Hone To Issho No Isekai Seikatsu Chapter 47

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– Adventurer's Life Day 49 (Sun) – Noon – Comnes Town – Eastern Wall – Real Estate Agent Shop

Yesterday night, I announced my plan to the party on moving to a larger base, but it seemed like I already screwed up right from the beginning.

"Well… for only borrowing one for such a short time… that's not really possible…"

I went to the agency that deals in these sort of things, which was recommended by the guild, but in the end I got this response.

With the conditions they have here… it doesn't seem like they're willing to accept a stay for as little as one month…

In the end, though it's a little more expensive, we went with just renting a warehouse for a month while we still continue staying in Nessos' Temptation.

It's not really something I was hoping for, but I guess it can't be helped.

It doesn't seem like they have a custom where they show you a preview of the property you'll be borrowing either, but the signing of the contract was handled quite quickly.

After finis.h.i.+ng up with the contract and paid the initial fee, I gave my thanks and took my leave.

"I didn't feel like I made a bad choice there, but I wonder if this is even necessary since I'm only going to need it for a short time…"

I was talking to Benedetta as she had been tagging along with me, but she seems to be thinking about something quite a lot recently…. Is there something wrong?

"… Ah! I'm sorry! What was it that you said?"

So she noticed. Regardless, I only gave a light reply.

"Nah… it wasn't that important anyways. Don't worry about it."

… I am a little concerned about her though.

Next stop is the cart.

A man looking to be in his 50's greeted us. He was wearing a dirty ap.r.o.n and some leather gloves that reached up to his forearms.

"A second hand cart is it? I do have a number of those, but will you have enough to pay for it?"

Showing us one of his carts, I looked at it from up close.

This one seems okay, and it feels rather st.u.r.dy.

According to the old man, there seems to be quite a number of new items coming from those fleeing from the north.

The cart had the shape of a box, and looks pretty good… there are two of these… the both of them having 4 wheels attached.

"What will you be pulling this with? Cattle? People?"

Ahh, that's right. This cart doesn't have that handle for a person to push it with… If I have to be specific about the animal…

"A horse."

"Horse!? Something that expensive… You're quite rich yourself ain'tcha… even though you don't look like it."

How rude… though I'm not denying it.

It's probably a rare thing for this guy to see some random adventurer coming to buy a cart in his store.

Buying horses in Comnes is usually only reserved for the aristocrats and rich merchants, given how much it costs not only to purchase, but to also maintain it.

If someone else were to own a horse, it'd be quite noticeable, or so he says.

"Now then, I guess you'll need some reigns for the horse? Including… well something like this."

"Ahh. Then that's fine."

The uncle showed me the price for it. It was pretty much the same how the guild and Adonis' estimation, so I didn't bother to negotiate it lower.

The price for the cart was still quite high though. It's equivalent to ¼ of the reward I got from that 'Elite' wolf.

It'll probably be the most expensive item I ever had to pay for, but it is a necessary sacrifice…

I had originally thought of making one using 'Bone Manipulation', but with the amount of things I need to create and keep maintained for that, I sort of gave up on the idea.

Besides, bones made through 'Bone Manipulation' are much heavier than wood. Using that to make a large cart is just going to cause trouble for us.

I don't know what the specific weight is going to be, but from what little I could tell, it's at least going to be difficult to pull it along.

Having the wheels stuck into the ground is also something we'd like to avoid as well.

I was seriously impressed with the carts Zem had made since before, back when we were pulling those.

The protection around the wheel, the smoothness of the axle, details like these are best to just leave it to the professionals instead of carelessly creating something that would just end up as a waste of time.

For some small talk, I spoke to the man about some things I learned in the guild.

"From the south, I hear there are adventurers who uses horse carriages for transport."

"Hehh… That's quite interesting."

When I consulted at the adventurer's guild for a cart, they told me of various things like the information I mentioned just now.

However, like with all matters on this, those horse drawn carriages would cost a lot more than the carts. When including the maintenance fee, then it would be best to just spend it on something else.

I've been hearing things like how you can get quite a decent income by the south, but I want to make sure I can get myself a horse drawn carriage first.

– Adventurer's Life Day 49 (Sun) – Evening – Comnes Town – Western Gate – Warehouse

After setting up the cart onto the wooden horse, we had ourselves move to the warehouse we purchased earlier.

When entering into the place, through opening the door with a key, the entire room seems to be undecorated while the floors are left completely bare, showing only the dirt ground. This really is a place where you can only leave objects here.

At the back of the room, there are some pieces of cloth laid neatly onto the ground… From what the estate agent said, these were put here by the previous owner, so we're free to use them how we wish.

I'm quite grateful for that, since I would like to avoid having to place my stuff directly onto the ground.

Wandering inside the warehouse and taking a look at the ceiling, Benedetta, who had originally been behind me, was now standing in front of me… She's somehow wearing a really serious expression, so I stiffened up when she began to speak.

"Umm… Nemo. Is it fine if I ask you something…”

"What is it?"

She asked calmly, but when I turned to her she wore a really serious expression when facing me.

