The Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 35, Chapter 499.2: An All

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Nangong Wan stared at him doubtfully and said, “Are you getting old? How are you feeling cold? Why don't I feel cold?”


There was no warning at all as Nangong Wan's body suddenly froze, and he was blasted forward like a cannonball. He crashed into four or five relatively weaker evil soul masters as he flew and sent them flying away, every single one of them crying out in pain as blood spewed from their mouths. Their bodies were all twisted from the collision, and they didn't seem like they could live through that.

“Second brother!” Both the Third Elder and the Fourth Elder were astonished.

The change happened too abruptly. A blurry green shadow appeared almost instantly beside the Third Elder, and an incredibly sharp aura descended upon him.

The Third Elder was startled, caught off-guard. He believed himself strong, but his enemy's soul power undulations suppressed him so much that he found it hard to breathe. He clapped his hands subconsciously as he activated his Cla.s.s 9 protective soul barrier and his Invincible Barrier at the same time.

Intense explosions could be heard as his Cla.s.s 9 protective soul barrier was torn apart. Golden light flickered continuously on his Invincible Barrier, and it seemed like it was cracking apart.

An Invincible Barrier's greatest problem was that it could only be crafted at Cla.s.s 7. It was more suitable for relatively weaker soul masters, and it was most effective at that standard. However, it was a lot less effective for and against t.i.tled Douluo.

The green shadow gradually materialized: it was Elder Song!

Elder Song broke through the Third Elder's external defenses with a single strike. Her attacks were lightning quick as countless green shadows engulfed him.

Blinding golden flames lit up the sky on the other side. Deep booming phoenix calls were heard as the Fourth Elder was enveloped in a sphere of radiant flames. His Netherworld Sword flew up and down, but he could barely hold on as he was beaten back continuously.

Silhouettes appeared at the same time all around them, and they swiftly launched an a.s.sault against the evil soul masters, who were so startled that they froze instinctively.

These people had appeared all too suddenly. Six or seven evil soul masters were heavily injured from their attacks as soon as they appeared, and in addition to Nangong Wan, who was sent flying away, a third of the evil soul masters' strength was shaved off.

Shrek Academy was the one responsible for this sudden ambush.

According to Huo Yuhao's plan, this battle had to be fought and ended as quickly as possible. Huo Yuhao was escorting his companions out when he returned to his tent before this.

The Holy Ghost Church's Supreme Leader led six Consecrates to the command tent, so these evil soul masters' overall strength was a lot weaker. How could Huo Yuhao let go of such an opportunity?

The Heavenly Soul Empire's a.s.sault was just a feint. They had no intention of clas.h.i.+ng head-on with the Sun Moon Empire's soul tool forts, and their attack happened at the time they had agreed on.

To ensure that everything would be perfect, Huo Yuhao told Princess Wei Na that there were two key points to tonight's operation. First, they had to agree on a time, and secondly, the Heavenly Soul Empire had to wait until the Sun Moon Empire was in chaos and disarray from the explosion.

The Heavenly Soul Empire was only to launch their feint attack when both things happened. If the explosion didn't occur, then the feint was to be canceled.

The plan was more successful than they had expected. The Heavenly Soul Empire were overjoyed when they saw such a powerful explosion going off in the Sun Moon Empire's camp, and several senior officers even believed that the Heavenly Soul Empire should take this chance to launch an all-out offensive. However, this idea was rejected by the other higher-ups, with Wei Na at the helm.

The Heavenly Soul Empire wouldn't launch an offensive like that unless they had absolute confidence, because they couldn't afford to sustain the losses. The army outside Heavenly Spirit City was the last of what the Heavenly Soul Empire could muster, and if they lost this strength, then the Heavenly Soul Empire wouldn't be able to recover.

Huo Yuhao had used Imitation to bring everyone out of his tent, and with cover from Imitation and his formidable spiritual power, not even powerful t.i.tled Douluo like the Third Elder and the Fourth Elder realized what was happening. Of course, for that to happen, Nangong Wan had to do what he needed to do.

He had secretly released his soul power when they were conversing and created a barrier behind them, and trying as much as possible to block off their sense of their surroundings, allowing Shrek Academy to ambush them like that when they made their move.

What was Huo Yuhao doing? He had an important task. Many of the Sun Moon Empire's senior officials and some of the Holy Ghost Church's most powerful individuals were gathered at the command tent, which their battle was happening not far from. Their plan would have to be abandoned prematurely if the Supreme Leader came to rescue his companions, if he realized that something was wrong. Furthermore, their lives would be in danger!

Therefore, Huo Yuhao went to the command tent to place a spiritual barrier outside it, and cut off any soul power undulations and sound from the outside world.

Even Elder Song and Yan Shaozhe would have trouble doing this, because they had to accomplish that task with soul power, and soul power undulations were too easily discovered.

Huo Yuhao could rely on his formidable spiritual power, and with Imitation, his Spiritual Interference Domain, and his immensely powerful control over his spiritual power, finis.h.i.+ng this task was a lot easier.

