Super Dimensional Wizard Chapter 249

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After finalizing the starting sound source of the Rewind Sound Illusion, Angel checked again to make sure there was no omission of music. Then he entered the final step of the alchemy refining process and casts Condensation Art to finalize the design.

With a faint white chill in the air, Angel stopped casting Condensation Art when the music box began sparkling.

The next second, a white light suddenly appeared. The dazzling light made Angel squint his eyes slightly. When he opened his eyes again, a glittering and translucent object gleamed a dazzling white in his palm.

The light comes from inside the transistor below. The internal structure of the transistor is a multi-faceted polyhedron, like a brilliantly cut diamond. As long as there is some light present, it can reflect back fascinating and transparent lights and shadows.

The winding and twisting transistors trailing into branches are already stunningly beautiful, making the flower in the centre appear even more moving.

The water droplet decoration, a blooming flower with a layer of mist, dyed pale blue, pale yellow and pale white, combined with the transparent and fine petal carvings, not only has an exquisitely beautiful appearance. But this plain and elegant colour scheme gives people a sense of gorgeous presentation with low-key luxury.

Judging from its appearance alone, this is definitely an outstanding work of art.

Angel is also very satisfied with his design. He doesn't know if Mirror Ji will be amazed by it, but he is personally amazed. Still, this is a music box after all. No matter how beautiful the exterior design is, if the functionality is too poor, it can only be reduced to a decorative piece.

As a result, Angel quickly put aside his complacency with its appearance and began testing the effectiveness of the music box.

There are two kinds of special effects in the music box. One is the stillness of mind effect brought by the tranquil magic pattern, and the other is the fantasy world produced along with the music.

Both of these effects require magic power to support. But Angel originally designed this music box to give listeners a sense of stillness of mind through beautiful melodies and dreamlike scenes. Naturally, it is impossible for the listener to continuously input magic power into the music box.

Therefore, the music box must be equipped with its own energy source. Other more efficient and energy-saving alchemy energy sources are unavailable to Angel's realm for the time being. The source of energy he chose is still the traditional “magic crystal.”

The energy chamber of the magic crystal device is hidden in a small s.p.a.ce at the root of the flower. Just like a battery, it can be opened and replaced at any time.

As long as there is enough Ancient Magic in the magic crystal, one can start the special effects of the music box by twisting the bar.

The switch Angel designed for this music box is still a traditional bar device. However, he only retains the appearance of the bar and it doesn't need to be twist all the time like a traditional bar. The reason why he designed it this way was also to pay tribute to the traditional styled “music box.”

To start the music box, just gently twisting the bar clockwise for two ticks is enough. After, the music box will play out its full effect as it starts. Twisting the bar backwards for one tick will turn off the fantasy world and leave only the music. One more backwards twists for a tick will completely turn off the music box.

Angel opens the energy chamber and puts in a magic crystal.

Then, taking a deep breath, he twists the bar beside the energy chamber.

When the bar rotates clockwise for two ticks, the whole music box suddenly glows colourfully.

Then a strange aura dispersed from the music box. Angel only felt an impetuous mood before he gradually calmed down at this moment.

All his troubles and pressures disappear in this strange aura.

“This is the effect of the tranquil magic pattern.” Angel thought.

With the spread of this kind of aura, what subconsciously appeared at the corners of Angel's mouth was a relaxed and comfortable smile.

Then Castle in the Sky's melodious prelude began playing from the “flower.” The sound is perfect with no loss in quality. Wonderful musical instruments play an exotic melody full of amorous feelings, bringing people into another time and place…

Along with the music, what accompanies was also the fantasy world set up by Angel.

Water patterns gradually ripple around his body. In the next moment, Angel appears in the sky. Looking up, he sees the eternal blue sky with floating white clouds. Looking down, he can faintly see fields of green as well as undulating mountains.

This Rewind Sound Illusion was so perfectly built that Angel couldn't help praising himself. Because he spent a long time on Cloud Whale, he grasped the clear sky and changing clouds very vividly. In the case of this fantasy world, it was almost flawless.

As the music plays, the fantasy world slowly changes.

Until the clouds were lifted and the “island in the sky filled with stories” appeared before him…

After repeated testing of multiple variables, Angel finally confirms the Successful Refining of his music box!

The result and content he wanted to express are all there.

If a famous artist's work of art expresses a strong personal style in a two-dimensional way. Those who can understand it will naturally understand it and those who do not understand it will never understand it no matter how much they are told about it.

So, Angel's music box breaks through the dimensional wall and brings a multi-dimensional journey for the eyes, ears and mind. In a three-dimensional way, it seems to express a personal statement. As long as the listener isn't an idiot, they will feel the full sincerity of the producer.

There is no difference between dimensions, which is high or low doesn't truly matter. But Angel's music box is full of creativity and novelty, which can undoubtedly be liked by a wider audience.

This time his refining can be considered as very successful. The only regret Angel had was that he had destroyed one of the echo flowers and was only able to finish refining one music box.

