Hone To Issho No Isekai Seikatsu Chapter 15

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… This was a hopeless situation.

Being a novice adventurer herself, she currently faces a monster that should have not been here because of its overwhelming power… The forest wolf made its target and came closing in.

Immediately, she rushed to climb up a large boulder where she plans to either wait for help or use it to escape.

However, the forest wolf's jumping power is strong enough to have it reaching almost her feet giving her not room to do either.

She's been defending herself with the short sword and her mantle for a while, but with all the continuous attacks, she's on the verge of falling off.

However given the right chances, if she manages to do well here, she could even get the forest wolf.

Even so, it's moving far too aggressively for her to make a counter attack safely and she doesn't seem to be getting help either as all the surrounding adventurers have already ran away.

(I can't die in a place like this! No matter what it takes, not until I restore my father's name!)

Despite the situation, a strong will to live emanated from the adventurer's eyes, waiting for the right chance to attack.

Nonetheless, the forest wolf continues relentlessly, giving her almost no openings to make an attack.

At this rate, those claws will drag her down from there.

(If I'm going to be pulled down in the end, then I'll do this!)

The adventurer made a stance to leap and strike once the wolf falls from the boulder, staking pretty much everything on this one chance.

She seems to have made her resolve.

But she stopped. From the distance she notices a strange group heading her way.

… The man within the centre of that group, appear to be dressed rather bizarrely.

If there's a way she knows on how to describe it, the person had the appearance as someone of the savage tribe from the far western mountain range. The kind that hunts and eats monsters raw.

The young man was bundled up in strange fur while he ran this way with a dagger and a tattered s.h.i.+eld on hand.

Not forgetting about the others around him… She only noticed just now that they appear to be undead soldiers!

From that strange group, the human at the centre continues to run in the lead while others follow in unison. Their movements were ominous and also somewhat stiff. Nonetheless, they don't seem to be moving like lifeless puppets, but instead as something with intelligence.

Still unable to process what the beings running to her was, she repeatedly blinked her eyes to check if what she was seeing is right.

Her attention was completely away from the wolf.

Before the wolf could take the chance however, the young man threw a stone at it with quite a bit of force, drawing it's attention.

The forest wolf immediately jumps to it's stance, and went rus.h.i.+ng straight to that adventurer.

Having the wolf coming over to fight him seems to be their plan.

The group all lined up in unison and put up their s.h.i.+elds, and despite the wolf aggressively attacking, it was unable to get through…

However there was quite a large opening in their defence and wolf charged right into it once noticed.

… But before it realised, the wolf had been encircled and pinned to the ground with their s.h.i.+elds.

(That monster, it's been pinned down so easily…)

At that moment, the single human immediately stabbed the wolf, dealing the final blow.

This scene itself was certainly surreal. Despite the crude attire and the questionable team members, they displayed quite an impressive strategy and defeated the wolf so much easily.

While still shocked, the barbarian dressed man spoke up.

"Umm, are you okay?"

~ Adventurer's life Day 8 (Sun) Noon ~ Comnes Town – Southeast – Beginners Rock Field

(Alright! I got the pelt with the least amount of damage to it!)

The one from before had damage all over it, so right now I'm gleaming with antic.i.p.ation.

Not a bad loot!… However, I should really check on the person I just saved.

Seems to still be in shock… probably not a good time to be openly celebrating here.

I'll try calling out.

"Umm, are you okay?"

I probably could've said that with a bit more confidence.

"Thank you… very much… "

The adventurer collapsed on top of the boulder in exhaustion, and trying to catch her breath.

… Well she did just go one on one against a monster far stronger than herself. I know that feeling quite well… Yep.

Her head was covered with a hood and scarf so it's hard to see her face, but from the voice I can at least tell it's a girl.

In any case, I feel leaving her on top of the boulder wouldn't be very nice of me.

I guess I'll give a hand before leaving. I had skeleton B stand it's back to the boulder with crossed arms.

"Use that guy to get down. It's pretty stable so don't worry-"

Before I finished my sentence, the girl jumped off the boulder to the ground pretty nonchalantly.

Ah, so she can get down easily herself… Well that was embarra.s.sing.

Right when she landed she immediately headed over to me.

Almost like she was about to say something, she made a fl.u.s.tered expression and bowed once she removed her hood. She did it so quickly, I almost didn't catch her face.

Although she was covered in dirt and sweat, I can tell she's quite a beauty.

