The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 87

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NT: Battle Royal refers to the “all against all” style battles. They also usually refer to tournaments.
NT2: The t.i.tle was written as Battle Royal in Katakana, i mean, it was like this→ “Batoru-roiyaru”.

NT3: I don't have too much to say besides that, so… Errrm, how's everything around here? Fine, I guess. Things start to calm down, but… the two subway stations that were relatively close to my house are "dead", so Catora will have a lot of trouble getting to his University for some time, so… Well, my got canceled again this week, so I can keep ignorig that problem for another week.


Today was the third and final day of the Promotion Compet.i.tion of the New Four Heavenly Kings, and for that reason, the arena had been divided into different sections in preparation for the fighting that would take place.

To be one of the Four Heavenly Kings, it was necessary to be an individual capable of standing in front of the battlefield, defeating the most powerful enemies and inspiring the army.

It was a position to which only those with true combat capabilities could aim.

Those non-combatants who lacked combat skills were not required to partic.i.p.ate in this last trial, and their results will only depend on their performance during the first two days of the Compet.i.tion.

Thanks to this, those partic.i.p.ants who did not meet the necessary requirements to be one of the Four Heavenly Kings would still have the possibility of obtaining a promotion based on the skill and ability they have already shown during the Compet.i.tion.

「… Hey, hey. Hard Dandandan」

Among the spectators of the Battle Royal was the Lolita Mad Scientist , Kokeshutti, with her arms crossed, next to the Macho man Incubo* covered with solid muscles, Hard Dadandan, who wore a gala outfit.

「Yes~? Kokeshutti?」, Hard Dadandan asked with an extremely heavy and leisurely tone.

「Hey hey! Since this trial is done only for those who have combat skills, the qualification of those who cannot fight will depend on the results of the trials of the first two days, right!?」

「That~ is~, Co~rrect~」

Kokeshutti inflated her cheeks after hearing Hard Dadandan's answer.

「Right right!? They should have also done a trial where we were competing with our brains! Isn't it unfair!? 」

「Well~, then? What trials did you partic.i.p.ate in Kokeshutti?」

「… In the Labyrinth Escape Trial and in the Demon Anatomy Trial 」

「 Ho~o? What did you have to do in them~?」

「In the Labyrinth Escape Trial I had to run more than 1,000km. It was really tiring.

In the Demon Anatomy Compet.i.tion I had to dissect a 1km long Brachiosaurus. That was also really exhausting」

「 Oh dear~, so those trials turned out to be physical trials too. My condolences~」, Hard Dadandan said to Kokeshutti, whose eyes had become teary, while gently stroking her back like an affectionate father.

Although he was a Macho man with an impressive body.

NT: The Incubos are a male versions of the Sucubo, a kind of Dream Demon with some characteristics similar to those of Vampires and Devils. Both races (Incubos and Sucubos) feed on the vital energy of their victims which they s.n.a.t.c.h while they sleep. It is said that they do this by producing dreams of an erotic character to their victims, although it is also said that they themselves perform the act (coitus). It is not specifically said what the Kokeshutti race is.
NT2: A Brachiosaurus would be one of those huge long-necked dinosaurs.


The first thing that could be heard in the morning was,


The shout of Cocatrice Ottle, that started the Battle Royal.

In each fight a group of 5 fighters would face each other. They will fight for 1 hour within the section to which they were a.s.signed. Once time is up, the composition of the combatant groups will change. This will continue until reaching the seventh round.

While it is not necessary to partic.i.p.ate in all the combats, those who obtain a large number of victories will be well qualified in the same way as those who show a great spirit from the first round.

「Well, these kinds of simple events are much more enjoyable」, said the Demon King Yuiguard, who was watching the Arena from one of the VIP seats, while showing a smile much larger than he had shown the previous two days.

「That's right, I think the same」, said Fufun, his a.s.sistant, while arranging his with his index finger as he watched the same place as Yuiguard.

「… Hey, Fufun」

Fufun was startled when Yuiguard, who until just a few moments ago was looking at the Arena, called her at the same time he turned to see her.

