Legend Of Fuyao Chapter 244

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Published at 10th of July 2019 03:40:04 PM Chapter 244: 244

Zhangsun Wuji became silent . Moments later, he spoke . "Teacher, this is not a role that I can a.s.sume . "

The elder's fingers slightly trembled . When he turned back, a golden ray suddenly appeared in his eyes . The sudden brightness, at that moment, seemed like the burning sun which rose over the clouds and the seas, and its radiance shone far in all directions, especially towards the depth of Wuji's heart . "Wuji… what exactly are you afraid of?"

Without any change in his expression, Zhangsun Wuji answered, "I am scared that I will bring unrest to our sect and cause our sect to disintegrate, thereafter becoming the ultimate sinner to all disciples . "

"Is that so…" The elder gazed intensely at him . Seconds later, he sighed . "I finally have the chance to step out of my cultivation . Originally, I wanted to settle all these matters, but I can no longer find peace after all of you created so many troubles… Forget it… leave . "

Sparing no more attention towards Zhangsun Wuji, he sat cross-legged on the ground and waved his hand . In an instant, countless streams of air current appeared at his palm, as the surrounding mist and wispy clouds seemed to be attracted to the rising inner energy from his palm . Swirling towards his fingers in layers after layers, they eventually merged to form a gigantic door .

With the Heavens and the land as their canopy, and the clouds and the seas as their screen, the traces of the invisible immortals remained well-hidden behind successive closed doors .

He has gone into cultivation once again .

Without making any noise, Zhangsun Wuji gave a long exhale and collapsed on the ground behind him .

Someone held him with slightly cold fingers . That person also let out a long sigh, but it was a mix between relief from being released from pressure, and helplessness at the situation they were in .

With the help of that pair of hands, Zhangsun Wuji took great pains to look back, and his gaze fell on a certain location far from the remote mountain they were located on .


A snow-white crescent knife was being heated up above a fire .

In the meantime, Little Seven had already been tied down to a bed using white cloth around his waist . Four a.s.sistants pressed him down as he was being forced to drink a bowl of soup which had giddy effects . He could vaguely tell that he was not in a favorable situation, but he felt so giddy that he could not be fully conscious .

Someone held the knife and walked over, and in an agile motion, he extended his hand-

A slightly warm knife came into contact with the skin; the tip was hot, but the blade was cool . In an instant, the unique edge of a razor-sharp weapon and the rancid aura of the weapon approached him .

The aura that he was most familiar and most cautious of in his whole life!

From the arrows during his childhood to the knives in his teenage years and the swords he yielded in miles after miles of war . The icy feeling of the impending weapon was as eerie as when he stabbed his knife into the body of others . The result would be a stab just as deep and an eternal mark .

The knife!

It was about to enter his body!

When his skin had such a reaction, a decision was immediately made in his mind!

Hit back!

Little Seven raised his head and howled into the air!

The lengthy bawl resembled a wolf's howl!

It was so frightening that the weapon wielder trembled and the edge of the knife brushed past Little Seven's skin, causing beads of blood to ooze out .

However, the release of the weapon, the howl and the drop of blood instead triggered the wild and ferocious side of him, which had been concealed beneath his surface for a very long while .

The most vicious form of strength that originated from the most brutal battle for survival could not be constrained by any type of medication in this universe!

For a descendant of the wolf, the body belonged only to himself!

Suddenly, Little Seven leaped up . With his body which was as agile as a fish, he expanded his body, and the ropes around his limbs and the white cloth around his waist were torn apart in unison . The four a.s.sistants screamed as they fell to the ground . Little Seven flipped, and before landing on the ground, he used his elbow to break the knife into pieces .


The door was forcefully kicked away, and it shattered into dust when it banged against the wall .

Tie Cheng, who just rushed in from the cold weather, dashed into the room .