"How very rude of me! Even towards my benefactor!"

For a second, I thought she was apologising for skipping my offer in letter her down, but I guess she might be referring to having her hood up while thanking me.

Did this world ever had such a custom? I don't recall.

"Ah no, that's not really something I'm bothered about. I don't really mind it at all."

Honestly, I'm not really comfortable talking to her like this.

… She seems like someone from a rich family.

When lifting her head up, she stared fixedly at me and raised her voice.

"Oh, It's you!"

"… Eh? Do you know me?"

That's kinda surprising.

She's cute but… I don't think I've ever seen her before… I think.

"We met at the rock fields a couple days ago, back when you gave me your spot there."

"Oh yeah."

She has a pretty good memory for remembering something so minor… Her face was covered at the time so even I almost forgot about that.

While racking my head wondering how to keep the conversation going, the man that was shouting for help a while back, came back running over.

I think he might be the client from her.

"Thank you! Thank you so much! If there's anything I can do as thanks…."

… So he was still in the area huh.

Was he nearby hoping he could have done something to help?

He doesn't seem like a fighter, so if that's the case, then this guy sure has a strong sense of responsibility huh…

Well, not that I hate this sort of person.

~ Adventurer's life Day 8 (Sun) Afternoon ~ Comnes Town – Adventurers Guild – Lobby

"My treat. Grab as much as you want!"

After that, I handed over the forest wolf to the guild. Right now, Radolf is treating me to some alcohol.

Ah right, Radolf was the name of the guy from earlier today.

Seems like he's a medical herbalist working near the main street.

Next to us was the bobbed haired woman from today, Benedetta.

From what I heard, she's 19. A year older than me.

As I thought, the request she got was given from Radolf for some herb collection.

On a side note, I had my skeletons stored in the coin.

Having these guys stand in the middle of the bar is a little awkward.

"Nah~, but, you're summons are pretty awesome huh! They're skeletons right? Eh, you can't take them out anymore or something?"

"Ah no, it's a problem if I take them out any more than this. I'm not that good at it yet."

I just answer questions in a way that wouldn't expand the conversation too much.

It might increase in the future, but having some strength left would still be good.

Noticing then, the table next to us got occupied by some adventurers, even at this time, and seem to be spying into our conversation. There's also a number loitering at the lobby taking glances from here every now and then.

Even the guild staff is looking at this table.

It's so obvious that even I noticed it.

I try to ignore my surroundings and continued my conversation with Radolf.

"Hm. Then again, why was there a strong monster in such a place to begin with. I've been there's a number many times before, but this is the first time something like this happened."

Thinking about it, that is true. The forest wolf's sp.a.w.n area should've been pretty much just the forest.

Coming across them in the rock field twice is pretty strange.

"That time with the wolf, I really thought it was all over for me then, but watching your summons move around and taking that wolf down with ease… It's like something out of a fantasy…"

No, I'm sure this world would be the fantasy…

Benedetta seems to have more interest in the skeletons rather than the discussion we were having.

… But I guess that's a good sign.

After taking down the forest wolf, she was quite happy in helping me dismantle it.

Her skill doing so was actually pretty good. So good that I'm really considering in inviting her to my party for that reason alone.

The amount of time spent on dismantling is really annoying, so being able to finish it up quickly would be really helpful.

… Not to mention, having a cute girl on board is always a plus!

While thinking of that, a guard entered into the lobby. The guy didn't have a helmet on, neither was he wearing his uniform formally, making him seem rather relaxed.

Looking around, the guard noticed me… Ah, it's Ruben.

I wonder if there's something up?

Acting in a casual manner, he waved his hand for me to come over.

Another interrogation huh…

—- Nemo   Divine Protection and Skills —-

Necromancer level 2: ロBone weapon bonus; ロUndead Servant; Dark magic and resistance

Alchemist level 1: ロPotion making; ロExtraction; Metallurgy; ロThrow; ロGathering bonus

Sculptor level 2?: ロGathering bonus; Create sculpture; Specialised weapon – unknown

—- Summon Equipment —-

A: Hatchet, Kite s.h.i.+eld (metal), Blood stained leather armor.

B: Club (Wood), Shabby round s.h.i.+eld (wood).

C: Club (Wood), Shabby round s.h.i.+eld (wood).

—- Equipment —-

Pig femur Bone dagger

Iron coated round s.h.i.+eld (metal/wood)

Barbarian robe


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