The Good For Nothing Young Lady's Otherworldly Domination Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 - A Youngster in Red

The middle area of the Demon Beast Forest was extremely silent, except for the dying sun and ghost birds, all the other spirit beasts had turned to ash as if they never existed. The trees here had decayed and turned the forest into a ruined mess. It was obvious that something big had happened recently here.

There were small fluctuations in s.p.a.ce and then spatial rifts were torn open one after the other as four people walked out.

"Who else wants to fight?" The youth in red no longer cared about the young n.o.ble Ouyang as he glanced over at the three other people.

Seeing young n.o.ble Ouyang lying on the ground unable to move, all the others immediately lost any thoughts they had of fighting that red-clothed youth. Just now he had just easily used his whip to extract Ouyang's willforce. Facing such an overbearing, powerful person who dared to fight him? Who was even able to fight him?

Eventually, these three people swore that they would go easy on Lin Haoxue and all the others and then proceeded to hand over their willforce. Only afterwards did the red-clothed youth unfreeze the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

"I've waited for ten thousand years, and I've finally found you. Amazing!" The red-clothed youth spoke in a low voice. Then he disappeared into a spatial rift from where Lin Haoxue had left.

The first one of those people was a beautiful young married woman. She wore a red skirt and even though her smile was beautiful, one could tell from her brows that she had a fierce and gloomy personality.
The second person was a young man whose hair was black with some streaks of white in it, and he looked gentled and reserved, but despite this, his eyes looked chilly. One could tell from his eyes that he wasn't simple at all.

The third person was a man wearing a white s.h.i.+rt who had white hair and a beard. He was an elder who had a friendly disposition, but despite his appearance there wasn't anyone present who dared to look down on him.

The last person now present was someone mysterious who wore a grey cloak which hid his appearance.

When these people had just shown up, they saw that others had come to this place as well. They frowned at the same time thinking that today wouldn't be an easy day.

"Lady Li don't you stay in the North Desert? Why did you come to South Island instead?" That gentle and reserved young man said arrogantly to the young woman in a red skirt.

"The weather in the North Desert is too dry, and it's not good for my skin. I've heard that the water here at South Island is pretty nice so I came to check it out myself. I just didn't expect that the infamous young n.o.ble Ouyang would be here as well. Can it be that you're here for the water too?" The young woman in a red skirt smiled and said.

"Not exactly. Three years ago, I heard that a Yin Yang Double Gateway which is ranked on the Ten Thousand Treasures rankings would be born here. Furthermore, our Ouyang family has been brought together by fate with this item; therefore, I decided to come and see if I could get a glimpse of such a marvelous treasure," young n.o.ble Ouyang said. And when he had finished speaking, all the others just stared at him. Obviously, everyone here had some information about this Yin Yang Double Gateway, but they were merely guessing, so they didn't really expect that he would straightforwardly say it out.

"If that is the case, then that treasure that appeared here really was the Yin Yang Double Gateway which is currently ranked third on the Ten Thousand Treasure rankings?" The white-robed elder said suddenly.

"Since daoist Xiao asked, then I don't dare to hide it from you. I'm not a hundred percent sure but that should be correct. Our Ouyang family can be said to have a relations.h.i.+p with this treasure, so I could sense it," young n.o.ble Ouyang responded.

Lady Li just smirked and didn't say anything.

One could tell that even though neither lady Li nor young n.o.ble Ouyang gave way to the other, they still respected the white-robed daoist Xiao.

"You're here as well," The mysterious person in a grey cloak interrupted all of a sudden. His voice was deep and hoa.r.s.e so it was difficult for one to tell whether he was a girl or a guy. But obviously, these words were directed toward daoist Xiao.

"Everyone came all the way here from somewhere far away, so I'll be the host here. How could I not be here to accompany you guys?" The white-bearded elder smiled. Then he looked at the mysterious grey-cloaked person and said, "My friend, we've met a few times, let's exchange names?"

"I'm merely a rural farmer. My name is inferior, not worth being mentioned."

"I guess you don't want to be friends with us, huh?" Lady Li laughed and said, "Then you're here for...?"
"You don't need to sound me out. The Yin Yang Double Gateway isn't my target."

If it weren't the Yin Yang Double Gateway then could it be… All the others were shocked, and spoke in unison, "Spirit senior?" They all couldn't help but think about the legend of the Yin Yang Double Gateway which had disappeared ten thousand years ago.

"No matter what, let's find that thing first," the mysterious person said while taking big steps and leaving.

The others didn't speak anymore, they all just looked towards the sun and ghost birds and that tiny plant which was still as green as before; however, it was barren on top seemingly lacking something.

"It really is the aura of a Yin Yang Double Gateway," young n.o.ble Ouyang saw the plant and immediately investigated it. Then he said, "But it was taken."

"The two who took away the Yin Yang Double Gateway were very weak, they hadn't even broken through to the Profound Immortal realm yet," young n.o.ble Ouyang stated.

