Super Dimensional Wizard Volume 1 Chapter 24

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Big 6 is bigger than old Land, Big 6, the real big 6, when compared to old Land one can see that at best it is a marginal island. Apocalypse 6 is also not comparable to Big 6, but at least in the wizards' world, it is recognized by big 6 as important.

Dev, an exchange student appointed by the Silver Heron Royal Wizards, went to the Hurricane Tower in the southern part of the country to exchange and learn.

The above, is what Dev himself said.

In fact, the talented people on board know that the so-called Silver Heron Royal Wizard Academy, was in fact, founded by a wizard apprentice who could not be promoted to a formal wizard and had left a side door after their own death for future generations. With some of the prior connections by hurricane tower, they can get recommended spots for some talented individuals.

Therefore, the point of ‘exchange student' is pure nonsense. An organization with a thousand years of history and official wizards will stoop to communicate with one founded by a wizard apprentice made up of the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled? Haven't you woken up yet?

However, even if people knew, but buried in it silently in their hearts, because no one dared to offend Dev. After all, no matter how old, weak, sick or disabled, they still after all have one life. Rumor has it that there is also recently a wizard apprentice that is closely related to a formal wizard in the Silver Heron Royal Witch Academy, who returned to the Central Empire only because he did not have a chance to advance.

With this relations.h.i.+p, coupled with the rich financial resources of the central empire itself, no one dared to offend Dev too much, even if Dev's behavior, no matter how arrogant and flamboyant, was silently endured in and buried at the bottom of their hearts.

As Dev entered the restaurant, the noise surrounding him immediately quieted down.

As a result, Angel heard a whisper on the side, “Why, why is he alone today? why didn't his entourage come?”

Dev seemed to hear it, too, and glared at the man who was talking. He laughed and left when he saw the other person cringing his head to eat.

But when Dev walked out of the crowd, his arrogant expression cooled for a moment.

He had just left his entourage, after all the rooms were closed, and he did not know where they had gone.

“These f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. ” Without the service of his entourage, the whispering curses of caused Dev's to grind his teeth, as he had to cook for himself, and even serve his own meal.

Although Dev was used to being arrogant among the talented individuals, he had obviously heard that the Bauhinia had a big background, so he did not conflict with the cook and mentor, and obediently took a seat on with his plate and sat down.

Angel glanced at Dev as he entered the door, and then paid little attention to Dev from beginning to end.

He was now caught in a little doubt. After Dev stepped into the restaurant, Angel clearly heard the bell on the door sound twice, but Dev was the only one who came in.

Is it because of the excessive use of his brain these days that produced an auditory hallucination?

Angel was trained by Jon to observe the environment from an early age, this kind of training is not to avoid danger, but to capture more details for self-reflection, to get inspiration and opportunity from everything. In a word, it is the ability to reflect that serves self-knowledge.

Angel has always prided himself on his instinct to capture imperceptible details, but today it seems to be a little dysfunctional.

Shaking his head, Angel gave up thinking about this somewhat insignificant detail. It's none of his business. It's also a waste of time.

He likes to enjoy the explosion of taste buds brought about by the food, not indulging in all food, but only in ‘good food'. For the only food on the plate, he chose to accept it rather than indulge in it. As he ate, his thoughts ran back into the storeroom and opened his mind to some unanswered answers.

A scream came not far away, interrupting Angel's thoughts about which planet he had traversed to.

“Ah! Who are you? come out! “the shrill male voice rang through the whole restaurant. Then there was a clatter of cutlery.

Angel frowned with displeasure.

Not far away, the haughty third prince of the Central Empire was completely embarra.s.sed, covering his necks with one hand, and blood gurgled out through his fingers. His other hand lifted the tablecloth and kept waving around, while the cutlery fell loudly all over the floor.

Dev waved his hands around like an angry matador. But it was useless, because there was no one within twenty meters of him.

“Why, is he going crazy? Wrong! Why is he bleeding? ”

“Didn't you see the knife wounds on his neck?” Someone murmured, “Strange, but there is no one around him? “
“It isn't a ghost, is it?”

There was a lot of talk among the onlookers, but no one wanted to help, not to mention how bad Dev's character was, and the strangeness of the situation deterred them.

“The blood flow is very fast, but not to the point of spurting. It should be a cut in the vein.” Angel glanced at him and said, “With the cut vein he has, with his current blood loss rate, if he doesn't get first aid within 10 minutes, he will die.”

“There is a knife wound, but there is no man with a knife. “Angel's eyes circled around, and he didn't see anyone near Dev, when he suddenly remembered the strange second sound when the door rang, with his eyebrows stretched and a cold twinkle.” This is kind of interesting. ”

An invisible man? An apprentice wizard? Or is it a talented peer?

Angel favors the latter. If it is a wizard apprentice, there is no need for stealth, and not even a single hit.

Angel thought to himself as Dev was acting crazily, but as time went by, the weaker his voice became. Suddenly, not knowing what he heard, he suddenly picked up some red wine on the table next to him and splashed it towards the southeast by the window.

The scarlet wine, instead of spilling on the wooden wall as expected, was forced to stop in midair five meters away.

The wine slowly flowed down, and a red figure gradually appeared.