「What does Yuiguard-sama need?」

「Can I partic.i.p.ate too?」

「… If Yuiguard-sama, who is in a completely different level than the rest of the partic.i.p.ants when we talk about power, partic.i.p.ates in the combat, this would cease to be a Trial. So please, control yourself」

Yuiguard frowned slightly when Fufun told him that while bowing deeply to him.

「We-Well, that's true, but even so… No, I'm sorry I asked for something so selfish」

After saying that, Yuiguard sat in his chair with his legs crossed and a look of dissatisfaction on his face.

Fufun, who confirmed that, said,「… But, we could still reward those who get the highest marks in this trial with the opportunity to have a mock battle with Yuiguard-sama… what do you think about that?」

「Oooh! That is! We should do it! Alright!」, said Yuiguard, who began to act childishly, while looking at the Arena with a big smile on his face.

Fufun let out a sigh while looking at him.

… Seriously, he really is a tricky man.


The Oni(Ogre) Komboy ran to the Mad Golem Drone, while swinging his club.

「Die poi!」, Komboy shouted as he swung his club down.

However, when his club hit Dron's body, it drifted the moment it touched the viscous liquid that covered the surface of Dron's body.

「Why can't I hit you directly, poi?」, Komboy said as he tried to remove the viscous liquid that had stuck to his club when he hit the Mad Golem Dron.

At that moment, Drone.

「Hey, I think you've done enough… don't you think so? What if instead you come with me and we entertain ourselves all night fighting each other between my viscosity?」, said with one hand on his cheek as he extended his other hand towards Komboy.

「I-I don't understand what you're trying to say」, Komboy said confused after finis.h.i.+ng cleaning his club.

NT: poi? … Catora couldn't help saying it a couple of times while translating this fragment.

… It is useless … This guy is the type with whom it is difficult to start a conversation…

Thought Dron, who was in search of his predestined partner.

NT: He said that like “friend”, but… with h.o.m.os.e.xual-… “lovely” implications, I think. It was a bit confusing but… when I goglee it (the j.a.panese text), appeared things… things like… well, you should already understand… especially after reading that… d.a.m.n… it was horrible to see…

Komboy launched a dozen attacks in a row with his club towards Dron.

However, his club was diverted each time by the viscous liquid.


However, after many attempts, he was finally able to hit something with his club.

「Po-Poi !?」

Komboy, who really didn't expect to be able to hit anything, opened his eyes as he looked towards the place where he felt he had struck.


There, was a person without a head on its knees, who seemed to be looking for something on the floor with its hands.

「My, my, my head flew out dulan~」

It was the Dullahan Dulan, who always held her head, which was separated from her body, between her armpits.

Komboy's club had hit her head by chance, sending her flying.

NT: The Dullahan would be, as some of you may already know, headless hors.e.m.e.n/knight. In myths they are often attributed a role similar to that of the grim reaper, being carriers of auguries of death, although they have also been treated as vindictive spirits and even fairy.

「Ah!? I-I'm sorry for it!」

Komboy said as he ducked his head again and again in front of Dulan.

「Ha~a, it's alright, we are in the middle of a combat dulan, so this kind of thing cannot be avoided dulan」

「… Dulan-san, I'm here」


After that, those two abandoned the fight and began looking for Dulan's head, which had flown out to who knows where.


「It's time to take revenge for that tie in the tug-of-war trial zamasu!」. the n.o.ble Vampire said as she swung her nails, as sharp as knives, into her opponent's eyes at an incredible speed.

「That's what I should say~! This time I will sweep the floor with you, Stupid Presumptuous n.o.ble!」, said, Avils, while evading Zamas's nails for a hair while giving her a knee in her abdomen.

「Gufu《Snort》~」. Zamas let out a sore snort when she received that blow, however, she soon recovered to nudge Avils in the face.

「Kahs《Spit》~」. Avils, who spit some blood after receiving that blow, quickly jumped back to take some distance.

「… You're pretty good zamasu, to be a brat who still wets the bed」, Zamas said adjusting her while looking coldly at Avils.