"They have just left as there's some of their aura still remaining." The mysterious person stood at the spot where Shen Molian and Lin Haoxue had just left and said with certainty.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's chase them!" Not only was lady Li impatient, but young n.o.ble Ouyang was anxious as well.
"Since that spirit treasure has found its owner, and they were brought together by fate, why does everyone want to go look for it so badly?" Daoist Xiao said seriously while he blocked their way.

"This thing which appeared today belongs to the entire continent not just to South Island. Anyone who is capable can go look for it. Daoist Xiao, you really want to stop us?"

Lady Li looked quite unhappy. At the same time young n.o.ble Ouyang and that Grey-robed man who stood next to lady Li also looked like they opposed daoist Xiao.

Even though daoist Xiao strength was greater than all three of them, they probably wouldn't lose if they fought him together.

"Since you guys seem as if you're determined then this old man won't try to stop you, do as you wish." Daoist Xiao saw their determination and laughed. He waved his hand showing that he wouldn't mess with their affairs.

Hearing this, these three were relieved and they started to open a spatial rift so that they could follow the path left by Lin Haoxue.

But soon, an accident happened.

"It seems the surrounding s.p.a.ce has been frozen." The mysterious person said in a low voice.
All three looked at daoist Xiao.

"It wasn't me!" Daoist Xiao laughed wryly and said, "I don't have such an ability."

That sounded about right the three of them thought. Even though his cultivation base was profound, it wasn't that much higher than theirs. He shouldn't have been able to lock down the s.p.a.ce here.
"It was me."

As a cold voice rang out, an extremely handsome youth slowly walked out from a spatial rift. His actions were leisurely and natural as if he were wandering in his own backyard.

This youngster was merely fourteen or fifteen years old. He wore a bright red robe, and it looked as bright as a peony in april. His face was bright and as clear as a crystal while his eyebrows were as sharp as a sword. There was a flame pattern between his eyebrows which was very eye-catching, and his eyes were extremely beautiful. His eyes were a bright fiery red, and his nose was handsome. From his face one could tell that he looked down on the whole world.

His head was bowed and he played with the small snake circling his wrist.

"I'm afraid that he is that certain heavenly person from the legend." Seeing this youth in red, the four cultivators thought of this legendary being.

"Who are you?" After a few seconds, young n.o.ble Ouyang reacted first, frowned, and asked.

"Who am I?" The red-clothed youth looked at young n.o.ble Ouyang and repeated what he was asked incredulously, then shook his head.

These four looked at each other since they didn't know what was going on.

"So you're planning to stop us, " the mysterious person asked with his hoa.r.s.e voice.

"Of course." The youngster spoke with certainly.
"Little brother, why do you want to stop us?" Lady Li laughed and said, "They took something that they shouldn't have taken, also, that thing is fatal."

"What? You think they shouldn't have taken it?" The red-clothed youth raised his head and looked at lady Li. His eyes showed a mocking expression, and he kept speaking, "Anything in this world, as long as it catches their eye, they can take it."

However, n.o.body dared to refute his claim.

"Then, what do you want?" Finally, daoist Xiao put himself out there and asked.

"I want every single one of you to hand over a sliver of your soul force and swear that you will go easy on them for life," the red-clothed youth spoke without any expression.

"Hand over some soul force?" Including daoist Xiao, they all were shocked speechless.

The soul was the foundation one needed to live normally and soul force was the source of one's soul. Handing over some of your soul force meant giving your life to others. As long as the counterpart who has your soul force wills it, he could take your life at anytime.
"What if we don't want to?" Young n.o.ble Ouyang said indignantly while thinking and from his expression the others couldn't tell what he would do.

"You don't want to? You can do that as long as you can beat me." The red-clothed youth glanced at him coldly and said.

"I'll kill you!" Young n.o.ble Ouyang shot towards the red-clothed youth suddenly. His right hand was holding a half-meter long square box and his left hand was pressing the gear on the box. Inside the box must be something extraordinary.

Ouyang knew that with his own strength he wouldn't have any chance of winning when facing this red-clothed youth. However, he thought that he could make it so neither side won and maybe get a break for himself by doing so.

However, the red-clothed youth just looked at him without taking action until young n.o.ble Ouyang was about a meter away then he laughed coldly.

"You overestimate your ability!"

The small red snake circling his wrist turned into a red whip in a flash. He swung the whip, and Ouyang was flung a few miles away as he was unable to dodge it in time. At the same time a slim transparent energy came out from young n.o.ble Ouyang's body and slowly dropped into the youngster's hand.


The sliver of energy in his hand exploded. Young n.o.ble Ouyang fell into a ma.s.sive pit and was covered with cuts and bruises. He wasn't able to move and his fierce gaze was long gone. Now all he felt towards this youth was fear.

"Swear, or die," the red-clothed youth still had the same cold and indifferent look. The whip changed back into a small snake and encircled his wrist.

"I'm from the Ouyang family in West Creek. If you dare to kill me, our family won't let you live," young n.o.ble Ouyang put on a strong front even though he was absolutely terrified.

"Just the small Ouyang family? You think they are a threat to me?" The red-clothed youth laughed coldly.

Hearing this, young n.o.ble Ouyang vowed obediently.

The Good For Nothing Young Lady's Otherworldly Domination Chapter 24

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