The Boss I Picked Up All Fell In Love With Me Chapter 20

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Su Zhimo opened her eyes and found that she was in the hospital. The smell of disinfectant a.s.saulted her nose.

When she moved a bit, pain pierced through her brain.

Her vision was fuzzy. The sight before her eyes were all fading shadow.

"Zhimo! Zhimo!"

Xie Yan, who had been waiting by the bedside for her to wake up, threw herself over in joy: "Doctor! Come quickly! My daughter woke up!"

Xie Yan's voice choked with emotion: "Zhimo, don't move your brain. Let the doctor examine you first. You had already been asleep for two days!"

Su Zhimo used a hoa.r.s.e voice to speak: "Mom, what happened?"

When her vision cleared, she suddenly found out that Xie Yan's face had some purple bruises, as if someone struck her with a lot of strength.

After carefully looking, she found that Xie Yan's hair was also a mess. Her whole person looked pathetic. It was a huge difference from her original graceful and rich lady look.

Su Zhimo's eyes became big: "Mom, what happened to you?"

Xie Yan didn't reply. Instead she whimpered and cried: "Zhimo, mom only has you......"

Su Zhimo looked at the deeply grieving mother. Her heart was full of doubt and a faint ominous feeling rose.

Her memory stopped at the part where Su Chengzhi struck her and she hit the desk. She has no recognition of the event that happened once the police and Fu s.h.i.+jing arrived.

Su Zhimo wanted to continue asking, but the doctor quickly arrived and gave her a detailed examination.

The final a.n.a.lysis was that besides a slight concussion, there was nothing wrong with Su Zhimo's body.

When the doctor left, Su Zhimo still haven't had a chance to ask her mother what had happened and the hospital door was once again opened.

This time, the person who entered were two people wearing civilian clothing, but had a cold and solemn temperament.

They waved their police badges in front of Su Zhimo's eyes and repeated in detail about the suspicion of her involvement in leaking the Fu Corporation's secrets, before declaring: "For the next few days, we will be staying with Ms. Su in the hospital. We ask you to please not leave our sight. When Ms. Su is free to leave the hospital, you may follow us to the police station."

Su Zhimo blanked on the spot: "How, how can this be?"

She was an extremely cautious person. After contacting other people, the first thing she did was destroy the evidence.

That year when Yang Yuanhang was in a hurry to sell her out, it was only because they couldn't find any evidence that it didn't cause her any loss.

She looked at the two solemn police officers and used a hoa.r.s.e voice to shout: "Where's the evidence? You guys don't have any evidence yet you are confining my freedom. This is against the law!"

The police officer's original att.i.tude was still relaxed, but seeing her fastening the "breaking the law" hat onto them, his voice immediately became unyielding: "Ms. Su. This isn't a joke. We are taking action because we had definitely received concrete evidence! We ask you to cooperate with us and don't leave the hospital without permission, or else we can only carry out forceful measures!"

Su Zhimo looked as if she was hacked by lightning.

She was definitely certain that there wasn't any leaks from her side. The problem can only be from the Fu Corporation employees that she had contacted.

But she had taught them how to destroy evidence formerly.

Now that the evidence had been found, there could only be one possibility. It was that someone didn't follow her instructions and hadn't completely destroy the evidence of their contact.

Why could they do that?

Was it to blackmail her in the future? Or was it someone......commanding them from behind?

Su Zhimo suddenly didn't dare to keep further speculate.

Compared to stupid partners, she was more afraid that everything was planned in advance by another person.

Under the police's cold scrutiny, her lips faintly trembled. Her originally pale lips from sickness became lighter. After a good while, she forced her words out: "......I understand. I will have my lawyer contact you guys."

The police officer warned her: "In addition, Mr. Su had conducted violent actions towards you and your mother Mrs. Xie. If you guys need to, you can file a lawsuit towards Mr. Su in advance."

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left the patient room.

Except he didn't walk far. He stood outside the door to monitor her movement.

Because Su Zhimo needed people to take care of her right now, they allowed Xie Yan to remain behind in the patient room.

