Harem Of Thrones 28 Darkness Within

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'Brother's powers have gotten significantly stronger in such a short amount of time, does he have some hidden power? Or has all of his cultivation finally awaken his true power?' Reza s.e.xily bites her lips as she remembers Drakos easily defeating Harry in a matter of seconds. She had never seen her young brother so powerful before in her life. Her heart was beating faster just thinking about being alone with Drakos and him being inside of her. In front of her was a strong young G.o.dly man who slowly becoming a legend.

Reza was the type of woman who disliked men in general. She had seen all types of men who were truly disgusting in her eyes. They were all boastful, full of ego, and crude typical males who only wanted s.e.x. It made Reza sick to her stomach. Plus Reza was too focused on becoming one of the best Knights in the Phoneix Kingdom. She wanted to make her clan rise up the ranks and be know again by the Phoenix Kingdom. She didn't have any time for any kind of relations.h.i.+p, however, it was different with Drakos her younger brother. After what Drakos did to her in the shower, how he touched her in every perfect pleasurable way possible she would never look at another man but her brother. She wanted to please Drakos in every way possible and she would also do anything to protect him.

Reza only cared about her family. But now she was slowly developing a strong bond for Drakos. Was this love? True taboo.

Just by looking at him right now Reza starting touching her thick thighs which were covered up with her skin-tight black s.h.i.+ny leather combat pants, her virgin p.u.s.s.y was getting wet just at the thought of once again embracing her young brother and finally getting to feel him inside of her with his ma.s.sive G.o.dly rod.

Drakos was the first one to attack Seron, he lunges forward and does a double-side tiger kick at Seron's chest.

*Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+* The sounds of Drakos kicking Seron echoed across the darkened Trial Room which was only light up by magical flame candles.

Seron swiftly doges his kicks by s.h.i.+fting his body from side to side. Drakos then does uppercut punches and forward jab punches.

Drakos moves at a faster rate by channeling all of his Dark Qi into his legs, entire core(stomach/Chest), and arms. His Primordial Demon powers also gave him an extra boost of speed. Drakos was so fast that he actually teleported all around Seron.

"How is he so fast!?" Seron eyes widen as he tries to track down Drakos's as he teleports around him at such a fast speed that only after-images of him were seen.

Drakos quickly punches Seron about 50 times in one session! He punches Seron's face, stomach, and chest. He coughs out blood and his face looks like a b.l.o.o.d.y mess. Drakos was too fast with Seron to dodge.

"What power is this!? You never had this kind of power before!" Seron blasted out in anger as his silver eyes twitched furiously and he coughs out blood. He was getting tired and annoyed of getting his a.s.s kicked by Drakos.

Drakos swiftly creates harden steel wolf claws out from his knuckles with Dark Qi like Wolverine and slashes away at Seron who puts his elbows together to block out his slashes. Seron transfers all of his Qi which was a Steel-Element into his forearms. Seron's entire forearms harden with Qi-Steel, his whole forearms were now covered in harden silver steel that was the same color as his hair.

Drakos slashes as fast as lighting with his Dark Qi- Wolf Claws at Seron's elbows. Friction sparks ignite from Drakos's claw slashes.

Seron's Qi-Steel armor quickly caved in and shattered by the sheer power of Drakos's powerful Dark Qi-Claws. What Seron and everyone else didn't know in this Trial Room was that Drakos had integrated the entire combat and power information of this world into his system. He formed advanced techniques with his Qi, Mana, and even his own Phantasm in just one day! His Heroic System had scanned and synced all the most advanced Cultivation and Magic techniques in this world into Drakos' mind known as System Mind. However, Drakos would still need to cultivate these skills and learn how to properly use them in combat. Of course, Drakos didn't know every Cultivation and Magic Spell in this world, he only knew some important ones which closely connected with his Necromancer Cla.s.s.

"Gaaaah!" Seron's body slams into the marble below and he almost slides off the battle arena. If he gets knocked out or kicked out of the battle arena he would lose the match.

"THAT IS IT!!! Stahlrabe!!!" Seron unleashes his Phantasm which was a steel Great-Sword that had steel raven wings on its hilt, the sword silver blade was so bright that it blinded everyone in the Trial Room.

Suddenly Seron was so angered that his Soul Form was finally awakened!

Seron's silver Qi -Steel energy explodes out of his body. A giant Steel Raven the size of Seron's body is summoned behind Seron and lets out a thunderous beastly screech. Everyone one of its feathers were made of steel! Seron spins up his Phantasm Silver Great-Sword and points it at Drakos. "This time I am going to destroy you with everything I got! I will make you suffer for what you did to the Phoniex Prince and how you dishonored the Princess!"

"So that is the Silver Raven! How magnificent!" Verlin says aloud as she tips up her gla.s.ses as she inspects Seron's Soul Form. The first stage to any Cultivator's and Magus's Soul Form was the Spirit Beast Form of one's very soul summoned and formed with the being's Qi. In this case, Seron's Spirit Beast Soul was a Steel Raven. Each Soul Form also had a Tier, the higher the Soul Form''s Tier is the more powerful and bigger was one's Soul Form.

Seron's Tier: Steel Raven.

Drakos's golden demonic eyes furrowed as he scans Seron's Soul Form. His Heroic Seals sensed that the Steel Raven Beast before him was a major threat, but Drakos didn't even flinch or had any shred of fear in his body. In fact, he was actually smiling with a sinster grin. 'Finally a challenge'


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Harem Of Thrones 28 Darkness Within

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