Taoist Mind Breeds Demons Chapter 27: Messengers From The North

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In the past year, Qin Shaofeng has not only toughened his own body, but also used See Demon to explore it. He has explored every inch of his body and found all the acupoints besides the three hundred ones known by ordinary people. In total, they are 3000 acupoints.

Now Qin Shaofeng decides to cultivate other skills, that is, he decides to store Qi of Zhenyuanin three thousand acupoints, and to achieve the congenital realm, he needs to open the acupoints and connect the heaven's and the earth's Qi. He is doing so to better open the  acupoints in the future.

After the decision, Qin Shaofeng begins to choose among the skills he has inherited. Most of the skills of Demon are suitable for women. After all, those skills are obtained by Demon from the girls he seduced, and the rest are for aliens, which are not suitable for Qin Shaofeng.

After a long time of selection, Qin Shaofeng finally selects several skills to practice, one of which is the secret skill recorded in Tian Mo Ce. There are five more skills, namely, Taibai Jinxing Jue, Yimu Qingdi Jue, Guishui Heidi Jue, Jings.h.i.+ Huohuang Jue and Xuanhuang Tuhuang Jue, which are the supreme skills of the five elements of the celestial world.

These are a few skills carefully selected by Qin Shaofeng. After the selection, he immediately cultivates them. Using the demons of Seven Emotions and Six Desires to control, he selects several acupoints and simulates the operation route of these skills, and successfully cultivates them one by one, producing a little Qi of Zhenyuan.

With the operation of these skills, Qin Shaofeng feels that his power is increasing rapidly, which makes Qin Shaofeng very happy. He thinks his behavior is correct, and doing so can really enhance his power. See Demon sees the Qi of Zhenyuan is slowly running in those acupoints. Qin Shaofeng has a fantasy about what it will be like if he cultivates three thousand skills respectively in three thousand acupoints in the future.

Such an idea is only conceivable by people like Qin Shaofeng who has no meridians. Ordinary people practice a kind of skill all their lives. Having used demons of Seven Emotions and Six Desires to cultivate these skills successfully, Qin Shaofeng begins to cultivate the skills silently. However, at this time, the demonic seed vibrates violently.

It surprises Qin Shaofeng. He guesses that the demonic seed will make trouble again. Sure enough, when Qin Shaofeng cultivates the Qi of Zhenyuan, the demonic seed in Dantian extends a little black line to the Qin Shaofeng's acupoints, and then directly takes root in those acupoints.

Then Qin Shaofeng feels that those black lines are actually beginning to absorb those Qi of Zhenyuan, so as to strengthen the demonic seed. He is shocked, and immediately thinks of the characteristics of the demonic seed. It is the outbreak of the demonic seed's plunder and phagocytosis. It swallows others to strengthen himself. Qin Shaofeng could only smile bitterly when he sees this situation.

There is no way for him to stop such a thing. The little Qi of Zhenyuan absorbed by the demonic seed does not affect Qin Shaofeng's cultivation, as long as the devil seed can be calm. So when he sees the demonic seed does like this, Qin Shaofeng doesn't pay attention to it. He continues to cultivate.

The next morning, Qin Shaofeng has practiced all night, and he does not feel tired, instead, feels refreshed. He comes to the training ground and begins to practice together with others, while Heita comes to Qin Shaofeng and says to him, "Big Bro, Big Beard just said that there would be important people coming today. He let us be calm and don't annoy the great man."

After listening to Heita's words, Qin Shaofeng's heart gets excited, but he doesn't continue to ask, and just nods quietly. He guesses that the man who can be regarded as a great man by Big Beard must be the man of  Mo Lengxue's family. But he doesn't think about it much. He begins to practice with Heita again.

But at noon, Qin Shaofeng and others feels the vibration of the island, and it becomes more and more severe. The earth seems to rise and fall constantly, which surprises Qin Shaofeng. At this time, suddenly, a huge head appears at the entrance of the valley.

This head is the size of a house. Because it's back to the sun, no one can see what it is at first, but Qin Shaofeng can see it clearly at first sight. It's the head of a python, and how big is this Python? Qin Shaofeng is shocked.

The scales on the python are white. It's a snow python that is more powerful than a double-headed snow bear in the ice field of the North. It's an alien species. You should know that creatures like python can't survive in cold environment, but the snow python is different. In the ice field of the North, the snow python is extremely powerful, and the adult snow bear is not enough to plug its teeth.

