Taoist Mind Breeds Demons Chapter 25: Heavenly Demon Splits The Mountain

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The fierce sea wind blows, and huge sprays are pounding against the cliff. On the cliff, a slender figure stands there, facing the endless ocean, watches far away, with deep eyes and a happy and worried expression .No one knows what he is thinking about.

"Is it new year again? I'm sixteen years old! "The figure is Qin Shaofeng. Looking at the endless ocean, he sighs.

Yes, now it's a new year. Qin Shaofeng will be sixteen years old. If that did not happen, maybe he's living in Zhenbei mansion with others celebrating the new year. He would be ent.i.tled with Prince of the King of Zhenbei when he wors.h.i.+ps his ancestors. But now it's all different.

"Four years, wait for me for another four years, Qin Shaoyang. I will go back. "Qin Shaofeng mumbles again.

Qin Shaofeng has been practicing in the ice and snow for half a year alone. As he expects, he has reached the peak of the ninth level of acquired world. Because Qin Shaofeng practices Taoist Mind Breeds Demon, Fighting against Heaven and Earth, and Seven Emotions and Six Desires, Qin Shaofeng's strength has grown very fast. Now he has strength of nearly sixty horsepower.

Sixty horsepower, it sounds like a small number, but imagine a person's strength can be compared with sixty strong horses, then you can know how horrible the person's strength is. Qin Shaofeng is also very satisfied with the strength he has now. There is no problem in defeating beard.

Qin Shaofeng's goal is not only to defeat the beard, and to revenge Qin Shaoyang is also a small goal. In Qin Shaofeng's mind, he wants to become strong like Demon, or even surpa.s.s him. So now the strength is far from enough for Qin Shaofeng.

After the awakening of the demonic seed last time, Qin Shaofeng has been influenced by the it again and again. However, because of the demons of Seven Emotions and Six Desires, there is nothing serious. However, Qin Shaofeng's strength does not continue to grow rapidly after reaching the peak of ninth level of acquired world. Qin Shaofeng also understands that the next realm is the congenital realm, which is the first barrier that everyone must experience. Some people can't cross the threshold through their whole life, and Qin Shaofeng is not so worried. He is still very young. Before he is 20 years old, he is confident that he can reach the congenital realm.

Turning around and walking down the cliff, Qin Shaofeng gradually disappears in the snow. In a few days, it's time to compete with Big Beard. Now, it is the time to return. Three days later, in front of the island, Qin Shaofeng stands there. Hearing the noise from the island, he smiles and walks towards it.

Because of the approach of the new year, Big Beard and other people on the island are also celebrating. The whole practice field is full of banquets. Qin Shaofeng comes in slowly, making the people who are celebrating stop and look at him. Seeing Qin Shaofeng, Heita, with a big piece of meat, immediately shouts, "Big Bro, you are back! "

With his words Heita runs to Qin Shaofeng rapidly. Last time, because of hunting the double-headed snow bear, Heita almost died of serious injury. Thanks to Qin Shaofeng, who found lotus and saved his life, and he feels extremely grateful to Qin Shaofeng.

Qin shaofeng nods to Heita, and then looks at the back of Heita, because there stands a pet.i.te figure. It is Mo Lengxue with the veil, staring at him with a pair of smart eyes. When he sees Mo Lengxue, Qin Shaofeng's demonic seed in Dantian jumps violently. An irresistible l.u.s.t comes out of the demonic seed and hits the spirit of Qin Shaofeng. If it were not swallowed up by demons of Seven Emotions and Six Desires, Qin Shaofeng would definitely be controlled by this l.u.s.t. Qin Shaofeng couldn't help but smile bitterly in his heart, because his demonic seed was condensed by Demon, which naturally inherits the l.u.s.tful personality of Demon.

Although he suppresses this desire, Qin Shaofeng suddenly has a strong desire to see what Mo Lengxue looks like because of the influence of this desire. And this idea can't be controlled at all. See Demon in the conscious sea acts immediately. Qin Shaofeng's eyes are s.h.i.+ning, and he looks at Mo Lengxue.

Although Mo Lengxue is wearing a black veil, the power of the Seven Emotions and Six Desires can help him peep. A beautiful and delicate face appears in Qin Shaofeng's eyes, and at the same time, Qin Shaofeng sees the shyness of Mo Lengxue. The attractive appearance of Mo lengxue makes Qin Shaofeng even more excited.

"You're back." Mo Lengxue says softly to Qin Shaofeng.

