It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future 563 Separation.

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Li s.h.i.+yu examined Meng Ziyun carefully before closing the screen. He said, "Operator Meng, congratulations, you can leave the hospital now. I will prescribe some of my special recovery medicines to you. You will need to drink them for another three days before you recover completely."

"I still need to drink medicine?" Meng Ziyun asked in surprise. He had been elated at finding out he could leave the hospital, but before he could smile, he heard that he needed to drink some special medicine. He was horrified.

"Military Doctor Li, I know that your special medicines are precious. You should keep it for patients who need it more than me. You can just prescribe me some standard medication." Meng Ziyun immediately rejected the offer. He didn't want to experience that excruciating pain again.

Li s.h.i.+yu raised his eyebrows at Meng Ziyun's words. "Are you sure? You will need to drink the standard medication for one month. Also, you cannot get injured within this month. Otherwise, your past efforts will be wasted."

"I understand. Military Doctor Li, I promise that I'll protect myself this month and not let myself get injured again. Please just give me some standard medication." Meng Ziyun instantly made a promise. He was afraid that Li s.h.i.+yu would give him the special medicines if he replied any slower.

"I have already reminded you what to take note of. Do not push the blame on the doctors of the 23rd Division after you injure yourself again," Li s.h.i.+yu warned him.

"I won't." Meng Ziyun nodded his head profusely and smiled bitterly in his heart. He had already suffered the consequences so he would not do it again.

What happened was that in the five days he spent here, he built a good relations.h.i.+p with the nurse, Zhu Qing-qing, who took pity on him and thus told him the "truth".

Zhu Qing-qing told him secretly that he suffered so much because he offended the people in the hospital, which was why Li s.h.i.+yu was invited to teach him a lesson. She said that Li s.h.i.+yu was able to remove the pain during the treatment, but he purposely didn't do so for him.

The nurse was good at speaking. She hid some lies among the truth, so Meng Ziyun believed her entirely.

Meng Ziyun finally understood why he had to endure so much torture in the past five days. However, he knew that he couldn't take his revenge. Li s.h.i.+yu was an excellent military doctor so he might need his a.s.sistance in the future. It was better had to have a good relations.h.i.+p with him. Hence, Meng Ziyun swallowed his unhappiness. He couldn't let Li s.h.i.+yu feel that he had a grudge against him.

Meng Ziyun left the hospital feeling depressed. He reminded his two brothers and told them that if by any chance they went into the 23rd Division's hospital, they had to display a good att.i.tude and not offend the doctors and nurses in the hospital.

This experience made Meng Ziyun feel grateful towards and afraid of Li s.h.i.+yu. Whenever he thought about Li s.h.i.+yu, he would recall the pain and torment he went through. His body would s.h.i.+ver in fear uncontrollably.

"Ziyun, what happened to you?" Pan Jun'an was waiting for Meng Ziyun's reply when he saw his face suddenly turning pale.

Meng Ziyun regained his senses and took a deep breath to expel the fear from his mind. He forced a smile on his face and replied, "I'm fine. I just remembered Li s.h.i.+yu again."

Lei Yiming and Pan Jun'an exchanged glances with each other. They understood what Meng Ziyun was talking about. Ever since Meng Ziyun came out of the 23rd Division hospital, his temper improved and would not flare up as easily as before. Whenever he was about to explode in anger, they would mention Li s.h.i.+yu's name and his anger would immediately be dispelled. They were relieved at his change but at the same time, they were curious about what Li s.h.i.+yu did to Meng Ziyun.

"Li s.h.i.+yu…" Pan Jun'an purposely mentioned his name and as expected, Meng Ziyun s.h.i.+vered. Pan Jun'an laughed at him silently. He coughed to hid his smile and continued, "He probably won't be joining any battle clan. With his status, only a team like the Flying Dragon Special Forces will have the right to accept him. Also, even if he was willing to join other teams, the 23rd Division will not allow it. They will want him to serve at the headquarters of the 23rd Division."

Lei Yiming nodded in agreement. A military doctor was an important a.s.set. Bigger-sized battle clans might be able to get a normal military doctor, but a standard battle clan would not have any doctors with them. It was already a privilege if they had a mecha operator who had previously learned some medical skills.

"As for Li Lanfeng, there is a high possibility that he will enter a team." Pan Jun'an grew serious as he talked about Li Lanfeng. Li Lanfeng seemed like an amiable and harmless person, but he was the one that always saw through the schemes of others. Many had tried to harm Zhao Jun before, but they were all stopped by Li Lanfeng. He was the reason why Zhao Jun was able to live peacefully until today. The two of them would most likely enter the same team.

"We will know the results soon," Lei Yiming said with a smile.

Pan Jun'an and Meng Ziyun looked at the young man on the screen who had a cold expression. They understood what he meant.

On the other side of things, Wu Jiong arrived at the s.p.a.ceport of the 15th Division with Qin Yi and the rest of the team members. He got a shock when he saw a few hundred faction members there.

"Why are you all here?" Wu Jiong asked them in surprise. He thought that all the faction members would go to the 23rd Division s.p.a.ceport to send their boss off.

A fourth-year faction member smiled and replied, "You have been taking care of us for all these years. We are grateful to you, so we definitely have to send you off." Wu Jiong had put in much effort and time into the Lingtian Mecha Clan for the past five years. He had gained the respect of many faction members. Not everyone liked the cold and merciless boss, so Wu Jiong had his supporters, too.