「… The same I say, Old Hag. You have good movements despite being just a Presumptuous n.o.ble」, said Avils, who had spit out a mouthful of blood that had acc.u.mulated in her mouth, while smiling mischievously.

A scorching atmosphere formed around the two.

「… As I thought, I shouldn't have gotten in the middle…」, said Cals.h.i.+m the skeleton, whose bones had been thrown at one end of the block after he collapsed the moment he got in between those two.

「Grandpa! That's why I told you not to do it!」,said the Golem Cocites, who had no choice but to simply let out a sigh while gathering Cals.h.i.+m's bones with a frown.


「Ku~! Let's tear down that Golden Hair Braveman!」

「Don't get too close to him. He has surrounded himself with lots of traps」

The Blond Hero, who was the man dressed in full-body armor called Golden Hair Braveman, had dug a lot of holes around him, into which one of his opponents had already fallen.

「What's wrong with you!? Are you afraid of this great Golden Hair Braveman!? Come on, come and attack me!」, the Blond Hero shouted at the surrounding opponents while he was in the center of the area plagued by his traps.

「d.a.m.n! You'll see pretentious brat!」

「I'll tear your head off!」

Until that moment, the pair had been careful, avoiding running carelessly into the traps, however, they finally began to run furious after losing patience for the words of the Blond Hero.

And, as expected…



The two muscle brains were prey to the traps set by the Blond Hero around him.

「The more cautious they are, the easier they will be to provoke… That has been a really excellent technique」, said the Tengu* Ebisu, who watched the Blond Hero a little away from the pile of traps.

「However」 Ebisu said as he spread his wings.「Don't think that will be useful to you when the attacks come from the sky」 he said, while creating a crimson spear in his hands.

NT: Let'me see… Tengu are a kind of Youkai (j.a.panese Spectres/Monsters) who ir also called “mountain goblin”. They tend to have birdlike characteristics (has wings) and superlative martial arts skills and are often a.s.sociated with Buddhism and mountain ascetic practices. They usualy have a long nose and red skin. Their name literaly means “celestial dog”, that could mean that they are somre kind of G.o.d's Servant (maybe? i don't really know, but they are usualy trated as deities so… maybe?). They are like, a High Rank Monster so… they supose to be really strong.

「I wonder if the Blond Hero-sama will be fine~」, Tsuya said as he watched the Blonde Hero with concern from his hiding place at one end of the Arena.

「Surely he will be fine, he is good enough to get the most out of the traps. He will definitely come up with some way to deal with attacks that come from sky」, Ririanju said as she nodded vigorously.

「That's true~. That his opponent is capable of flying will mean nothing~」, Tsuya said with a smile on her face as she nodded vigorously at Ririanju's words.

On the other hand, the Blonde Hero, who was watching Ebisu while he was pointing him from the air,

… A spear came out of his hand?

Thought that with a horrified look on his face.


Furio, who had come to this city again to make his purchases, went to Silk Fleece, the store he had been familiar with lately.

「… Oh?」

Furio, who noticed a strange crowd in the store, approached there while bowing his head.

「Ha~a, Furio-danna」, said the shop owner, Fettabetch, who emerged from the crowd as she raised her hand to greet him.

「What's going on? Did something happen?」, Furio asked Fettabetch with a dubious expression on his face.

「Well, it's just that, suddenly, that fell from the sky…」, Fettabetch said as she pointed to what had fallen in the store.

Fury looked in the direction Fettabetch pointed.

And then he saw..

「… Dulan~」

Dulan's head, which had flown to this place from the Battle Royal Arena.

NT: As always, if you find something weird, whatever, just tell me in the comments.

Author's Note

What is a 「Battle Royal」?

According to some writings, the Battle Royal is a professional wrestling format in which 3 or more fighters face in a ring which has been used numerous times in wrestling professions events. In a sense, it is a game where it is determined who is the King of the Ring.

Apparently, the word Battle Royal arose from the work of a certain author who had the same name, which evolved over the years.


The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 87

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