Hone To Issho No Isekai Seikatsu Chapter 20

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~ Adventurer's life Day 20 (Sat) Early morning ~ Comnes Town – Adventurers Guild – Reception

Early in the morning, we've been standing outside the guild doors in the middle of the rain.
Once the guild opened, adventurers all began to flood straight to the request board, while I instead went straight to the reception…

"Good morning! How may I help you?"

I took out the herbs and requests to the counter… I had already completed this already.

~ Adventurer's life Day 20 (Sat) Morning ~ Comnes Town – Southeast – Beginners Rock Field – Outer Edge

The rain from earlier finally stopped. I met up with Benedetta in front of the guild and we went straight to the rock fields.
… Despite the ground being damp from the recent rain, we didn't have any trouble walking through.

"Hmm, let's take out time hunting today."
"It's from what we planned yesterday is it…"
"Yeah. That's why, let's not push ourselves too much here."

We had a party meeting yesterday when we came back, and because of that, we came to this sort of agreement.

"As I thought, doing nothing but dismantling for the entire day is difficult. There's no way I can continue doing this for a whole week."
"At our current state right now, it should be possible for us to hunt at the west side of town. The enemies there are much more valuable, so we wouldn't need to hunt as much."
"I was thinking it would be better to get more information and take a little more rest here."

That said, for today we're taking it pretty easy… Since this world also has the concept of seven days in a week, we plan on taking the Sunday off as well.
Buying some necessities, sorting out equipment, or some other various things to do. It's best if we take a day where we get time to do those things.

As for me however, I plan on gathering more information on the west side.

… In any case for today, we're hunting.
I threw the coins up into the air.
In an instant, six of the skeletons appeared.

"It still surprise me every time I see it."
"To be honest, I still get that too…"

I left two of the skeletons with Benedetta for guard duty while me and the other four go out to hunt…

~ Adventurer's life Day 20 (Sat) Mid Day ~ Comnes Town – Southeast – Beginners Rock Field – Outer Edge

(So it took up till mid day is it?)

Using the usual tactics of luring them over, we hunted about 9 more rabbits so we stopped there.

Despite the slow pace, I should be able to level up my alchemist protection if I were to keep using my stone throwing skill. Besides, it's my most effective method of attacking anyways.

Normally, it'd be pretty difficult for me to level the Alchemist with it's current skills. Levelling through potion brewing is quite costly, and stone throwing is generally pretty weak against enemies.

In my case however, the stones I throw can be dimpled through the 'engraving' skill, turning it into a powerful bullet.
That was the plan from me, however there's still the trouble of levelling my skeletons too…

(… Quite a luxurious problem I have here …)

Is what I thought.

… At that time, I heard the sound of fighting between the skeleton and the sh.e.l.led rabbit to my side, so I cut in front of the skeleton to get a good aim, and threw the stone bullet right at it.
The sh.e.l.led rabbit had been taken out.

(… Oh! It's here!)
Pain once again ran through my body… this time, I'm sure the Alchemist levelled up to three.

"… It's true, the number next to 'level' had changed to three, and it seems like 'poison brewing' and 'plating' were added.

Just like I thought, Benedetta confirmed it using her special magic eye ability, 'Prudia's Blessing'… This is really convenient!
Until now, I've been relying on my limited knowledge from the game, and I've only managed to acquire skills I didn't know of through luck, so this ability is a real life saver.

“What does all this information mean …?”
“I'll explain it at another time…”

I'm not trying to dodge her question here, I really do plan on telling her soon. It's just that it's a pretty difficult thing to describe to her.

Now then, let's focus on my newly acquired skills. I wonder which should I test out first.
From what I know, the materials required for the poison potion can all be found near Comnes by the west side. But then, is it possible to exchange monsters when they're poisoned?
This somehow might be a problem.

The skill plating' requires some materials too.
I believe I can get a small amount by the weapons store, but doing that sounds quite expensive. Instead, I can try my luck in a mine or something.

(… Well, I'll just think about it later.)

~ Adventurer's life Day 20 (Sat) Noon ~ Comnes Town – Southeast – Beginners Rock Field – Outer Edge

After confirming my level up and taking a short break, I had the reluctant Benedetta sing us another hymn to increase our movement speed.

There's a possibility for her to get some exp from us while we still have her buff, so she really has no choice but to sing for us since it's not really possible for her to defeat enemies herself.

Of course that's half the reason. The other half is that, it's really convenient.
Being able to travel to the location is one thing, but being able to move more swiftly when in battle almost feels like you can't go without it.
Though then again, once the effect suddenly wears off, you get a little confused from the sudden change…

(… I already got Alchemist levelled up. Once the skeletons are done here, we'll head back.)

I had the skeletons spread out once more… and so it happened right soon after.

(…? … another level up?)

The pain once more covered my body…

"This time, it's Necromancer that increased its level number into 4.”

I felt like this went a little too quick, but then again with the number of enemies these skeletons defeated, I guess it's no surprise.

I thought about the time between my last level up from now, and indeed the number of experience required to level did increase, but because the speed in which we can hunt also increased, there's barely any difference between the time it takes to level up… Rather, it seems to be going a little faster.