Mr. Su?

As Su Zhimo laid in bed, she chewed on the police officer's wording and suddenly had a faint ominous feeling.

She looked at her mother. Her gaze contained slight disbelieve.

Xie Yan's tears were already falling down: "......Su Chengzhi knows! He already knows you aren't his daughter!"

The injury on her face was caused after Su Chengzhi reawaken and struck her. The police officers weren't able to block him in time. After hitting her for a while, Su Chengzhi fainted once again.

Her emotional state wasn't stable and it continued to crumble as she kept talking and shaking her head: "That day, Fu s.h.i.+jing also came. He wasn't willing to recognize you. Zhimo, he doesn't......doesn't want the two of us......"

Fu s.h.i.+jing wasn't willing to recognize her!

This sentence was like a heavy hammer ruthlessly striking a nail into Su Zhimo's brain.

The original headache became more painful, as if her brain was about to burst. The hand that was laying on the bed sheets suddenly clenched together.

The strength she used was very big. Even as her fingers began to twitch from the amount of force, she didn't loosen up.

Her brain flashed with countless thoughts.

If Fu s.h.i.+jing wasn't willing to recognize her, then who was the "Fu s.h.i.+jing" that she had been in contact with for so long?!

Was it a specialized a.s.sistant? Or was it......Fu s.h.i.+jun himself?

As she kept thinking, the tears in her eyes silently fell down.

She had thought she was the predator playing with people in her hands, but in reality, she was already targeted by someone else's hunting gun from the very beginning.

All the steps that she took was no different from a dog being led by leftover food, and entering the trap step by step.

As she thought it over, she felt pitiful enough to laugh.

She had been immensely proud of herself and had been determined to win. In Fu s.h.i.+jun's eyes, she was probably like a clown up on the stage, who can make other people laugh.

Xie Yan looked at her suddenly tear faced daughter and immediately became frantic.

Su Zhimo was very strong. Ever since she was small, no matter what set back she faced, Xie Yan had never seen her cry with such despair to the point her face became twisted and her entire body trembling.

Her daughter's tears destroyed her final bit of willpower.

Her hands trembled. She stood up from the bedside and screeched incoherently: "I'll go find him! I'll go to the Fu Family! You are Fu Family's child! Fu s.h.i.+jing's own flesh and blood! They can't be so heartless to send you to prison! Don't they have some regard for the small amount of blood relation?!"

"You don't need to search."

Someone pushed the door and came in. Their cold voice was like concrete ice.

Xie Yan who was screaming that she was going to go to the Fu Family just a second ago saw a tall man suddenly appearing from the door and instantly lose her voice like a chicken that had its neck pinched.

Fu s.h.i.+jun lightly look over. Although the gaze wasn't sharp, it did feel heavy.

He straightforwardly said: "Our Fu Family doesn't raise criminals."

Su Zhimo looked blankly at Fu s.h.i.+jun.

With a heart full of humiliation and reconciliation from being played with, her voice can't help but carried some bitter resentment: "It was you! It was you who intentionally lured me! You had bad intentions from the start! You wanted me to die!"

"Lady Su is really good at throwing the pot onto another person." A clear voice appeared from behind Fu s.h.i.+jun's back. The words carried a bit of laziness.

Su Zui was holding a cup of milk tea as he slowly walked in. He gave a shallow smile, but the words were full of sarcasm: "Don't tell me Uncle Fu forced you to go commit a crime on knife point? "

Actually, he originally didn't want to do anything to the female lead.

If Su Zhimo wanted the Su Family, she can have it. Besides, he was really not a single bit interested in Su Chengzhi's stuff.

If Su Zhimo stopped after obtaining the Su Family, then her life right now couldn't be too bad.

But she didn't.

She was really too greedy. If she didn't obtain something not belonging to her, she couldn't be satisfied.

When she temporarily wasn't able to obtain the Qin Family, her eyes turned to the Fu Family, and ultimately took a risk out of desperation and send herself into her own grave.

