The Boss I Picked Up All Fell In Love With Me Chapter 35

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h.o.m.os.e.xuality wasn't the most fatal black point. In the circle within art students, being h.o.m.os.e.xual was a minority. The students who had either strange hobbies or unique characteristics were always more than any other majors. In reality, the whole art circle was unable to avoid this type of tendency.

So much that in the school that Yang Yuanhang attended, there was a very famous teacher who had never disguised his s.e.xuality. In this circle, the acceptance level was way higher than he expected. It was only that he had been brainwashed since he was young that he felt that he couldn't live it down if anyone found out.   

What was more frightening was that without knowing what G.o.d he had offended, the matter about Yang Yuanhang being gay and attempted to lie for marriage had been completely hanged up by someone on the school forum.   

Although it was only the school forum, but that college he had attempted was one of the top schools that a lot of famous people in the industry graduated from. After these people entered the workforce, they would frequently return to this forum to look whether or not the school had any talented students that they can dig out ahead of time.   

That's why not only did this school forum have a huge stream of people, it was also a place where half the people from the top industry gathers. The information that attracts a lot of attention here would quickly spread throughout the industry.

This matter was moved to Weibo by people and had even became one of the top searches. It attracted a big discussion regarding lying for marriage and the fire only continued to get bigger.   

"It's already the year of 9120. How could such a slag still exist?"

"After this gay liar dies, it's the end for the whole family!"   

"s.e.xuality is inherent, but kindness is a choice. A h.o.m.os.e.xual who lies for marriage should die!"

"I heard this person was also an artist? Works are also alive(1). With this type of person, how would want to look at their work?"   

Yang Yuanhang hold his shattered cellphone. When he saw the countless swears on the internet, he can't help but tighten the grip on his cellphone, causing the originally obvious big crack becoming bigger.   

His chest was huffing and puffing from his coa.r.s.e breathes. Wasn't he only trying to live an ordinary life? Marrying and having a child was the natural order of life. Finding a girl and having a descendent to burn incense was the most ordinary matter there was. Besides, in the end, he was also forced to do this. He also didn't have any choice. He was a h.o.m.os.e.xual. To forcefully laugh and get closer and more intimate with a woman, wasn't it also very hard for him?   

He had only wanted to live a bit more comfortably. Why was it that from other people's mouth, it became an unforgivable crime?   

Yang Yuanhang's heart was full of dissatisfaction and wanted to argue in the forum. But the people who were cursing him were too many. There were some people who even dug up the truth, causing Yang Yuanhang's heart to tremble with fear.

There were a few times that he was so angered by the insults that black spots appeared in front of his eyes. But in the end, he didn't have the courage to personally go into battle and can only curse these internet users in his heart.   

A few days later, he wore an extremely haggard expression and exited his room, and used a low and defeated voice to beg his mother to buy him a cheap tablet and a second hand laptop. His laptop from before had already been destroyed by the relatives of that woman.   

The matter had already reached this point. His "reputation" was already at the lowest it can be.

From this point on, as long as it was a company with some fame, there was no chance that they would accept him.   

To work independently by himself was also a way out, but because there was no way to increase his reputation, he basically had no way of accepting any high commissions and even the amount of commissions was limited.

While it won't cause him to starve to death, but it definitely won't allow him to earn a huge amount of money.   

But now, this was already his only path out.

He created a new account on social media and prepared to change his art style and spread a few works onto the web in the future.

He had majored in water color, but this type of painting was unchangeable after it set and it wasn't the mainstream online. If he wanted to earn money, then he needed to follow the trend and use other people's digital art to learn.

In the past, he had only work on a canvas and wasn't familiar at digital art at all, and needed to learn from the very beginning.

Because his situation was bad and was also burdened by his family, this learning process took nearly a month.   

Yet, just when he had pa.s.sed the hard learning curve and became familiar with the process of digital art, Yang Yuanhang was horrified to find out that after a few months of not drawing, he had actually became unable to draw anything. After insistently working for a few days, the work that came out was full of lifelessness.

If the art he had made before barely pa.s.sed the standard, then in the eyes of people who understand a little bit about professional art, the art that he made now would receive this evaluation: an eyesore.

He wanted to find his original mode, but the criticisms online were like a heavy dark cloud that deeply covered his head, causing his whole body to feel drained of energy every single time he raised his pen.   

Mother Yang saw that he wasted money and wasn't even able to produce a single thing after a few months, and became endlessly angry. She yelled at Yang Yuanhang until he felt worthless and the yellings spread throughout half the village, spreading the news that the Yang Family had once again broke out in a spell of intense family conflict. ————————

Aboard, in a famous beachside resort.