When hearing Mo Lengxue's words, Qin Shaofeng immediately becomes somber, and nods to Mo Lengxue, and then says, "I promised you to come back. How can I break my promise? "

No one knows what happened. All of a sudden, the experience of chasing girls in the fairyland before appears in Qin Shaofeng's mind, so he naturally said such sweet words to Mo Lengxue. After saying such words, even Qin Shaofeng himself is stunned.

Mo Lengxue is even more coquettish after hearing Qin Shaofeng's words. Even the white neck turns red. Looking at Qin Shaofeng who is more attractive with a different temperament, Mo Lengxue becomes more obsessed with him because of his words, and her heart is full of tender sweetness. Qin Shaofeng looks at the appearance of Mo Lengxue and he naturally knows that this is the spiritual influence of Taoist Mind Breeds Demon on Mo Lengxue. He immediately absorbs the mind and spirit and suppresses the demonic seed. At this time, Big Beard also comes to Qin Shaofeng, looking at him up and down, and shows a surprised look.

"What's your state now? " Big Beard asks Qin Shaofeng.

At first, Big Beard thought that Qin Shaofeng could not surpa.s.s himself in this half year even though his strength is growing fast. Now, looking at Qin Shaofeng, he has a feeling that he can't see through Qin Shaofeng's strength, which surprises him and makes him think that it's impossible.

Qin Shaofeng hears Big Beard's words and smiles slightly, saying, "the peak of the ninth level of acquired world. "

Qin Shaofeng's words stun Big Beard, Heita and Mo Lengxue. In the past half a year, they have also made great efforts to cultivate. Big Beard has broken through to the peak of the ninth level of acquired world, while Heita has reached the level of blood training. As for Mo Lengxue, she has reached the third level of acquired world.

They thought that they had made the greatest progress, but they don't expect that Qin Shaofeng had made greater progress than them. A 16-year-old man of the peak of the ninth level of acquired world, which makes them all dumbfounded. Looking at Qin Shaofeng, they don't know what to say. They have to admit that Qin Shaofeng is more talented than them.

"Ha ha, OK, you are really good, but you still need to beat me. Come on, let me see your strength! "He laughs after being stunned for a while.

At the beginning, Qin Shaofeng's bet with Big Beard is to defeat him in one year. Big Beard thought that Qin Shaofeng couldn't finish it, but because of Qin Shaofeng's talent, he decides even if Qin Shaofeng cannot defeat himself, he would let Qin Shaofeng stay here. But now Qin Shaofeng has the strength to fight with him.

Qin Shaofeng hears Big Beard's words, and he nods without hesitation. Then they come to the center of the training ground. Mo Lengxue, Heita and others stand in the distance, looking at them. This is the compet.i.tion between two people who are on their peak of ninth level of acquired world, and their strength must be very enormous. They don't want to be hurt. Looking at Qin Shaofeng in the opposite direction, Big Beards runs his genuine Qi in his body immediately. What he cultivates is the "Controlling Fire" taught by Mo Lengxue's family. His Qi is extremely strong and the strength in his body is more than 50 horsepower.

With a loud bang, Big Beard stamps his feet, and the huge power is released immediately. The whole ground is cracked under his feet, and he rushes towards Qin Shaofeng, displaying the "Angry Whale Collision". It's also the cultivation method that Big Beards has been practicing and he has grasped the essence long ago. It's as if it were a giant whale that is. .h.i.tting at Qin Shaofeng.

Seeing Big Beard's attack, Qin Shaofeng takes it seriously and steps forward. The strength of 60 horsepower is released with a loud bang. The earth is shaken again. Qin Shaofeng raises his right hand, splitting downwards, which is the "Heavenly Demon Splits the Mountain".

The huge power condenses in the right palm, and then Taoist Mind Breeds Demon operates. A spiritual force emanates from Qin Shaofeng. In the eyes of all people, Qin Shaofeng incarnates into an ancient demon G.o.d. With unrivaled power, Qin Shaofeng displays it, which deeply shocks everyone's mind.

Naturally, Big Beard is the first to bear the brunt. His heart is shocked. He doesn't expect that Qin Shaofeng's power is even stronger than his. The simple chop immediately makes Big Beard feel great pressure. He seems to be imprisoned. Big Beard's face is full of shock, but he still does not turn back and runs into Qin Shaofeng.

In the eyes of the public, it seems that they see a roaring whale rus.h.i.+ng forwards, while a huge hand is splitting towards the whale, and then the two clash together.

Taoist Mind Breeds Demons Chapter 25: Heavenly Demon Splits The Mountain

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