Fu s.h.i.+jun may look calm and warm, but to be able to mix in the business world and obtain his current position, he was absolutely not a good person.

When he reveals his true self, his methods can easily be described as "vicious".

When the situation involved the Fu Family, it was already not a situation where Su Zui can stick his hand in.

What Fu s.h.i.+jun, this type of high ranking person, hated the most was when someone coveted for the position under his body. As long as Su Zhimo attempt for the Fu Family doesn't stop, then the relations.h.i.+p between the uncle and niece will continue to have zero possibility to good.

This was Fu Family's family matter. As an outside person, the most he could do was take a peek. He didn't have any right to give directions.

That's why, for Su Zhimo to fall into her current position, it really wasn't intentional done by him.

The most he did was remind Fu s.h.i.+jun.

Seeing Su Zui, the anger in Su Zhimo's eyes became worse.

She looked at that stepbrother she was never able to be relief from and said in a hoa.r.s.e voice: "Did you intentionally came to mock at me? You saw me. Are you satisfied now?"

Yet, Su Zui smiled: "You don't have to keep imagining things. I only came because I just so happen to be window shopping with Uncle Fu when the police called."

Su Zhimo still wanted to say something, but Fu s.h.i.+jun already turned sideways and said to Su Zui with wrinkled eyebrows: "Don't mind her. You had been holding that milk tea the whole time. If you don't drink it, it's going to get cold."

He seemingly threaten him: "If it gets cold, I'm going to throw it away."

Su Zui helplessly said: "Uncle, my stomach already got better."

Ever since he used the Const.i.tution Strengthening Medicine, this body was as healthy as it could be. He didn't know how long as it been since he experienced a stomache.

But Fu s.h.i.+jun wasn't the slightest bit moved.

His att.i.tude was like a feudal parent. Once he saw his small friend got sick once, he always felt that he needed to pay attention for the rest of his lifetime.

The two of them were minding their own business and wrangling the cup of milk tea with ease. The mother and daughter pair on the side can only felt as if every second was torture.

Suddenly, Xie Yan stood up from the bed side and with a plop, she kneeled in Fu s.h.i.+jun's direction.

She cried in a loud voice: "Mr. Fu, I'll kneel for you. I'm begging you......I'm begging you to be magnanimous and forgive Zhimo just this once. In the end, she is still your biological niece. You can't ruthlessly end her like this! She is only twenty years old! Her life can't just end like this!"

Xie Yan's movement was very big. It even scared the police officers that were watching from outside.

A few pa.s.s-byers from other patient's family also can't help but to look over.

Su Zhimo, who was laying in bed, had a foolishly blank look. The kneeling Xie Yan's face still had the purple bruises and swelling from getting hit. Her hair was a mess and tears directly fell onto the ground. It was a very tragic look.

By contrast, Su Zui and Fu s.h.i.+jun were both immaculately dressed with an aloof expression. There was even one leisurely drinking from a cup of milk tea. It was simply the look of one using their position to bully people.

The gaze of the family members outside towards Su Zui and Fu s.h.i.+jun were already not good.

These two big men were actually so shameless to bully a pair of women?

Facing Xie Yan's astonis.h.i.+ng action, Fu s.h.i.+jun didn't even raise an eyebrow.

An ant was kneeling in front of him. Why does that matter to him?

Xie Yan cried at Fu s.h.i.+jun for a long time. Seeing his complete lack of response, she faced Su Zui and cried once again: "Xiao Zui, Zhimo is your little sister. I may be your stepmother, but I had done my best to take care of you for more than ten years. Even if you don't like me, look at those years and please, please save your sister! She has such a good prospect. It really can't be destroyed just like this......"

Faintly hearing these keywords from the patient's room made people unable to resist shaking their head and sighing.

Stepmother wasn't always bad! The one before their eyes a living example of an exception!

Stepmother and stepsister wasn't naturally sinful. To be bullied by the stepson to this point, it was simply made people unbearable to continue watching!

But that youth looked soft and peaceful. Maybe his heart will soften......