The adult snow python is about five or six meters thick, with a body of hundreds of meters. This one in front is obviously an adult snow python. It can just be found in the depth of the North. How could it come to the edge of the North? Qin Shaofeng thinks about this problem in his mind, but he is on guard. No matter why the snow python appears, he would protect the people here from being hurt.

However, at this time, the snow python slowly crawls in. Qin Shaofeng sees five or six people standing on the top of the snow python's head. In the front is a middle-aged man in black, with white face, and he is very handsome and elegant, with his hands on his back and eyes looking at the front, fairly relaxed.

Seeing this, Qin Shaofeng knows that he must be the great man that Big Beard mentioned. At this time, Mo Lengxue also comes out. Seeing the middle-aged man on the head of the giant snow python, Mo Lengxue immediately gets excited and shouts to the middle-aged man, "Dad."

With the cry of Mo Lengxue, the middle-aged man flashes, like a feather, flutters down from the head of the giant snow python, and appears in front of Mo Lengxue, reaching out and touching the hair in front of Mo Lengxue's forehead. He says to Mo Lengxue, "Xue'er, dad has come to pick you up. You are very good, and you haven't let dad down by your quick meeting the requirements of the family. "

It's Mo Feng, Mo Lengxue's father. When Qin Shaofeng sees Mo Feng fall from the huge snow Python's head, his eyes shrink and his whole body quivers. He feels that Mo Feng has a huge energy in her body, which is enough to destroy him. Qin Shaofeng knows that he is an expert of the congenital realm.

At this time, the giant snow python lowers its head and four or five people walk down, among whom, the young man in white in front seems in his twenties. He is slim and not very strong, but from the walking posture, he is also a master.

The young man comes to Mo Lengxue with a smile on his face. Then he says to her, " Xue'er, I haven't seen you for a long time. "

"It's brother Xue Yuan. It must be a long time. " Mo Lengxue says after hearing his words and looks up.

When Qin Shaofeng sees the gaze of Xue Yuan at Mo Lengxue, he doesn't know what's wrong. A rage erupts from the demonic seed, as if his beloved thing were being robbed.

Qin Shaofeng knows that it is caused by the possessive desire of the demonic seed, but he does not suppress this possessive desire.

The demons of Seven Emotions and Six Desires can devour all the emotions of Qin Shaofeng, making him keep calm, but the demonic seed is constantly releasing all kinds of evil thoughts to disturb Qin Shaofeng. Of course, because demons of the Seven Emotions and Six Desires are stronger than the demonic seed, it can still be suppressed.

But seeing the gaze of Xue Yuan at Mo Lengxue, the demonic seed sends out a strong possessive desire, while Qin Shaofeng doesn't want to suppress it. In his heart, he has long recognized that Mo Lengxue is his own woman, and he knows well what the gaze of Xue Yuan at Mo Lengxue means.

In the surprised eyes of Heita and others, Qin Shaofeng steps up, appears between Xue Yuan and Mo Lengxue, and says to Xue Yuan, "Please respect yourself. Don't look at my woman that way, or I don't mind killing you! "

On saying this, Qin Shaofeng bursts out a strong evil spirit and murderous spirit, and the spiritual power generated by Taoist Mind Breeds Demon also bursts out towards Xue Yuan. Although Xue Yuan has also reached the ninth level of the acquired world, under the strong momentum of Qin Shaofeng, he is also frightened and steps back a few steps.

But then Xue Yuan wakes up, and her face turns black and blue. He says to Qin Shaofeng, "Wanton, Xue'er is the my fiancee. When did she become your woman? Come on, cut this maniac off for me. "

Xue Yuan is the prince of the snow field of the imperial dynasty in the  North. He was engaged to Mo Lengxue long time ago, and today he comes to pick up Mo Lengxue with Mo Feng. But Qin Shaofeng doesn't pay attention to him after hearing his words. He turns to Mo Lengxue and says, "Is what he said true? "

"Brother Qin, don't get me wrong. It's a decision made by my father. I don't agree with it. "Looking at Qin Shaofeng's face, Mo lengxue panics and quickly explains to him.

Qin Shaofeng hears Mo Lengxue's words and nods, and then says to Mo Lengxue, "You are mine, no one can take you away." After that, he turns around again and looks at Xue Yuan opposite.

Taoist Mind Breeds Demons Chapter 27: Messengers From The North

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