Immediately, he spotted Little Seven, who was only clad in half a piece of white cloth but was chasing the wielder of the knife . In the chaos, his eyes fleeted, and he caught sight of blood stains on the ground . At that moment, he flared up, and in his rage, he threw his knife towards the wielder who was just miserably escaping towards the door .

When the knife entered the body, blood splattered out like a rainbow .

The wielder would never have imagined that he would get into trouble with these two malicious immortals when he was merely performing a castration that had been done over a thousand times . As his eyes flipped up, he died even before he could make any noise .

Eunuch Li, who heard the noise after going back to sleep, stumbled out . When he saw the wide-eyed corpse leaning by the wall, and the angered Tie Cheng who was holding on to a knife, he was so frightened that he s.h.i.+vered and turned away to run .

With a stretch of his hand, Tie Cheng grabbed him by the collar and barked, "Old dog, how dare you . I'm gonna kill-"

However, Little Seven suddenly cut in . "Work . "

He had yet to regain his consciousness from the medication . Just now, he completely relied on his battle instincts to save himself from danger . Now, he felt giddy again . Wearing his robes and carrying the whip on his back, he repeated himself . "Work . "

Things around him were blurry, and he hadn't even recognized Tie Cheng or recalled what happened . It was merely instinctive for him to kill the wielder . Other than that, the only thing he remembered was to "work" .

Staring into those black eyes of Little Seven, tears suddenly welled up in Tie Cheng's eyes .

What an undistracted and focused child, who was so pure that he was not contaminated by the mortal realm, and who only knew how to channel all of his efforts and determination in achieving that one goal!

He should not be treated so unfairly by the Heavens…

In a careful tone, he asked, "You… do you want to look at your injuries?"

Little Seven looked at him dumbfoundedly and shook his head .

Tie Cheng felt that it was hard for him to continue the sentence as well . As such, he turned back and grabbed Eunuch Li . "Alive? Or dead?"

After hanging around King Meng for so long, he had also learned her way of tormenting others - one must not speak too much when threatening others . The most talkative one would be the least authoritative .

With trembling fingers, the pitiful Eunuch Li wept . "Alive…"

"Alright," Tie Cheng replied as he dropped Eunuch Li to the ground . "I don't care what kind of method you use, but you must get my brother and me into the palace . Being a eunuch is fine…" He paused and neared Eunuch Li, bared his frightening teeth and tried to mimic the evil, shameless, and cunning smile of his master . "But a fake one, do you understand?"

Recently, there were no news in the palace .

It was quite understandable . The concubines had to wake up early to greet the Empress every other day, and the remaining day would be used to weave clothes . There was not even enough time for them to sleep, much less stir up other matters .

The immoral Meng Fuyao even left a s.p.a.ce for a garden in her palace . She divided the garden into dozens of small plots, and each plot was allocated to one concubine, who had to be in charge of growing and managing the plot of land . Every small plot had a Green Head Piece attached to it . Whoever was better at growing vegetables or weaving cloth would be bestowed with the Emperor's presence for the night .

When Xuanyuan Min first heard of her decision, he was bending his back for training . In the end, he failed the action, and he twisted his back .

Holding on to his waist and gritting his teeth, he dashed over to Meng Fuyao and solemnly protested against her ascetic measure . Vegetables could not be grown overnight, and neither could cloths be sewn in a day . Especially for concubines who were rarely exercised, their efficiency was miraculously low . Under such a situation, how was he supposed to pa.s.s by the long and lonely nights? Moreover, some concubines were too tired and too afraid of the Empress that they ended up denying to sleep with him . The previous time, he flipped the Green Head Piece of Beauty w.a.n.g, and that woman immediately wore her ring . But he remembered that she just wore the ring ten days ago . What type of menstruation would last for half a month?

