Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 95.1 - No Blood Relationship (Part 1)

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Chapter 95: No Blood Relations.h.i.+p (Part 1)

“Qingjue, how can you say that? Yun’er is your sister no matter what you say it!”

Su Weichen’s face flushed. Today, he thickened his face to come. He didn’t want to live without his wife when he was old.

“Sister?” Su Qingjue’s face was full of a trace of irony, as he sneered.

“If she treated us, three brothers and sisters, as sisters even just for a day, these things will not happen. You come and ask Momo to let go of this matter. What does this matter do with Momo? That mother and daughter are to blame!”

Su Qingjue’s voice was cold, without any emotion.

“Su Ziyun used to take pleasure in bullying Momo. You have seen it many times, but you deliberately ignore it. Momo has a marriage contract with the third prince since her childhood. But didn’t you deliberately dare Su Ziyun to meet Jun Lintian? Momo just can’t cultivate, but in your eyes, she was like a sinner that you despise. However, you still dare to these things. What do you mean?”

Su Zinian roared in anger. Compared to Su Qingjue, Su Zinian was much angrier.

“Nian’er, you are presumptuous! I am your father, how can you talk to me so arrogantly.”

Su Weichen’s face reddened in anger. He was in the wrong, so he lacked confidence. He knew that he failed in his life, that’s why his wife and daughter went to prison. But, he needed to be courageous to save them.

“Father? Haha!” Su Zinian sneered.

“You are not worthy!”

The words ‘you are not worthy’ made Su Weichen look at her in shock.

“Sister, calm down first. Don’t be too sad.”

Su Zimo looked at her excited sister. She knew that she had also suffered a lot in Su’s family.

“Momo, I know that you have always been kind, but Concubine Jie is a poisonous woman. No need to mention that she killed our mother, but how did she treat us since childhood? And you know it inside your heart, for her daughter to be the Third Princess, she tried to kill you many times. As a father, even if he saw it, he pretended to be blind. In this life, even if I am branded as an unfilial daughter, I will not call him father.”

Thinking how the three of them lived in the Su Family made her so angry. Especially, when she was forced to marry. She knelt outside his door for days and nights, but he insisted on marrying her off. So how could she not hate him?

“Nian’er, you…” Su Weichen’s face flushed even more. He was so angry that he couldn’t even speak.

“If you don’t fall, how can you know how painful it is? Just like what my sister said, the mother and daughter are responsible for themselves. I just want to ask you, how did my mother’s body disappear?”

Su Zimo only wants to know about this matter now.

Su Weichen was startled and looked at Su Zimo in shock. How did she know about this?

Su Zimo naturally knows the doubts in his heart: “Concubine Jie knows about this, so naturally, there will be a time that she will say something wrong.”

When Su Weichen heard this, he knew it was the time.

“Since you asked, I have no choice but to tell you my own sufferings. Your mother, Situ Ruoyan, and I met by chance. At that time, the Situ Family was considered a big family in the capital. While I am simply from a small family. When I saw her, she was so beautiful. I always remember her face. I met her twice after that. We talked very happily. What I didn’t expect was, your mother will really fancy me, a person who achieved nothing. In just half a month, we got married. At that time, I felt that I was the happiest man in the world. I had a beautiful wife. 1 month later, there was good news, she was pregnant with Qingjue. But do you know what? Since I married your mother, I have only entered her room 3 times, and you three appeared in those 3 times. Later, I didn’t know why, but your mother became worried all day long, I wanted to comfort her, but she didn’t let me in. Slowly, I realized that the person she loved was not me. The person she was worried about was not me, but another man. After this realization, my heart gradually became cold. And then, Jie Lengchan appeared in my life. What made me more heartbroken was, when I told her that I will take in a concubine, she agreed readily. In anger, I did take in a concubine. But later on, I often visited your mother, after all, I really love her. However, she always talks coldly, making people feel depressed and tired. People said communication is the key to make the relations.h.i.+p stronger. But your mother, even if she has someone else in her heart, she never told me a thing. Even at the moment of her death, I didn’t know whether if she ever love me. If it weren’t for you three, we would be more like strangers.”

Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 95.1 - No Blood Relationship (Part 1)

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