The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 77

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CHAPTER 15: THE MOST FORTUNATE Individual Differences

NT2: I… was trylly… expectin that… maybe… someone… pickup this novel while a wasn't around… you see… i don't really care you know, i would be really happy if someone does… but, that don't gonna happen, ¿isn't it? Why, i don't know… Well, i doesn't matter… *fun*… it seems like you gonna be stuck with me a little longer….
NT3: I… was looking a few thins on the Light Novel… and… i thing a began to undestand the differences betwent both version… i thing, i mean, i just saying this for the ill.u.s.trations that i see, but… I think the Light Novel focuses mainly on Furio's Family and ignores the story of the secondary characters a bit, I mean, I think I saw nothing about Chapter 16, Chapter 17 (An Arc focused almost entirely on the Demon Army) and Chapter 18 (and maybe a few more, i don't really know…), even though I saw things about the Chapter 19, on the other hand, the LN have added some characters and seem to have extended certain arcs… or that was the impression it gave me, so… I think there is some value in reading the two versions. I mean, if at any time they license the English version of the LN, I don't think it will be a waste of time to read it despite having already read the Web version, although, I think those changes will only begin to be noticed from the Volume 2.
N4: I've… been thinking about began to translate Din no Monshô (The Emblem of Din ~The Reincarnation of the Magician Regis~), i mean, translate the english version of that novel since i am about to finifh the Volume 2 on Spanish… i'm not really sure about that, i mean, i don't think that i'm really good doing this, but… no one else is doing it right now… and i can do it… so… maybe… i'll going to start doing it the next week, after finish the Volume 2 on spanish, so… if any of you like that novel… and feel satisfied with my work… you should look for it the next week… thats all…
NT5: I changed the image I use in these chapters so that the posts I make on Twitter can be more easily distinguished from the Chapters of the Spanish version

◇◇ Spring City, Kinosaki • In one of the rooms of a certain inn ◇◇

「… The water of the springs… feels so good」
said Hiya, the Majin of Light and Darkness, servant of Furio-sama and Demystifier in training, as she plunged into the warm waters of the spring with her eyes quietly closed.
「Hiya Onee-sama, let me wash your back」
Said Mahorion, who, like her, was also enjoying the waters of the spring, while rising from the spring holding in her hands a towel soaked in hot water.
「Don't go ahead kokon, I arrived before you, so I will be the one who will wash the back of Hiya Onee-sama kokon」
Said the Silver Horn Fox, who stood in front of Hiya, while rising from the spring and moving towards the Hiya's back.
Then, Marisa, who had submerged herself in the waters of the spring and was hugging Hiya's waist firmly, got up and held both of their heads.

NT: I ​​just realized that I had been mistranslating Marisa's name (I think)… her name was (or something like that) on the Raw, but… it's been so long… and I like Marisa more, so…

「You two~, I am Hiya Onee-sama's first "training” partner~, so clearly I would be the one to clean her back~, don't think that I will forgive you if you try to take my place~」
Marisa said while licking seductively her lips.
「Well then~, Hiya Onee-sama~, let me wash your beautiful back ~」
Then, after saying that, she hugged Hiya's waist again from behind.
「Ha~a! Marisa Onee-sama! That's not fair!」
「I will not tolerate that, Marisa Onee-sama kokon」
Mahorion and the Silver Horn Fox immediately plunged into the spring following Marisa, and immediately afterwards they clung to Hiya's waist, just as Marisa had done.
On the other hand, Hiya, who looked at those three with an affective look,
「I'm so glad they became such good friends~」
said that, while stroking the heads of the three girls who broke into the spring.

「Hey, Hiya」
Gozaru, who had been watching that scene sitting on the futon, raised his eyebrows while calling Hiya.
Behind him was Barissa, with her chest exposed on the futon, who couldn't help trying to hide behind Gozaru with a mixture of shame and confusion on her face after realizing the presence of that “group”.

「This is the room in which Barissa and I are staying… what are you doing here?」

Gozaru and Barissa, who had come to Kinosaki for their honeymoon, had stayed in their room all the time, without even worrying about the springs, the main attraction of the city, however, even so, before they realized, Hiya and her “training” partners had somehow settled in the springs of their room.

