A Paragon Of Wuhun Chapter 11

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Published at 22nd of August 2019 07:26:13 AM Chapter 11

Monster Beast to Fight

Proofread by Peter Gong

They were the black blood snake of the sixth level of Houtian Realm and the thick bear of the fifth level of Houtian Realm .

In the years when Chen Feng couldn’t practice arts, Yan Qingyu had taught him a lot of miscellaneous learning which included the identification of magic monsters and drugs .

Chen Feng held his breath . He couldn't handle either of the two monsters . He had a strength of 2000 jin, which was largely equivalent to that of a warriors of the fifth level of Houtian Realm . However, the monster of the same level was basically more powerful than the warrior .

But his eyes also sparkled with excitement . If two monsters fight, one of them will die . So he might get a bargain . What’s more, black blood snake prefer to guard treasure of heaven and earth . Generally, treasures can be often found where the black blood snakes infest .

All he needed to do, though, was waiting .

The bear was covered in blood and its fur was badly damaged . Even its strong scales were torn up to reveal the flesh . The black blood snake also suffered some damage to its scales, but not much . Apparently, the black blood snake got the upper hand, and the thick earth bear was hurt even more .

Suddenly the thick bear let out an angry roar . It rushed forward, looking like it was going to fight with the black blood snake . And the snake drew back in a defensive posture .

But at this time, the bear suddenly turned around, running in the opposite direction . It turned out that its desperate posture was only a false move, but in fact it was to escape .

Chen Feng secretly thought that the bear was cunning enough . When it couldn't beat others, it would run and play tricks . The intelligence quotient of these monsters was no less than that of human beings! He reminded himself that he must be careful not to look down upon these monsters .

There was a touch of human cunning in the snake's eyes . Its tail, which had been curled up, suddenly stretched out straight and lashed at the bear from the side . It turned out that it had already been prepared . It looked like the body was curled up, but it had actually prepared to eject quickly .

The bear's body was knocked out of shape and heavily hit the ground . It issued a sad and shrill howl . The black blood snake pounced with great speed . It rolled up its body, wrapping up the thick bear, and then it tightened its grip . The bones of bear gave out a cracking sound . However, it couldn't move at all and could only roar mournfully .

As the snake's body closed in, its roars grew lower and lower . By the time it let go of its body, the thick bear had been squeezed into a meat pie .

The black blood snake tore the bear's body with its fangs, took out a walnut-sized yellow crystal nucleus, swallowed it in one gulp, and then turned and left .

Chen Feng dared not to come out from the hiding place until it left . The black blood snake was so powerful and oppressive that he could hardly breathe .

Walking to the body of the thick earth bear, Chen Feng looked at it and shook his head in disappointment . The bear's fur and flesh had been crushed to a pulp, so that it couldn't be separated . There was nothing of value on it at all .

Chen Feng also quickly left here, chasing the black blood snake .

Snake had snake track . Snake monster, especially the place where the giant snake swam, would leave a very obvious trace, so it was very easy to track . And along the way, the black blood snake dripped continuously, leaving traces of corrosion on the ground .

Soon, Chen Feng came to the black blood snake's pit .

Here was the base of a stone peak, hidden from view . It could be approached only by skirting a boulder several stories high . Around the stone, surrounded by a heap of stones and green trees, was a black hole about ten feet in circ.u.mference .

A rancid smell came from the mouth of the cave . Chen Feng sniffed and felt a little dizzy . This kind of snake was too poisonous . But he was keen to discover that the smell was tinged with a very cold and delicate fragrance, which was refres.h.i.+ng .

 “Great . There must be heavenly treasure in this snake cave, and perhaps it is extremely precious medicinal materials!”

“But I'm no match for the black blood snake . It's impossible to take it by force . ”

“Then I will wait patiently . I do not believe that the black blood snake does not feed out of the hole . As long as it goes out, my opportunity will come!”

With this idea in mind, Chen Feng lived not far from the black blood snake nest . He found a small cave . On weekdays, he usually ate wild fruit, drank mountain spring, hunted low-level monsters, and practiced the Bright Big Fingerprint and Beiduoluoye Sutras .

The black blood snake was so big that if it went out, he would hear it .

Five days pa.s.sed quickly .

Chen Feng’s realm had reached the middle of the fourth level which was more steady .  The Bright Big Fingerprint was also more matured . However,  there was no spirit stone to absorb, and his realm did not increase .

On this day, Chen Feng was practicing with his legs crossed in the cave . Suddenly he felt a tremor on the ground . He quickly got up and quietly walked to the cave . Then he saw the great body of the black blood snake swam out of its cave into the thick forest .

It should be ready to forage .

Chen Feng’s heart thumped wildly, but instead of making a move, he waited patiently for the snake to leave .

When the snake finally disappeared, Chen Feng jumped straight into the hole .

A Paragon Of Wuhun Chapter 11

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