Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 68.7 - Heroes save the beauty (Part 7)

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Chapter 68: Heroes save the beauty (Part 7)

Mu Yunxuan went to see Su Qi, but he didn’t stay long. He left the Mingyue Mountain Villa and went to Yun City.

In the study room, Mu Yunhan was waiting anxiously for Mu Yunxuan to return.

Hearing a noise outside, Mu Yunhan quickly got up.

“Big Brother, you’re back?”


Mu Yunxuan nodded his head in a good mood.

Mu Yunhan knew at a glance that he went to see Su Zimo. The power of love was really something, it made his elder brother like a different man.

“How’s it going?”

“It’s Jun Lintian. His real intention was not to kill sister-in-law but to determine her ident.i.ty. What’s more, Big brother you will not expect it! Ling Qiushui also went to the scene, and she met with Jun Lintian.”

Mu Yunhan simply said what he saw tonight.

Mu Yunxuan’s deep eyes flashed with regret. He shouldn’t have teased Su Zimo tonight. It seems that her ident.i.ty cannot be concealed anymore.

“Yunhan, is there no news in the palace? Did the emperor thoroughly investigated the case of Xiao Family?”

Mu Yunxuan sat on the chair and poured himself a cup of tea.

“There is no movement for the time being. It was delayed by Ji Hong and Lier’s compet.i.tion, the crown prince’s attempt and the murder in the Qunfang Pavilion. The murder is Su Taifu’s son and close to Jun Lintian. I’m afraid that the emperor is lacking in evidence. Without enough evidence, the emperor can’t do anything to Jun Lintian. Even though he doesn’t like Jun Lintian, in the end, he is also his son, there are still lingering emotions. Another is, the token found in Li Hu’s body belongs to Xiao Family, which made Prime Minister Li’s heart soft. If he goes deep into this matter, not only Li Hu will die, but also his entire family.”

Mu Yunhan was wondering what is his elder brother worrying about. This matter was not urgent, they can do things one at time.

“The evidence will be sent by someone. Yunhan, you let the people in the palace find a way to send the evidence to the emperor.”

Mu Yunxuan suddenly remembered that Su Zimo came a bit later on Su Li’s battle. At that time, many famous families in the capital went to watch the game. Without the master of the house, the servants naturally relaxed a lot. Since Su Zimo was going after Jun Lintian, she will naturally make a follow-up action.

Just thinking of Su Zimo’s revenge on Jun Lintian, it was likely that she still cares about Jun Lintian, which made Mu Yunxuan’s heart uncomfortable.

“Big Brother, I will send a letter to the people in the palace and let them pay close attention to Li Hu’s case.”

“Mmm! Let them hurry. Jun Lintian has already seen my wife’s face. With his character, he will go to their door tomorrow morning.”

“My, my wife… …?”

Mu Yunhan looked at his elder brother a bit unnaturally: This is… …

“Why do you look like someone who ate a fly. She and I are married. So of course, she is my wife.”

Mu Yunxuan said with a natural look in the face. Everyone either called her ‘Momo’ or ‘Mo’er’, it was a common address. But he, Mu Yunxuan can only call her like that.

Mu Yunhan was a little dumbfounded, it’s only been a few days! Why does he felt like the two of them progressed that fast?

Yunhan! You’re not the party involved. So of course, you will understand how your elder brother’s heart throbbed whenever he saw Su Zimo. You will never understand it! Mu Yunhan said to himself inside his heart.

“Big Brother, what about Ling Qiushui’s affairs? She seems to have come to Yun City not only to marry you but also for other purposes.”

“First, don’t beat the gra.s.s to startle the snake. What does she want to do? Send someone to keep an eye on her for us to know.”

“This is natural.”

Mu Yunhan’s heart turned cold. It’s extremely unacceptable to keep such an impure woman near their family.


Early the next morning, Su Zimo was still sleeping, but Qing He woke her up, saying that Jun Lintian came.

Su Zimo got up in a bad mood.

“Ha …!” Su Zimo yawned hard.

“Master, the Third Prince has been waiting in the partial hall for a long time now. You hurry up! He must be angry.”

Qing He put on a cloak to Su Zimo, who still had sleepy eyes. She helped her sort out herself.

“Let him wait. In my eyes, he is only a weed on the roadside. If I don’t pay attention to him, he will be more upset than punching him like cotton.”

Su Zimo sat on the dressing table. She wanted to sleep more. Mu Yunxuan’s words made her sleepless. His affectionate and desperate face haunted her in her sleep.

“Master, meet the third prince first! You’re all ready.”

Qing He looked at Su Zimo with a smile, who had a bad temper like children.

-End of this chapter-

Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 68.7 - Heroes save the beauty (Part 7)

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