Huo Yuhao had seemed to leave quietly and casually, but he had already used his full strength. He had left a hidden spiritual avatar at the battlefield, and used Imitation through his spiritual avatar to conceal everyone from Shrek. On the other side, he had tried his best to form the strongest spiritual barrier that he could conjure so that he could completely separate the commander's tent from the outside world, just so Zhongli Wu wouldn't discover what was happening here.

Huo Yuhao was clear that he couldn't do this for long, because if he wanted to cut off sound and soul power undulations, he would have to cut off everything, and it would be relatively quiet inside the command tent. Zhongli Wu probably wouldn't realize what was happening for a short period of time, but that was hard to say if a longer time pa.s.sed.

The Third Elder and the Fourth Elder were suppressed in an instant when Shrek launched an all-out attack. After all, they were facing two Transcendent Douluo, and that was especially true when Elder Song was a Rank 97 Transcendent Douluo. It wasn't hard to imagine her fighting strength with her incredible speed.

But evil soul masters did have quite an advantage compared to other soul masters of the same rank. The Third Elder and the Fourth Elder weren't completely run over even though they were at an absolute disadvantage.

A barrier that resembled a web of lightning appeared around the Third Elder and blocked Elder Song's relentless a.s.sault; it was a soul tool he had used to protect himself.

The Third Elder's t.i.tle was Dark Lightning, the Dark Lightning Douluo, and he was a soul engineer at the same time. He had fused his martial soul with a soul tool that he had created himself, and possessed a set of unique fighting abilities. He amplified the power of his soul skills with soul tools, and all his attacks possessed the force of Dark Lightning. This Dark Lightning possessed the formidable element of lightning along with a thread of evil, an evil that could only be absorbed from a pile of dead people. The Third Elder's powers became stronger when there were more dead people around.

The Annihilation Storm had just killed many soul engineers and soldiers in the explosion, and all that dark and evil aura wasn't far from this place. The Third Elder could channel some of that, and he used his full strength as he unleashed his Dark Lightning and released all sorts of protective soul tools. Only then could he barely protect his life under Elder Song's swift and ferocious onslaught.

But the Third Elder was feeling terribly bitter. It didn't take long before Elder Song had damaged one of his three strongest soul tools, while the other two tools also had problems to varied extents under Elder Song's formidable attacks. These losses by themselves gave him a heartache.

The Fourth Elder's situation was even worse than the Third Elder. The Fourth Elder's t.i.tle was Netherworld, the Netherworld Douluo, and his martial soul was the Netherworld Sword.

Back then, he had teamed up with the Third Elder and forced Huo Yuhao to burn his spiritual sea to escape. But he was now facing the Dean of Shrek Academy's Martial Soul Department, the Dragon Emperor Douluo Mu En's eldest disciple, and the next heir to the Sea G.o.d's Pavilion.

Yan Shaozhe was one rank beneath Elder Song in terms of cultivation, but his potential was a lot greater. Back then, Mu En had hopes that he could become an Ultimate Douluo, since only Ultimate Douluo were worthy of becoming Master of the Sea G.o.d's Pavilion.

Yan Shaozhe's martial soul, the Radiant Phoenix, gave him the t.i.tle of Radiant Phoenix Douluo. His Radiant Phoenix was a fusion between light and fire, just like Bei Bei's Radiant Holy Dragon was a fusion between light and lightning. Even though he didn't have a pure Ultimate martial soul, the combination of the elements of light and fire was a fantastic counter to the Netherworld Douluo's abilities. There was an enormous gap between their cultivations at the same time. The Netherworld Douluo was already bleeding all over his face, and he had sustained relatively severe injuries as he fought for his life. He didn't hesitate to burn his soul power, and he channeled his soul core to the highest possible level before he could even defend himself against Yan Shaozhe's attacks. However, even if he could stay alive in the end, he would be so heavily injured that his cultivation would probably regress.

Shrek Academy had gained an absolute advantage in these two battles, while the other battles weren't considered too difficult. The reason for that was because Shrek had, besides two Transcendent Douluo, a Savage Beast!

The Ice Bear King, Little Bai, was the last to make his move, because he needed time to charge up his attack. When he walked out from Huo Yuhao's Imitation, a formidable blizzard howled out and wreaked havoc. Under his deliberate control, the blizzard was maintained only around the evil soul masters, and barreled towards them.

Back then, he had brought his Blizzard down from the sky and held back the entire Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion. He was now unleas.h.i.+ng it from the ground, and its force was much more terrifying.

However, Huo Yuhao was afraid that the blizzard would be too strong, and the Holy Ghost Church's Supreme Leader would be startled. Therefore, he had asked Little Bai to reduce his blizzard's strength. Otherwise, the blizzard would have been even more frightening.

Little Bai almost suppressed the rest of the evil soul masters all by himself. The gap in their cultivations and the frightening power of Ultimate Ice meant that those evil soul masters, who were only Soul Douluo at best, could only fight to protect their lives.

The Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 35, Chapter 499.2: An All

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