Under a beach umbrella, Fu s.h.i.+jun sat on a chair holding his cellphone, and gave Su Zui a detailed account of Yang Yuanhang's recent situation.   

His expression was very serious and his magnetic deep voice was pleasant to the ears. If one didn't know, they would probably thought that he was reading some business project that was worth billions.   

Salty fish Su Zui laid on the top of the chair. He took a sip of his coconut drink and lazily extended his foot to kick Fu s.h.i.+jun's leg. Without a trace of politeness, he ridiculed: "President Fu. Big boss. Is you pettiness as small as a needle point?"

On such a rare vacation period, who wanted to hear about Yang Yuanhang's trashy situation?   

The experience Yang Yuanhang went through after leaving A City had already been presented to him by the system. As for the forum that appeared out of nowhere and the online debate, it undoubtedly had some relations with the man, who had flipped the vinegar jar, in front of him.   

He had only accidentally said the wrong name that day in the apartment and had even explained very clearly that they had no relations afterwards. At that time, Fu s.h.i.+jun had angrily f.u.c.ked him thoroughly, and had even unexpectedly remember this grudge for a few months. How did he not discover how petty this person was before?   

At this time, Su Zui still haven't realized that it was because he had silently indulged Fu s.h.i.+jun for these past years that the originally scared turtle, who had hesitated for one year to confess, into one where its courage became so big that it dared to swing its small tail and climbed to his head while tyrannically abusing other people.

Fu s.h.i.+jun didn't change his expression even when faced with Su Zui's mocking, and only grabbed the foot that was about to extract back after it finished kicking him and put it on his stomach.

Su Zui's body was slender and his skeleton was also fine. His ankle only needed one hand to comfortably grab it. The slender protruding bone felt very fragile in his palm.   

Fu s.h.i.+jun can't help but feel a bit bitter. It was most likely due to Su Zui's body const.i.tution but even after he used every method to make a person fat, Su Zui only grew a bit of muscles before staying in the same shape like a mold and couldn't gain any fat no matter how much he fed. He warmed up the ankle in his hands before moving his hand to the side a bit and used his thumb to lightly ma.s.sage the underside of Su Zui's foot in slow circles.   

Su Zui was tickled to his limits. His eyebrows raised and his body also subconsciously curled back. He moved his foot and stepped on the somewhat springy abdominal a couple times, and his voice carried some stutter: "Did you think you were de-desh.e.l.ling walnuts? Hurry up and release me. It-it's itchy."   

There were already people looking in their direction. Although Su Zui didn't care about other people knowing about his and Fu s.h.i.+jun's relations.h.i.+p, but——   

Grandfather Fu, who was pa.s.sing by, was wearing a pair of and gloomingly expressed his lament: "Ai, the world sure has changed. Couldn't you say so Old Qin?"

On the other hand, Grandfather Qin was joyful. His face was full of friendliness but the words coming from his mouth wasn't friendly at all: "What Old Qin? You should call me Uncle."

Grandfather Fu heard the matter about the generation gap and his heart hurted: "......"   

The two elders continued to exchange banters and slowly pa.s.sed by behind them.   

Su Zui: "......"

Fu s.h.i.+jun: "......"   

President Fu was very unsatisfied in his heart. He and his small friend came out to take a vacation but his father wanted to follow no matter what, and even brought Su Zui's grandfather along and turned it into what could be called a beautiful family trip. When he had expressed his objections, he immediately saw Grandfather Fu's face change and with a face full of wrinkles, Grandfather Fu started to act miserable: "Me and Old Qin are both old people and can't live for long, and want to go on a trip with you guys once and leave a memory……"

Leave a memory my a.s.s.

When they went to get a check up a while ago, the doctor had clearly praised the two elders that they can still live healthily for at least ten years.   

But with the pressure pressing down from this big hat, he can't continue to refuse and can only helplessly accept: "Only this once."   

After making sure the two elders were far away, Su Zui continued step on Fu s.h.i.+jun. He can't help but admit that Fu s.h.i.+jun's defined soft and hard chest muscles were not only comfortable for sitting, but also very fun to step on: "That's enough. Really stop tantrum now. The influences are bad. Hurry and let go."

Although Fu s.h.i.+jun had basically tested all types of play, but in front of elders, he still didn't dare to act impudent.   

Fu s.h.i.+jun faintly glanced at him. Not only did he not let go, he even kneaded Su Zui's ankle and briefly kissed the fair upper surface of the foot, and let out a loud and clear pop.   

Su Zui almost choked: "......"

Ok, President Fu is really childish right now.

The author has something to say:

Annoying.Regaining His Youthful Looks.Spirit: Suddenly Rebellious.jpg


1: This is based on the belief that a person leaves a part of their spirit on the things they create.

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