The Universe Conspired For Us To Meet 194 James Bradford

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Before Daniel West strode towards the landline, the phone itself began ringing.

Tring! Tring! Tring!

He received the call. "h.e.l.lo!"

The voice on the other side sounded lifeless and humble at the same time. "h.e.l.lo Sir! Could you please get Mr Ronnie Roy on the line?"

Daniel West replied, "May I know who's this?"

"It's James Bradford. A very good friend and business partners with Mr Richard Roy!" The weak  voice answered.

"Oh! It's Mr James Bradford! This is Mr Ronnie Roy's a.s.sistant Daniel West. I was about to call you now." Daniel West said to Mr Bradford.

"Sir, please let me talk to Mr Ronnie Roy sir…." He pleaded.


Mr James Bradford was a business tyc.o.o.n. He had carved a name for himself in the society. So, if there was anything that he feared, it was his hard earned name, recognition and status in the society.

Unlike the spoilt, prideful, Katherine Bradford, her father was a n.o.ble man, having certain principles. He was also very good friends with Mr Richard Roy. They were business partners as well. But their relations.h.i.+p wasn't restricted to business. Even their families shared a very good bond.

Mr James Bradford was also one of the guests at Ronnie's wedding. He had attended the wedding with his family except for Katherine Bradford who was "busy, as she was out on a study trip to the Netherlands" while in actuality she was holidaying with Adam Clive.

She didn't pay much attention to Ronnie's wedding back then. All she knew was Ronnie Roy was a very good friend of her father and she couldn't dare offend him.

Katherine Bradford should have at least discussed it with her father the last time when she doubted if Ronnie and Jayne were related. Though they initially backed off, she took it on to the next levels of avenging Jayne just for her egotistical gains.

Maybe that one wrong move itself was the main reason which drove her to such a point of desperation to put down Jayne by hook or by crook, even if she had to employ unfair or illegal path for this.

Mr James Bradford had sent his elder daughter Katherine Bradford to study in London. He even bought a villa for her to make her stay comfortable. He stayed with his younger daughter and wife in Germany. So, he was totally ignorant of his daughter's activities back here in London.

That night when he was almost retiring to bed, a call from the Chief Commissioner from London turned his very peaceful life upside down. All because of his beloved daughter's idiocracy.

But it wasn't the time to think of his daughter's blunders at the moment. He had to think of a way to free his daughter first and think about everything else later. He at once made calls to his a.s.sistant to investigate further on this and majorly bail out his daughter as soon as possible

Being a high-profiled individual of the society, Mr James Bradford at first was shocked by his beloved daughter's arrest. Who would dare put his lovely daughter behind bars. Molten anger rolled through him..

He wanted his daughter out of this at any cost. He was ready to sh.e.l.l out any amount of money for his daughter's release. He was impatiently pacing in his room waiting for his a.s.sistant to report back with the details.

His a.s.sistant called back with all the information he needed. This was something he could never ever imagine. His daughter had offended the most important dignitary of United Kingdom, Mr Ronnie Roy. He himself had seen on the day of their wedding, how much Ronnie Roy had loved his wife. And his dumb daughter dared to offend her.

Now Mr James Broadford was clueless on what he should be doing.  He didn't dare to offend Ronnie Roy. He also knew if he too dared go offend him, that would be the end of his life!
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Hence, he decided to call Mr Ronnie Roy and talk to him personally about this.


On the other end, Daniel West asked Ronnie. "Sir, it'd Mr James Bradford himself. He wants to have a word with you…"

The Universe Conspired For Us To Meet 194 James Bradford

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