Arcanum 127 Burden?

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We all remained still shocked at everything that happened, I began to start feeling light headed, my hands began to feel clammy and my forehead began to sweat a little...

"Umm Scarlet what happened to the Princess and Gideon??..." Helen asked looking extremely worried.

"It wasn't a happy ending...." She answered Helen.

"Are they safe?.." Daisy asked.

"They are both safe….....Just... Gideon was banished labelled as a Disgraced Knight... the King remains unpunished and re-married." Scarlet answered looking extremely saddened. "As for Princess Thalia... we currently have her living a happy life as a commoner in our Orphanage..... And when she reaches the age of 12 we'll try and get her into Atlantis or by 15 at the latest..... That would grant her immunity from her Father.... but she won't be allowed to go back to her old life…..." Scarlet answered.

"What about Gideon?.." Daisy asked.

"I'm not sure." She replied.

"Why don't you check up on him?.....I'm sure he would love to look over Princess Thalia!" Jay suggested.

"It was his only wish for us to protect her..... We had to alter his memory or else the kings mages will be able to extract the truth form him eventually." Scarlet answered.

"Surely you can take him to see her, now he's exiled." Grace argued.

"Like we said.... it was his final wish to protect her even at the expense of his own life…...he said he will shoulder the burden no matter what the cost….." Scarlet answered.

I suddenly began getting second thoughts staying here..... I really don't think I can survive in such a world. 'Ohh G.o.d no....' I thought as the bowls of my stomach began to churn and the overwhelming feeling of vomiting took over, with no bin in sight I had no choice but to vomit on the floor away from everyone else.

"You okay sis?.." Scarlet instantly appeared next to me holding my hair up as my body and lungs began to involuntarily heave emptying my body of all food and liquid.

"Yeah...." I struggled to reply, "Just a little home sick I suppose…" I explained.

"I know.... I know.... Paul was the same at first he said." She replied rubbing my back trying to rea.s.sure me.

Everyone surrounded me seeing if I was okay, Daisy even touched me with a glowing hand that made me feel better physically but didn't remove the anxious feeling shaking my very core. Jay pulled out a wand casting a spell to get rid of the mess on my clothes and the floor magically making it all vanish.

"Let's all take a rest, and call it for today's training. I forgot Emilia isn't from here." She solemnly apologized taking us out the training room towards the sofas.

"I would try and cook something for you all... but Paul keeps telling me that my cooking is more deadly than my sword..... So I think I'll just get some of the ready-made stuff." She smiled walking into the kitchen.

We all still sat in silence still sh.e.l.l shocked contemplating on what we just saw. There was several sounds of pots and pans clattering before Scarlet came out with a jug of water and juice with a bunch of candy bars and fruits.

"Here you go....." She said pa.s.sing out food and drinks for everyone. "OHHH wait!!! I'll get some of Ashley's fresh baked thingys and some jams, which never fails lift everyone's spirits!!" she jumped in glee before entering the training room.

"Seriously..... S ranks are in a league of their own." Jay said taking a drink.
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"Yeah I honestly didn't even know how strong they are!! It's uncomprehendable….. How nasty must the other S ranked students be….." Daisy added in shock.

"I guess that's why they so respected in all socities..." Grace agreed.

"What was that yellow paper thing Paul did to the Giants??..... Or those black projectiles that shattered the boulders...." Jay asked.

"Not to mention their speed..... Scarlet literally took out over 5 targets in an instant and Paul managed to punch past plate armour in a single punch." Grace added.

"By the way are you feeling alright?..." Helen asked looking extremely concerned for me.

"Yeah..... Just..... Where I come from..... You would hardly ever see a person attacked yet alone decapitation or murdered it just so shocking." I tried to explain.

"Ahh yes.. You did say your world was rather peaceful." She remembered.

"Yeah... I've only seen people pa.s.s away from natural causes.... like old age..... So seeing Scarlet severing people's heads and bodies was extremely nerve-wracking for me..... "I carried on explaining.

"Yeah in our world.... we experience all this from a young age.... in fact it's pushed onto all young Elves to prepare them for the conflict with Orcs." Helen explained.

"Yeah..... my upbringing wasn't the greatest…....." Daisy added.

"Same here... there was a lot of corruption in the town I lived in." Jay nodded.

"I'm sorry for messing today up." I apologized feeling like a weakling vomiting from just watching what happened a simulation...

"It's okay.....we've all been there....." Grace replied trying to cheer me up.

"Yeah.... it just take some getting used to." Jay agreed

"I honestly can't imagine myself doing what they did though..... How will I even survive?..." I asked.

"You don't need to... I've read stories of Paladins only slaying demons and devils and never living things." Daisy answered.

