who save my life… To think that this Ririanju would make a mistake like that…

NT: Riri-chan … Seriously, these girls, both (Tsuya and Riri) have bad taste with men … Ha~a, but well, it's as they say, is not it? “There is no cure for stupidity”, so there is nothing that I can do
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The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 67

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