Hiya, who looked nonchalantly at Gozaru and Barissa, smiled softly and,
「Please, don't worry about us. Come on, continue with what you were doing」
said that as she waved her hands, as if saying, “Come on, hurry up”.

「… Oh, don't you mind if we continue? Barissa, what do you think? I have no problem with that」
「I-I refused! Hiya! Get out of here!」
「Hahaha, don't we all live under the same roof? you don't have to be shy」
「No kokon! Hiya Onee-sama! You can't look at other women kokon!」
「That's~ right~! Hiya Onee-sama~, this Marissama, your first partner, does not agree with that~」
「Marisa Onee-sama has boasted of being her first partner for too long…」
「Marisa, Mahorion, don't fight, we all will be more happy if we get along」

Barissa, who was watching the strange show, starring by Hiya and her subordinates-

… Kuh… Why?… Why did this have to happen? Why today?… d.a.m.n!

Said that to herself with tears in her eyes as she bit her lips in frustration.

◆ ◇ Furio's House ◇ ◆

Lys was hanging clothes while humming.

Lys had not been able to avoid humming happily whenever she could since Furio revealed that she was pregnant.

「… Ufu… Ufufu… Ufufufufu」

And, every time she remembered, she began to laugh as she circled around herself blus.h.i.+ng. Because of that, she had been taking longer than usual to do housework.

… Dannsama's baby wich I've dreamed of so much… I'm so happy.

She said to herself blus.h.i.+ng while gently stroking her stomach.


Immediately after stroking her stomach, Lys frowned.
Then she touched her stomach again.

Her stomach looked abnormally larger than the previous day.

… Hasn't it grown too much since yesterday?

Lys wondered with question marks over her as she scratched her head.

… Bireri's stomach also grew considerably in just one month… It must be because I'm pregnant… Yes, in a month… Dannsama and I… Ufufu~♪

Lys covered her embarra.s.sed face as she remembered what Furio had said last night.

However, there was something that Lys didn't know.
Lys was a member of a unique demonic race, the Fang Wolf.
Women of that race don't usually get pregnant easily, however, when they succeed, it only takes about 2 weeks to give birth.

*Bokkon* (Sound effect of growth)

「… Ah!? I-I just felt something… It was as if my stomach suddenly got bigger… Wh-What was that!? It felt strange…」

◇◇ In a House in the Deep of a Certain Forest ◇◇

… No, no matter how much I think about it, the way we left was too unnatural.

Previously, Heriansas and his companions had been persuaded by the determination and anger in the voice of the Blond Hero, and ended up taking refuge among some trees near of their “base”, which had been occupied by the Blond Hero and Tsuya.

Normally, Heriansas, a Wicked at the service of the Evil G.o.d, would have resolved the situation by force.

… The next time I'll see them… I'll make sure to kill them and get our base back… Nn?

Heriansas and his companions, who were slowly approaching the house, stopped when they noticed some irregularities on the ground.

… What's going on, Heriansas?
… Look there, there seems to be a trap.

Heriansas began to remove the earth from the ground in front of him with his feet.

… Ho~o, it's like you said! As expected of you, Heriansas!
… Anyway, we were not the ones who set such a simple trap, isn't it?

He said that while the other Wickeds mocked the “trap” in front of them.

… It is completely obvious.
… It seems made by a child.
… It is impossible for us to do something so simple.

They all whispered out loud.


「It's good enough for you!」
The Wickeds, who were pushed forward, fell together into the hole.

Then, after confirming that each of them had been pierced by the spears that were at the bottom of the hole, Ririanju frowned as she watched the hole.
「Making fun of the hole that the Blond Hero tried so hard to dig that he even ended up completely covered in sweat… It's a sin big enough to sentence you to death」
After saying that, she spit on the corpses that were impaled at bottom of the hole.

「Seriously, I ended up completely covered in sweat, it would be best if I took a bath」
Suddenly, the voice of the Blond Hero could be heard from inside the house.

Ririanju, who heard his voice, ran immediately to the bathroom window, from which she began to pa.s.sionately observe what was happening inside.

NT: I ​​still like Riri-chan, but… seriously… she has very, very, very bad taste
NT2: I expected more from those Wickeds… I didn't expect much but… they died so fast…
NT3: As always, if you find something weird, whatever, just tell me in the comments.


The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 77

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