So, will this music box go to Lord Mirror Ji or Toby first?

Angel naturally prefers giving it to Toby first. After all, Toby is his closest partner. However, Lord Mirror Ji is his Savior. He said he would visit her long ago. As a result, he delayed his visit for too long.

Angel thought for a moment and decided not to get tangled up with this problem. He'd better give one to Toby first. After all, he gave him a promise from before. Anyway, it doesn't take long to finish refining a music box. He'll just buy another echo flower later.

With this line of thought, Angel took the music box and left the laboratory.

As soon as he opened the bas.e.m.e.nt door, Angel saw a colourful shadow rus.h.i.+ng towards him. It was Toby dressed as a flower fairy. He first landed on his shoulder and rubbed his head against Angel's cheek, then he saw the beautifully gorgeous thing in Angel's hand.

As soon as Toby saw it, his eyes lit up. He grew up under Gloria, so his aesthetic view is very similar to human beings, which can be seen from the clothes he wears.

Toby happily fluttered his wings and walked around the music box.

Angel smiled and said: “Here, this is the music box I promised you. I said I would s.h.i.+p it to you today and didn't break my promise.”

Toby nodded like a bobbing floater, happily fluttering up and down. With his matching colourful clothes, he was like a dancing b.u.t.terfly.

After Angel had explained the efficacy and usage of the music box to Toby, he directly gave the music box to him.

Although the scale of the music box is much larger when compared to Toby, Toby ignores this volume contrast completely. He pecks the transistor with his beak and flies back to the small attic. In a short time, Castle in the Sky was heard from the attic. This was followed by Toby's rhythmic birdsong.

Angel smiled and shook his head. Then he grabs his bone card and prepares to find David and buy another echo flower.

When Angel arrived at Promi Alchemy Shop. It was not David who manned the shop, but Hercules, the muscular man.

As soon as Angel arrived, he inquired about where David was. He found out that David let Hercules man the store while he was tinkering with his alchemy in the underground warehouse.

Angel didn't intend on disturbing David at first, but when he asked Hercules directly to see if there were any more echo flowers. Hercules said he didn't know. Angel had no choice but to go and find David in the underground warehouse.

When he climbed down into the underground warehouse, Angel now saw David cast the Heat Blend Art to refine a sword blank. After many days of training, his weapon blank refining technique can now be used as a model.

Angel stood aside quietly while waiting for him to finish refining.

With Magic Power Hand's shaping, the thin sword soon took shape. Angel thought David would cast Condensation Art to shape the rapier, but he saw David take out several more materials and murmured under his breath. Then magic power began stirring the materials immediately as the light fell from the materials.

“Blending?” A word popped up in Angel's mind.

However, before Angel could think about it, David's rapier blank in hand was corroded after a ray of light fell on it. In a short time, the rapier was directly broken into pieces.

“Alas, I failed again.” David has noticed Angel for a while and said with a gloomy expression: “Today I failed for the third time.”

Angel looked at the debris on the ground. Sure enough, it looks like this happened more than once.

“You weren't so diligent before.” Angel quipped: “After being inspired by me, did you decide to work harder?”

David held his head up proudly and said: “I used to have no money to buy materials, but now that I have enough. So naturally, I have to work a little harder.”

“Let's not talk about me, why are you looking for me? Did you decide to pick up more alchemy tasks again?” David asked curiously.

“I didn't decide on taking on more tasks. I just came to buy more echo flowers.” Angel looked at the shelf beside him: “Are there any echo flowers left?”

David curled his lips and said: “What, are you refining another music box? Did you fail before?”

“I am preparing to make another music box and I didn't fail. I have refined a finished product for Toby, but I plan to refine another one and give it to my… Benefactor.” Angel isn't saying anything about Mirror Ji.

“Benefactor?” David didn't go ahead and ask but said: “You really came in time. There is an echo flower left in the shop. Last time Toby mistakenly got three of them. So the echo flowers haven't been restocked yet. Just a few days ago, someone happened to come by and sell an echo flower. The demand for echo flowers has always been low. If not for the lack of goods in the shop, I wouldn't intend on taking them.”

David rummaged through the boxes and handed an echo flower to Angel from a corner.

Angel wanted to pay with his bone card, but David immediately waved his hand and said: “No need, I acquired it for only 30 contribution points and haven't even written it down in the ledger yet. You can just take it. I'm too lazy to waste my time on bookkeeping for such a small amount.”

Angel still remembers that not long ago David was haggling over a single contribution point. But looking at him… Now. Looking back on it, David is now a rich man with thousands of magic crystals. What is 30 contribution points to him? This isn't even enough for a drizzle!

Angel isn't polite with the offer either. He took the echo flower and said: “Well, I have to head back first. I am rus.h.i.+ng to finish refining tonight and have to deliver the music box to someone in the morning.”

David nodded and said: “Don't forget, our tickets are for tomorrow afternoon. If you miss the s.h.i.+p, you'll have to wait for the big auction at the end of the year.”

Super Dimensional Wizard Chapter 249

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