Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 64 Part2

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“Imperial Father, this Master Ming had always been arrogant in his belief. With his temper, if he didn't achieve his goal today, I'm sure he won't give up.”

Jun Shaochen frowned. How could his imperial grandfather give such privilege to that kind of person?

“What you said is right, this person is too arrogant. Even if your imperial grandfather's granted him such amnesty, he crossed the imperial bottom line.”

After all, the Emperor had long been dissatisfied with Ming Haidi's behavior.

While they were speaking, Liu s.h.i.+yu, He Yunting, and Murong Shaofeng had already jumped at the ring.

Each one of them glared at Ming Haidi as if they were a wolf.

Ling Qiushui and Su Ziyun have the same thought at that moment. They didn't expect so many people will take the initiative to protect Su Zimo. Both of them have a different concern though.

The two of them stared at Su Zimo intently.

When Ming Haidi saw the group of people, he felt that the woman seemed to have an extraordinary status.

“Hmph! Do you think you can defeat this old man with just a few of you?” Ming Haidi was still br.i.m.m.i.n.g with arrogance.

“Then, with this lord, today will be your death anniversary.”

Mu Yunxuan's sullen made everyone gasp for breath.

While speaking, he moved to the side of Ming Haidi. His body was covered with strong murderous intent. This old man actually wanting to kill his son and woman, who gave him such courage?

Watching the Lord of Yun City taking a shot, Ji Yaotian couldn't help but have a cold sweat. Why was the Lord of Yun City joining the show?

“You are the Lord of Yun City. Regardless of your status, you want to stand up for this married woman… …?”

“Bang!” Ming Haidi's sarcastic words hadn't been finished yet. Mu Yunxuan's palm had already greeted him. This palm, even with his full power, made him took a hundred steps away and eventually hit a deadly acupuncture point.

In Haoyue Country, no one knows Mu Yunxuan's actual level of cultivation. Everyone only knows that Yun City was impenetrable, especially Mu Yunxuan. After removing the curse circulating in their family for hundreds of years, he became a proud son of heaven.

“Ah!” A screeching scream sounded in the surroundings.

Ming Haidi looked at Mu Yunxuan in horror.

He thought he could catch Mu Yunxuan's attack, but he was wrong. Mu Yunxuan's cultivation was beyond his imagination. It was only one move, but he fell to the ground and bleed to death.

This thing caused everyone's jaw to drop to the ground instantly, and they looked at Mu Yunxuan in shock.

Isn't he the legendary being with the highest cultivation level? Why did he die?

How did he die?

Everyone has the same questions in their hearts.

“Wow! Dad is so incredible.” Su Qi said happily with a voice that he could only hear.

Su Zimo looked at Mu Yunxuan with both admiration and surprise, he was so strong! Knowing that he was so powerful, she didn't utter a word of sarcasm. Now that this Ming Hadi was dead! Her master will finally be able to forget his anger.

“Ma, Master Ming, this …”

Ji Yaotian was in a dilemma at both ends. Earlier, he was afraid that the emperor will not let him go. Later on, Ming Haidi dies due to the trouble he causes. Now, he doesn't have a big horse to ride.

When Mu Yunxuan saw the surprised in Su Zimo's face, he proudly smiled. He removed a big obstacle in front of her. She must be very grateful.

“Excuse me, can you tell me how far your cultivation has reached?”

The wors.h.i.+p she felt made her forget the hate inside her heart. She hugged Su Li as she stared at Mu Yunxuan. According to her knowledge, this Ming Haidi had reached, at least the 9th stage of Shengxuan Period. He was not that far to reach the peak. But this man killed him with one stroke. He was so powerful that it will be easy for him to pinch her like an ant.

“Do you want to know?” Mu Yunxuan intimately approached Su Zimo and whispered in her ear.

Su Zimo's body got stiff. The crisp sound of his voice sent a chill on her body. This man could bewitch any woman even without opening his mouth.

“I don't want to know. What you are doing?” Su Zimo glared at Mu Yunxuan. She must be sick! Why did she suddenly wors.h.i.+p him?

Cultivation period: Chuxuan period, Zhongxuan period, Gaoxuan period, Dexuan period, Tianxuan period, Jinxuan period, Shenxuan period, Shengxuan, period and Dianfeng period. Each period is divided into nine stages

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Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 64 Part2

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