"Yeah.... And I've head of some monks who never kill." Helen agreed.

"Yeah don't think about it too much! My first teacher was a traveller..... And you can always become a magic shop owner, there are many things you can do.... if adventuring isn't your thing." Jay added.

"Yeah!!.... A lot of paladins and clerics go on to be healers and priests... only a few go onto adventuring and cleansing evil." Daisy agreed.

"Yeah!! Adventuring and mercenary work isn't the only Job out there." Helen nodded.

"Yup you can even go on to become a teacher if you liked." Jay smiled.

Everyone's kind words seemed all true but did little to calm my nerves.... "I guess....." I replied to them.

Scarlet quickly came back with the familiar smells of baked pastries. "I'm back!" Scarlet greeted us.

"Yo!" Ashley greeted us following closely behind.

Scarlet quickly dropped a box on the table quickly opening it up taking out all sorts of freshly baked pastries. "Ohh my what are these?!" Daisy asked looking extremely excited.

"How did you make these??!" I asked in shock picking up a vanilla crown.

"Ohhh Paul loves baking so he and Ashley has designed a robot that can bake it." Scarlet answered.

"Yes!!! It's one of my greatest inventions!!! Imagine one of these robots in every town and establishment..... The income would be phenomenal!!!" Ashley smiled.

Scarlet quickly began dis.h.i.+ng out the pastries to everyone, "Here take abit of everything!" She said with a giant smile.

"So I heard Scarlet showed you guys one of our missions." Ashley smiled taking a seat on the sofa opposite to us.

"I've read news articles and heard stories about you guys but seeing it with me eyes is truly something else." Jay answered still sounding shocked.

"Yeah... it's not that great.... our services are in high demand despite the expensive prices we set..... As well as putting a target on our backs." Ashley sighed.

"Who would even dare to attack you guys?.." Grace asked in shock.

"Quite alot actually.... we've foiled many plans..... Defeated many strong opponents. Alot of people would like to see us dead or at least weakened." Ashley replied.

"So what is Paul up to?.....We read he was in Es.h.i.+a, is it to do with the Goblins moving south?.." Helen asked.

"Ummm... Bran has told us to not anything directly to the Goblins until the council and King gives us permission..." Ashley replied looking annoyed.

"Yeah.... Senior Atlantis students have helped with the evacuation efforts though....but we are ordered to only attack in self-defence right now" Scarlet smiled, "There's nothing to worry about though..... Their progression is very slow and.... the Eastern Kingdoms are coming in for some support." Scarlet added.

"When do you think Paul will be back?.." I asked a little worried and feeling a need to see him.

"Hmmm Paul and Anna should be back in a couple of days... he said he had some business to deal with...." Ashley shrugged.

"How often is he off Atlantis?..." I asked hoping to maybe stay with him a bit more.

"Generally he prefers to stay on school grounds..... and we only go on missions during school breaks or weekends.... but this year he upset a lot of faculty members and one of the schools biggest financial supporters so he's under pressure to make up for lost funds. Nothing he can't handle though so nothing to worry about." Ashley answered.

"Is he gonna be okay without you two?.." I asked slightly worried.

"Ohh for sure!!! He never travels alone.... and never rushes into a fight unless he knows he can win." Ashley smiled with absolute confidence with Paul. "Now if we were to say someone like Scarlet.... then we might have to worry..... Her hot blooded temper and hunger for a good fight makes her a wild card." Ashley laughed.

"Hey!!!" She argued pouting, "Well I'll be fine anyways because I'm unbeatable! I've single handily taken down the best fighters and sorcerers with ease." She huffed, everyone nodded and smiled remembering her incredible strength and speed.

"Do you ever think we'll get as strong as you guys?.." Daisy asked honestly.

"Of course!... People like to make it out like race or upbringing or bloodline plays an important factor in how strong one can become, but in reality it is how much one trains and hunger to get better." Scarlet smiled.

Before long the bell announcing to us that cla.s.s will begin soon rang in our heads. "We better get going!" We all said saying our goodbyes.

"Bye!!!!" they both replied to us.

"Ohhh and don't forget to stop by later tonight for movie night!!! We'll be waiting." Ashley reminded us.

"Ohhh and Sis...." Scarlet asked me, "Do you want me to call back Paul early?..." She whispered to me.

"Nah I think I'll be okay." I replied back quietly.

"It's not a big deal.... I'm sure he's done what he needs to." Scarlet smiled.

"Nah I don't want to be a burden..." I replied honestly causing Scarlet to grip my arm tightly.

"Listen to me! Don't you ever think that way?" She whispered in a very caring tone.

"I'm sorry...." I replied but deep down that's how I've always been.

Arcanum 127 Burden?

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