In response to his brazen request, Meng Fuyao revealed her perfect smile, which comprised two real teeth and one fake tooth . Caringly, she told him, "Settle it yourself . "

The cross-dresser was reluctant, and he tugged on her sleeves . With teary eyes, he said, "Why don't you be a nice human and help me to relieve my desire…"

Meng Fuyao gave him a tight slap, and he flew out of her palace…

Rubbing his nose in the garden, the cross-dresser said, "I originally had some interest in this woman . Now that I think of it, people who are interested in her probably need to be as strong as steel, as determined as Vajrapani, as valiant as a c.o.c.kroach, and possess the nine lives of the magical nine-lives cat…"

Meanwhile, the guinea pig was squatting in the garden and listening to his insights . The guinea pig looked up at him in admiration and thought, 'Your Majesty, you've really got it right . '

Actually, Lord Yuan Bao also wanted to say, "Your Majesty, I just peed on where you are sitting on right now…"

After the cross-dresser finally finished crying and complaining, he crawled up from the garden . Suddenly, he realized that a patch of yellow stain had somehow appeared on his beautiful bright green and peach-red robe . A concubine, who carried a spade to grow her vegetables, wailed in front of the vegetables he destroyed, as though her parents had pa.s.sed away .

She cried so miserably that the cross-dresser Emperor had no idea what to do . At that moment, he felt that his biggest mistake in life was to get that woman to become his Empress…

Hence, he dashed to plead for mercy for that concubine .

Meng Fuyao reached out to take a look, and she said empathetically, "No wonder she's crying . It wasn't easy for the vegetables to grow some leaves, but now they are all destroyed by you, and only the bugs are left . "

"You're not going to punish her, right?" With tears in his eyes, Xuanyuan Min glanced at the poor concubine who continued weeping in the garden .

"I never punish others…" Meng Fuyao munched on her chicken wing . "I only told them to eat what they plant . "

"Stop being nosy . " Meng Fuyao gave him a slap and brought him back to earth . "I didn't ask how your plan is going, but if you want me to cooperate well with you, you have to let me know about some things . When exactly do you plan to confront Xuanyuan Cheng?"

"Give me one more month," said Xuanyuan Min . "I think you are already able to guarantee my freedom in this one month, but I still need you to help me remove Consort Shu and Consort Xian . This includes removing the influence of their families, but it should not alarm Xuanyuan Cheng and result in his attack . "

"Do you know that you are talking about a mission that is almost impossible?" Meng Fuyao stared at him from the corner of her eyes . "As long as I target the two Consorts and their families, the Regent King would definitely react to it . He's not a pig . "

"So this will need Your Grace to showcase your ground-shattering wisdom and second-to-none talents . " Xuanyuan Min rubbed against Meng Fuyao and repeated that motion continuously…

Meng Fuyao kicked away the flirty Emperor and continued to munch on her chicken wing as she fell into deep thought . As she continued thinking, she munched and munched and munched…

Xuanyuan Min stared at the chicken wing which was already down to its bones, and he listened to the sharp noises of the teeth coming into contact with the bones…

'How frightening… This is too scary . If it was a hand instead…'

After thinking for a while, Meng Fuyao extended her hand . Instantly, Xuanyuan Min delivered a handkerchief for her to clean her hands . The chicken wing and the bones had already disappeared, and she has already forgotten that they existed in her hand . Solemnly, she said to Xuanyuan Min, "Namelist . "


"I need a name list of all the influences and connections you have within and beyond the palace . "

Raising an eyebrow, Xuanyuan Min revealed an expression that seemed like a smile . "I think that it's totally reasonable for you to want a name list for within the palace, but abnormal to request for a list that is beyond the palace . "

"It would be abnormal if you understood what I want to do," Meng Fuyao said as she leaned back on the chair . "Fine with me if you don't want to . But tomorrow, your Empress will be dead . "Small pieces of plank with every concubine's name carved into it . The Emperor usually flips the piece of the concubine whom he would like to sleep with for the night .

Legend Of Fuyao Chapter 244

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