The Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 45, Chapter 612.2: Pressure

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Everything was about to be over. Once Star Luo City surrendered, the last remaining empire in the Douluo Continent would fall into her hands. Once she occupied the Star Luo Empire, her mission would be done; the entire continent would be unified. When that happened, even if he returned, at most she would lose her life to him.

When she thought until here, Ju Zi revealed a melancholic look in her eyes. Yuhao, did you know? I fear your return, but I also hope for you to return. Are you fine?

Three days later.

The Sun Moon Empire Commander's tent.

“Has there been no response from Star Luo City?” Ju Zi sat in her seat, and appeared almighty.

“No.” The general who was kneeling in front of her answered respectfully.

Over the past three years of war, Ju Zi's authority only became stronger and stronger. The entire Sun Moon Empire, whether it was civilians, scholars or officials, were all in admiration of the War G.o.d Empress. Under her rule, the Sun Moon Empire became very stable. Everything was in order, and the military was extremely effective. Most of the Dou Ling and Star Luo Empires had become part of the Sun Moon Empire.

Ju Zi slowly stood up, and a cold look flashed across her eyes. “Wow, this White Tiger Duke is impressive. I've judged you wrongly. Send my order – a.s.sault from the northern city gates. I really want to see what they'll use to resist the onslaught of my army.”

“Yes!” Everyone shouted in unison. They were all excited. They were already out of patience. This was a good opportunity for them to achieve their goal! Star Luo City was just a slaughterhouse in their eyes.

The military signal echoed. A deep humming sound resonated across all of Star Luo City. The Sun Moon Empire's ten-plus soul engineer legions attacked at the same time. The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion led the charge. The five soul engineer legions in the Hand that Protects the Nation rose into the sky. They formed a neat formation in the sky, coldly watching Star Luo City. On the ground, the various soul engineer legions were also prepared to unleash an all-out attack. All types of linked soul tools had already started to circulate soul power. In other words, they were ready for a linked attack.

After all the changes over the past few years, there was no longer any need to use ordinary soldiers at the frontline anymore. Cities were nothing in front of powerful soul tools. This was even applicable for a city like Star Luo City. No matter how tough and resilient it was, how could it possibly resist an attack from linked soul tools?

At the top of Star Luo City's walls, soul tools were seen charging. The top and bottom of the city walls were quickly filled with Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons and various other types of soul tools.

The three soul engineer legions from Shrek were ready to attack. The Heavy Artillery Engineer Legion now had more than five hundred Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons. It was also the main force resisting the Sun Moon Empire during the war. If not for the heavy artillery, they would have long since caved in.

The linked defensive barriers in Star Luo City were also ready to be activated. In terms of soul tool technology, the Star Luo Empire was undoubtedly inferior to the Sun Moon Empire by a lot. However, when it came to the number of soul masters, the Star Luo Empire had the advantage. Its advantage was even very large.

It wasn't just the soul masters of the Star Luo Empire that were gathered here. There were also some soul masters from the Heavenly Soul and Dou Ling Empires.

Among the soul masters from the two empires, there was indeed a portion of them who had defected to the Sun Moon Empire. However, more of them ran to the Star Luo Empire, the only remaining haven in the Douluo Continent.

As a result, the linked defensive barriers could be supported. This was also why Star Luo City could hang on until now.

Of course, this was also because the Sun Moon Empire's high-energy compressive array soul tools needed more time to be charged. Although light was unlimited, absorbing, transforming, filtering and compressing it required a long process. This was especially so because this technology was new.

The various soul engineer legions in the Sun Moon Empire were already very experienced. Just as they closed in, b.a.l.l.s of intense light were already starting to form in the sky.

Star Luo City felt a little silent and lonely now. To the Sun Moon Empire's army, it was the city's last struggle. But it was a futile one.

All five soul engineer legions of the Hand that Protects the Nation were high up in the sky. They were divided into five regions. They were usually not needed for the first strike. Their main purpose was to monitor the entire battlefield, and their role was to replenish a sector whenever there was a shortfall.

Ju Zi was inside the commander's tent. There were different types of soul tools at the side of the tent. These soul tools' screens were connected to various aerial surveillance soul tools, broadcasting the live situation on the battlefield. Ju Zi was thus able to a.n.a.lyze the fight and deploy her troops better.