Yet what let people disappointed was the youth, who was being painfully begged by the stepmother, only indifferently responded to this plea: "Don't talk morality and virtues with me. I don't eat this set."

Who could have thought this warm and kind looking person was actually so hars.h.!.+

At this time, there was finally someone who can't watch anymore.

A young lady couldn't cover up her disgust any longer and mumbled in a low voice: "Even if you are rich and powerful, you can't act like this!"

The surrounding people didn't say anything, but their eyes showed their approval.

Only the two police officers, who were looking at this group of people messily imagining stuff when they don't even know the circ.u.mstances, showed a speechless expression.

Nutjobs! They had only heard half of other people's story and they were already making their conclusion and starting to gossip when they were only separated by a door.

These people's brain had a very serious problem, and there was even a big group of them. This is already very rarely seen.

He was just preparing to make these people leave when he heard the youth's clear and pleasant to the ear voice flowing out through the unclosed door.

"Quit bad mouthing me. I don't have any prejudice against my stepmother. I only have prejudice against this mistress becoming stepmother type. If the 'your best' was to let me father drive me out of the family and coveting for my grandfather family's stuff after obtaining the family's company, then you have really do your best these past years."

"Let's not even talk about my little sister. Didn't Su Zhimo give my dad a green hat outside? I don't recognize this sister."

"If you want to save your daughter, it's very possible for you to take her blame. Why are you begging me for? Did you think that if you charge at me and kneel a few times, I should subst.i.tute your daughter and sit in jail for more than ten years?"

"What? Your daughter's prospect is prospect? But other people's prospect is the gra.s.s on the side of the road that can be destroyed as you wish?"

The family members who were just cursing him for being cold and heartless heard this inside story and every single one of them became startled.

Especially the lady who was just mocking Su Zui. Her face slowly became red and she didn't dare to look at anyone in the eye.

It was actually like this?!

Who could have thought that these pitiful looking mother and daughter pair actually conspired so deeply and distort the truth deliberately?

It was all because this daughter and mother pair really knows how to pretend that they misunderstood!

The still kneeling Xie Yan became scared by Su Zui's long and clear retort. It was only after half a day that she stammeringly said: "I-I didn't mean it that way. I only want you to help me plead to Mr. Fu. Zhimo really knows her mistake——"

"Mrs. Xie, let me teach you something." Su Zhi mercilessly interrupted her. He raised his chin towards the police officers near the door; his clear black eyes contained a never seen before coldness: "Everyone is responsible for their own actions. If apologies can solve everything, then what are the police for?"

After he finished talking, he took his milk tea, pursed his lips, and exited through the pushed door.

The group of people outside the door, whom had just misunderstood him, saw him came out and felt inevitably a bit awkward.

Su Zui completely didn't pay attention to what they thought. He only continued to walk forward in the corridor. His face was stretched taut from his dissatisfaction.

He was a very lazy person. If he could use two or three sentences to solve a problem, he will definitely not say a single extra word.

Especially towards the irrelevant Xie Yan, who was unworthy for him to waste so many words on.

His sudden loss of self-control was because he remembered Fu s.h.i.+jun's ending in the original plot.

In the original plot, the Fu s.h.i.+jun, who had lost the family battle, had experienced a much wretched ending than Su Zhimo.

First, an "accidental" car crash smashed his legs. Then, because he had indulged in drugs for a period of time, he died of overdose in his apartment before the age of fifty.

Su Zui originally didn't have much opinion about this part of the plot.

But after being in contact with Fu s.h.i.+jun, he found out that this person's temperament wasn't any worse than his. Fu s.h.i.+jun was definitely not the type to use drugs to numb himself after a defeat.

To be able to sink into that type of ending, the only possibility was that he was set up by Su Zhimo.

Because of the Fu Corporation matter, the maximum sentence Su Zhimo will receive will be ten or so years. By the time she gets out, she will be around thirty years old. It wasn't impossible for her to start anew.

But in the original plot, Fu s.h.i.+jun's whole life had been destroyed thoroughly by Su Zhimo.

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