There was a slight pause before she spoke, so I stiffened up trying to antic.i.p.ate what she was going to say next.

She was quiet when saying it, but looked into my eyes in all seriousness.

This is getting me nervous all of a sudden… 

Preparing what she was going to say next, she opened her mouth.

"I've been meaning to ask this, but Nemo, what are you really? This was something I've wondered about since the beginning…"

I didn't expect her to say that all of a sudden.

"Ahh, is that so… Was I really that strange huh?"

It's not particularly an important secret I would keep from her anyways.

Though I did thought she didn't care much given how she never brought up the topic for so long, so it kinda surprised me why she would say this now.

"It hasn't been two months since you've started as an adventurer, but you've already managed from hunting in the rock fields, to hunting comfortably in the abandoned mines alone… Though there are those that were able to do this only because they were strong to begin with, this isn't the case for you."

"N, no well… I wasn't really by myself…"

She shot me a glare, urging me to take it seriously.

Bringing this topic up all of a sudden is sending me into a confusion… I need at least a couple of seconds to sort my thoughts out.

"Please don't dodge the topic… I'm serious this time… but, well… if I'm still not someone you could trust yet then…"

She says that, but even when her tone and expression went slightly meeker, the intensity in her gaze hasn't changed.

"That's not it at all… alright. I'll talk…"

And so, I told about the things I've found myself in ever since a month and a half ago… 

Because the topic of this is a little complicated to explain to a person native to this world, I try to keep things simple and explain in detail the points I talk about… but before I realized it, I've already been spending several minutes explaining every single little thing.

In summary of the things I've explained, this body right now is that of 'Nemo', who had been born in this world. However, the memories and personality of that person had fused with another that came from a different world.

The memories of that person was incomplete however, in that there was hardly any form of recollection of the kind of person he was from that other world. Only strong memories of this world as a game remained.

This event happened ever since registering as an adventurer at the guild.

This was what I told her.

Though the concept of a 'game' was too difficult to explain, so in the end I had to replace it instead with a 'story from a book'.

"… I suppose this really is something difficult to understand…"

Benedetta smiled wryly to herself.

It was only by the end did I noticed myself speaking awfully fast.

Though I hardly noticed it at first, perhaps I really did feel alone when keeping all these to myself.

"… I suppose because of that, it does become something difficult to believe."


"However, since you were the one to say it, there really isn't any reason for me to doubt. Besides, it's not like you to lie anyways."

That surprised me. So much so, that even I feel confused as her words continue to resound in my heart… 

I stepped forward, not really knowing what to expect from doing it, but in return she embraced me like it was natural.

Before I knew it, my breathing became erratic, and my eyes began to water. I try to squint to keep the tears from falling, but my voice would give it away anyways.

(… just what am I doing… this isn't something to get so emotional about… calm down me…)

I try to think that, but it wouldn't stop…

We continued on like this for a while.

After finally calming down, I spoke to Benedetta while looking away embarra.s.sed.

"Sorry… for having you seeing me like this…"

The person inside, as someone not from this world, surely felt isolated. Despite the initial novelty of everything, there was no one to turn to.

Having finally confessing it to another person, had him relieved from what he had been holding back all this time.

"… No, it's fine… Having you revealing your secret to me… makes me happy. Sorry for urging you to speak about it. In return, I'll tell you mine…"

The words Benedetta whispered into my ear, was her real name… 

… It was a pleasant sound to hear…

– Adventurer's Life Day 49 (Sun) – Night – Comnes Town – Inn – Nessos' Temptation

On the way back to the inn, we had ourselves walking close to each other.

Once we arrived to our rooms however, it somehow became embarra.s.sing to even look at the other person… 

It was Benedetta that broke the ice.

"Umm… would your bed be fine?"

Uwaa… my heart's racing here.

But I agreed to it nonetheless.

Benedetta slipped into my bed, and hugged without reservation…

However, I felt awkward in making a move all of a sudden, and we spent most of the time stroking while talking to each other.

She relaxes herself and looked me in the eyes. Her eyes were half closed before she spoke.

"Sorry… somehow… today was a little… tiring…"

"Eh… ehh?"

Before I get to make a reply, Benedetta's head dropped onto my arm… and no sooner, she made her quiet breathing as she sleeps…

Really now… just when I thought…

… Ah well. Nothing I can do about it now I suppose…

Since this is the case, I spoiled myself in rubbing my cheek against her hair.

It was surprisingly soft and smooth… It wasn't before long until I also fell asleep.

I couldn't feel my arm at all the next day.

—- Summoning Memo —-

Centurion Team:
Members: Centurion, Skeleton 1, 2, 3
Equipment: Hatchet, s.h.i.+eld, Armor and helmet

Phillips Team:
Members: Phillips, Skeletons 4, 5, 6
Equipment: Spear, s.h.i.+eld, Armor and helmet

Other Skeletons:
7 – 37: Club, Round s.h.i.+eld, Armor and helmet

Stone Golem: 1
Wooden Horse: 1

#Golems can be divided to a maximum of three bodies.

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