(Hm, so the already fast speed we've been going at is going to get even faster now… )

The level wasn't a multiple of 3, so I didn't get to receive any new skills.
However, based all the other times I've levelled up, the number of summons had always increased.

“Erm, can you sing again please.”
“… Yes …”

… Benedetta's spirit seems to be going even lower…
On the other hand, I just received the 'hasten' buff, and my enthusiasm is going higher.

(Perhaps the hunting pace is going to increase?)

There's a total of 9 more rabbits left until we've reached the limit this party can carry, but I still don't know the number of new skeletons I can summon yet. I better see.

~ Adventurer's life Day 20 (Sat) Afternoon ~ Comnes Town – Adventurers Guild – Lobby

We relaxed ourselves at the guild lobby while waiting for the results from the exchange centre to finish…

As we brought back the same number as yesterday, we had our materials on wait as the inspector is still confirming for the results.

They'll get in contact with us by the lobby once the a.s.sessment is over.

“We have ended up hunting really quickly…”
“I guess so…”

In the end, I wound up hunting rabbits at a fast pace until reaching 19, and quickly dismantled them.
I feel like it's a little pointless trying to get things done so quickly, but Benedetta said people with traits like this would always have a good chance to prosper.
But even so, I think it would be better to think more about the breaks and the pacing of the party.

That said, the number of additional skeletons I can summon since that level up, was 4…
I get this feeling that the number of skeletons added is equal to the level I levelled up to…
If so, isn't this a little overpowered?

(… As I thought, 10 skeletons is pretty large huh.)

With the skeletons I have now in total, I've reached the 2 digit mark.

When I had all 10 together and confirmed there was no one around, I got them to form in a formation much like soldiers. Seeing it got me pretty interested.
… Though I didn't really want to cause a fuss, so I had the 4 called back…

We head back to the exchange counter and received the reward. Half of it was given to Benedetta.

“Half is a little much …”

So she says, but since it's a split among the party members, she has no choice but to accept it.

“Well then, for the day after tomorrow, it'll be at the usual place.”
“Yes. In front of the guild right.”

Like this, we went our separate ways as usual … I'll be heading back to the inn and resting early for today.

~ Adventurer's life Day 21 (Sun) Morning ~ Comnes Town – Adventurers Guild – Lobby

Since it's morning, I came to the guild lobby in plain clothes with my bag brought along with me.
Today's a day off so I'm not planning to do a lot of work.

I came a little later than normal so there's not that many by the reception desk right now… it was my turn with almost no waiting.

“Good morning. How may I help you?”
“Yes, can you please confirm this request.”

The request I took yesterday was 5 pieces of Toorinagusa and Yacchoutai… I finished the request rather quickly as it was pretty easy, and the amount paid is 80 Golda.
It's a simple request that wouldn't even take a day to complete.

(… Would this be considered easy money… )

“These are two requests, but both have been completed. Would you like to receive it now?”

(… I guess this isn't too bad.)

After signing the request form, I asked if I could borrow a small room…

Once I've managed to get a hold of a room to myself, I immediately begin preparation.
I don't really want this work to be seen by anyone… It'd cause quite a fuss.

I placed my bag onto the table in the middle of the room, and took out the wooden tub and bamboo tubes… I then placed the two herbs from earlier into the tub, and used the health portion skill.

(Alright, this is the first one… !?)

I can feel something moving from my body…
For every potion made, I can begin to perceive it much more clearly…

(Ohhh, could this feeling be how my mana is being consumed…)

I don't know what triggered my sudden ability to sense this, but by the time I've made 5 of these potions, I can get a rough idea of how much mana I have left.

(It's about a little over a half… seems like I still have quite a bit left.)

Before, a single potion was enough to take out more than half of my mana.
So I thought that creating five of these would've been a difficult goal, but my total mana increased much more than I've expected.
This could be a big deal.

(But then again… Isn't it better if I were to know exactly how much mana I have?)

It should be able to lower the risk from running out of mana mid battle… which is something always helpful.

I put all the tools back into the bag, and left the room to sell these potions.

(Hmm, it's strange… even though I've obviously became stronger, why is it that I've still got the same amount of money as before…)

Making these potions are used to help in my lack of funds… I'm aware that the cause of it is the rapid increase of skeletons and the fact that I am trying to keep up with it.

—- Divine Protection and Skills —-
Necromancer level 4: Undead Servant 10 Summons; Bone creation; Bonuses < bone="" weapon;="" bone="" armor;="" gathering;="" night="" vision="">
Alchemist level 3: Health potion create; Extraction; Bonuses < throw;="" gathering="">
Sculptor level 3: Engrave; Golem; Bonuses < dagger;="" hammer;="" sculpting;="" gathering;="" mining="">

—- Summon Equipment —-
A: Hatchet + 3, Kite s.h.i.+eld (metal), Blood stained leather armor.
B: Mace, Shabby round s.h.i.+eld (wood) + 3
C: Mace, Shabby round s.h.i.+eld (wood) + 3
D, E, F: Club + 3, Shabby round s.h.i.+eld (wood) + 3
G, H, I: Empty

※: + X Arbitrary level of engraving

—- Equipment —-
Pig femur Bone dagger – 2 sets
Iron coated round s.h.i.+eld (metal/wood)
Barbarian robe

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Hone To Issho No Isekai Seikatsu Chapter 20

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