“Is there really someone? And invisible too!” Someone exclaimed, pointing to the man whose figure was revealed after being watered with wine. “It can't be a wizard, is it? ”

“A wizard lord? Do not joke, the high above wizard, how could they become invisible in order to us, in order to kill us, the lord only needs to spit, we will not be able to resist. “some scoffed.

“Wait and see. We'll soon know who it is. ” Some talented man next to them pointed to the invisible person, “I remember Lord Comorn talking about the art of stealth, the illusion of concealment, the concealment of s.p.a.ce, and the concealment of vision by light and shadow.” The first two are what formal wizard apprentice can practice, in the formal magic, what can have stealth effect only 0-level spell-light and shadow vary. ”

Lord Comorne of this population, a guide to the wizard group Gravity Forest, is a second-cla.s.s wizard apprentice.

“The light and shadow vary, and those who use this spell will certainly appear as long as they are touched by a foreign object. ”

“Of course, this does not rule out that the other party using stealthy alchemy props. But such alchemy props, even Lord Comorne, could not afford to buy them. ”

As the man said, the invisible man, who had been spilled on by red wine, showed his true body.
Angel looked, frowning: It was a handsome young man in rags with a recalcitrant face.

Angel does not know the other, but from the details of the other's clothes and movements, the talented individual's family should belong to the bottom of the poor.

A poor young man at the bottom, and a n.o.ble prince.

The poor youth, with a recalcitrant face, looked at the bleeding Dev, grinning madly and bloodthirsty scene raised the corners of his mouth, vaguely with the pleasure of vengeance.

Once a n.o.ble prince, see the person behind the scenes is poor youth, a cold glare shone with incredible resentful anger, and the ferocious expression contains a trace of regret.

“Funny, the story behind these two might be enough for Mana to gossip for a whole year. ” Angel smiled and recalled when maid Mana had been gossiping about the famous cheat male that pretended to be an aristocrat in Watford.

Angel shook his head and was ready to turn around and leave the restaurant. He didn't want to waste his prescious time on this b.l.o.o.d.y plot.

As soon as he got up, a silver-headed aristocratic middle-aged woman appeared at the chaotic scene.

The elegant lady, who happened to have heard the event is Mrs. Merlin, is a third-cla.s.s wizard apprentice on the Bauhinia, who came from the wizard group following Hurricane Tower.

Now that Mrs. Merlin has appeared, the outcome of the poor teenager who killed with a knife can also be predicted. Yes, no, wait… Huh? ! Angel's eyes suddenly shrunk, seeing Mrs. Merlin come to the center of the stage, the reason is that she did not pay attention to the half-dead Dev lying on the ground, but with a look of surprise, came and sized up and down in front of a large number of young people, the youngster with the knife.

Mrs. Merlin raised her hand and swept away the filth of the boy.

“What's your name? “asked Mrs. Merlin to the poor boy.

“Eastley. Dear Lord Merlin, my name is Eastley. “said the young man respectfully. He didn't give his last name because he didn't have a last name. ‘surname ‘represents the inheritance of a family, he is an orphan, the name comes from a name of the wolf dog raised by an aristocratic master who he once served. In order to get the name, he fought the wolf dog to the point of blood, and finally broke the wolf dog's neck before the n.o.bleman gave him the name “Eastley”.

“Eastley, all right. I'll remember your name. ”

“You're fine! In a short period of time, the source of magic will be soon been revealed. Do you know you have more than 20 points of talent and mental power? “Mrs. Merlin suddenly stretched out her hand and reached straight to Eastley's forehead.

“Sure enough, your talent is born at 23:00, which saves you a lot of time in the early stages, you are at least 10 times faster than the average talent! No wonder you can guide the source of magic so quickly. “Mrs. Merlin smiled away and said to the teenager,” half a month ago, I told you the principle of light and shadow. You can use light and shadow, which means you have understood the basic knowledge of light and shadow. This is very good, very good indeed! ”

“Keep in mind that the wizard's magic is based on knowledge and magic, both of which are indispensable. You have now stepped into the door of a junior wizard apprentice, and from today on, can move to the upper floor. ”

After saying this, Mrs. Merlin turned away without looking back.

And the Dev on the ground, at this time he has fallen prey to death, when Mrs. Merlin disappeared from Beaufort restaurant, Dev's desperate eyes slowly became dull. In the end, with no one lending him a helping hand, Dev became completely cold in front of the crowd.

The killer, Eastley. Looking at the cold body on the ground, he smiled from the corners of his mouth and turned away.

No one condemned him, and no one dared to call him out, at least on this s.h.i.+p, Eastley had completed a transformation into a being that could dominate the lives of others.

Angel left in silence, he now deeply felt that wizards really do not distinguish between black and white, good and evil in their eyes, are not worth mentioning.

Behind Dev was the silver heron royal wizards, and is also from the same power as Mrs. Merlin's, but even so, Mrs. Merlin still did not save him from death, not even look down at Dev's struggle. It can be seen that the wizard's att.i.tude towards mortals is cold and cruel.

In this case, Angel has doubly eliminated his sense of existence, in the absence of strength, the sickle of death will always be around the neck. This is the reality, the reality of the wizard world.

Super Dimensional Wizard Volume 1 Chapter 24

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