Never Forget Me 156 She Was Fine

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"Song Chin called me to come and pick you up. He said that Song Du Ling contacted him to let him know you have come to surprise him for lunch. But, he doesn't want you to wait because his meeting may go quite long."

Fei Fei Liu laughed.

"Oh, Papa you don't have to lie to me."

Fei Ling Chung eyes darted around, did she remember? If so then why was she smiling?

"I saw Song Chin, and I know he is preparing a special gift for me for our wedding anniversary. So, Papa, you don't have to tell fibs to protect Song Chin."

Fei Ling Chung smiled and patted the top of Fei Fei Liu's head.

"Go and wait in the car for me, I need to talk to Song Du Ling for Song Chin."

Fei Fei Liu nodded and hugged Song Du Ling.

"Goodbye brother in law, and don't worry your secret is safe with me." Fei Fei Liu gave him a wink and breezed out, her steps extremely light and happy.

"What in the world happened? I thought she was better, why is she still thinking that my brother is still alive? And why does she think Chairman Sun is my brother?"

Song Du Ling shot out questions so rapidly that Fei Ling Chung almost couldn't answer them all.

"She was fine up until a few weeks ago. She went to the mall and the bodyguards said that she saw someone she swore was Song Chin. I just thought that it was a coincidence until she went to dinner with my brother Fei Tian Ting. She had a bunch of flashbacks and then saw a guy that looked like Song Chin again."

Song Du Ling's eyes went wide. "Fei Fei Liu saw Chairman Sun and thought he was Song Chin. What if Fei Fei Liu saw Chairman Sun each time?"

He had to admit from the back that Chairman Sun resembled his brother, but that was where the resemblance ended in his eyes.

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"She was so distraught that I had to drug her, and then I repeatedly called her doctor. I think she may have to go back to the "resort", especially if she keeps looking for Song Chin or if she continues to think Chairman Sun is Song Chin."

Never Forget Me 156 She Was Fine

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