“Weird. Why has the city not attacked using stationary, given how close we are?” Ju Zi was a little puzzled as she muttered.

Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons were the most important weapons to Star Luo City. They fired stationary Their greatest advantage was their effective range. Because of this advantage, the gap between the Sun Moon Empire's soul engineer legions and Star Luo City was controlled. While linked attacks were very strong, their effective range was not as far compared to stationary soul cannons. Even high-energy compressive array soul tools were not as impressive. After all, these technologies were only developed in recent years, and had not been perfected yet.

Right now, the various soul engineer legions were already around two and a half kilometers from Star Luo City. This was the best distance for stationary soul cannons. At the same time, it was also the maximum distance linked attacks could travel. The closer the soul engineer legions got, the more powerful their linked attacks would be.

At this moment, the situation changed.

b.a.l.l.s of dark green light rose into the sky from Star Luo City. After they rose into the air, they shone with a jade-green glow.

There were not many b.a.l.l.s of light, only slightly more than ten. They were also greatly scattered, and their soul power undulations weren't very strong.

The strength of soul power undulations was determined by oscillation detectors. No matter how strong the Sun Moon Empire's soul engineer legions were, it was still very dangerous for them to face Cla.s.s 9 soul tools. This was why the various soul engineer legions immediately intercepted from afar using their linked soul tools the moment the oscillation detectors determined whether there were Cla.s.s 9 soul tools. Their strength was restrained as much as possible. In the previous fights, the advantage of these Cla.s.s 9 soul tools had been properly demonstrated.

However, it seemed to be different this time. The soul power undulations that came from those glowing b.a.l.l.s weren't too strong. The strongest ones only came from Cla.s.s 7 stationary soul cannons. Given the tier of this lineup of offensive soul tools, even the most ordinary of soul engineer legions could rely on their linked defensive barriers for protection.

The linked offensive soul tools had already finished charging. The soul engineer legions were waiting to deal Star Luo City a heavy blow. After making a judgment, the various soul engineer legion commanders naturally gave the order not to intercept. They only opened up their defensive barriers. This was already enough for them.

However, Ju Zi seemed to sense something. She suddenly shouted, “Quick, give the order to intercept…”

She only managed to say this much before she turned much more serious as she looked at the screens in front of her. This was because her order came too late.

Those b.a.l.l.s of jade-green light exploded the moment they got close to the various soul engineer legions.

Green lights scattered in the air. After this, Ju Zi was astonished to find that the several screens in front of her started to show distorted images.

What was going on? Ju Zi was astonished. The rest of the generals were also stunned. This was their first time seeing something like this.

The soul engineer legions on the battlefield were even more astonished.

As the jade-green lights shone in the sky, the defensive barriers erected by the Sun Moon Empire's soul engineer legions were quickly dismantled. The linked attacks that they acc.u.mulated earlier were jumbled up. Streaks of light rose into the sky, but they were very chaotic.

They were still not at an optimal distance to attack yet. Even if they fired one or two attacks, they couldn't pose any threat.

When these linked attacks were jumbled up, the soul engineer legions were shocked to find that they could no longer form any linked attacks or defenses.

Suddenly, the normally formidable Sun Moon Empire soul engineer legions were confused.

Xuan Ziwen was standing arrogantly at the top of the city walls. There was a cold grin on his face.

“Linked soul tools are special because they are linked. Soul tools with similar frequencies are linked to attack or defend. However, what if I disrupt the frequencies? What if everything becomes messy? I would like to see if you can still unleash linked attacks or defenses. This was your greatest advantage. And you are about to lose it.”

Yes, this was Xuan Ziwen's newest research. It was something that was capable of changing the outcome of a war.

As the Hallmaster of the Tang Sect's Soul Tool Hall and the strongest Cla.s.s 9 soul engineer on the Douluo Continent, Xuan Ziwen was well-aware that he could not compare to the Sun Moon Empire. Under such a circ.u.mstance, how was the situation supposed to be changed?

He was looking in this direction.

The Sun Moon Empire's greatest advantage came from linked soul tools. Once they were linked and there were sufficiently strong soul engineer legions operating them, they weren't even afraid of Ultimate Douluo.
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The Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 45, Chapter 612.2: Pressure

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