Wu Jiong was touched and his eyes turned red. He nodded profusely. "That is something I should have done. You all don't have to do this."

Another second-year faction member said, "Captain Wu, we want to join the 15th Division next time, too. You must take care of us when we join you."

Wu Jiong smiled. "Sure. If you all come to the 15th Division, I will definitely help in any ways I can." The 15th Division belonged to the Wu family. Wu Jiong was also someone important to the Wu family. Hence, if he wanted to help take care of someone in the 15th Division, it would not be difficult.

However, Wu Jiong chased these faction members away just like Ling Lan. He knew that these fellows had skipped their lesson to come here. If they hadn't taken any leave, they would be in trouble.

Wu Jiong smiled happily as he sent them off. His mood having brightened up due to their actions, he didn't feel it was that difficult to part with his boss.

When Wu Jiong finally stepped onto the military s.h.i.+p of the 15th Division, he saw someone unexpected at the corner of the s.h.i.+p and stopped in his tracks. The smile on his face disappeared.

"Ye Xu, what are you doing here?" Qin Yi saw Ye Xu and immediately questioned him in anger.

"I came to send you all off," Ye Xu replied calmly.

"Haha, send us off? Do you still have the face to send us off?" Qin Yi gave a sarcastic smile. He looked at Ye Xu with anger and sorrow in his eyes.

"I know that you all will not forgive me, but I still want to send you all off." Ye Xu's expression was indifferent. He didn't lose control of himself because of Qin Yi's att.i.tude.

Qin Yi wanted to refute, but Wu Jiong stopped him. Wu Jiong looked at Ye Xu carefully. When they were still in their first year at the scouts academy, they had worked together to go against Ling Lan's team. Wu Jiong looked at him and suddenly realized that he had never understood this person despite having lived with him for 15 years.

Wu Jiong remembered in his second year in the military academy, he told his battle team members that he would register for the 15th Division. The 15th Division belonged to the Wu family so he had to go there. However, he didn't force his team members to go with him to the same division. If they didn't want to come, they could tell him and they would settle the necessary procedures in the morning.

Everyone chose to follow him into the 15th Division, including the vice-captain, Ye Xu. Wu Jiong trusted Ye Xu and felt that he would definitely join him. However, his feelings were hurt when Ye Xu requested to leave the team at the last moment just before the registration for the military. Wu Jiong was caught off guard.

Besides that, Ye Xu also took five other members. These were all core members of Wu Jiong's battle clan. Because of this, Wu Jiong's battle clan fell from a two-star battle clan to a one-star battle clan. There was a limit to the number of people in a one-star battle clan, so Wu Jiong had to put some members on the reserve team.

Wu Jiong hated Ye Xu. If he had submitted his request earlier, he would have had the time to fill up the empty slots and let the battle clan remain as a two-star battle clan. That way, he would have had the confidence to gain a position in the 15th Division the moment he entered and outs.h.i.+ne all his other compet.i.tors.

However, Ye Xu had destroyed all these plans. He made it more difficult for Wu Jiong, who knew that his other relatives were waiting in the 15th Division to take him down a notch. His father couldn't do anything about this. He could only rely on himself.

Wu Jiong looked at the comrade whom he had worked closely with for 15 years. He retracted the sadness in his eyes and asked in a low voice, "Why?"

Ye Xu remained silent and merely stared at Wu Jiong.

"Ye Xu, it has been 15 years. We started off with a collaboration, but after all those years, I treated you as my real brother-in-arms. Please tell me honestly why you did this!" Wu Jiong shouted, pouring out all the emotions that he suppressed.

No one knew about Ye Xu's betrayal except for his own battle clan. He had stopped the other team members from revealing the matter to the rest of the people. Even his boss didn't know about this. Wu Jiong didn't want to make his boss worry. After all, it was an internal affair. Ye Xu's betrayal just showed how incapable he was.

"We have different goals." Ye Xu looked at Wu Jiong with a complicated expression.

Wu Jiong felt hurt by the reason. "Different goals? What different goals?" Wu Jiong laughed. "Is this all you can tell me after we worked together for 15 years? What goals do you have?" Wu Jiong ceased his laughter and glared at Ye Xu coldly.

"I will not bow down to anyone," Ye Xu replied.

Wu Jiong immediately patted his chest in anger. "I have never seen you as my subordinate for all these 15 years. If you wanted to be the team leader, you could have." When they established the battle clan, he had asked Ye Xu if he wanted to be the team leader. Ye Xu rejected the offer and said that he was not interested in the position. Why did it become the reason for his betrayal? Wu Jiong was unconvinced.

Ye Xu looked down. "I am not referring to you."

Wu Jiong narrowed his eyes. "You meant our boss?"

Ye Xu looked up at him sharply. "Yes. No matter how strong the battle clan gets, you all will bow down to Ling Lan naturally whenever he appears. I needed teammates who were not afraid of Ling Lan."

"That is why you left us?" Wu Jiong suddenly calmed down and stared at Ye Xu's face.

Ye Xu slowly nodded his head seriously.

Wu Jiong's eyes became filled with sorrow and he closed them. "Seems like we have different goals. It has been 15 years. Do you still think that you can win against Boss?"

"Why not? As the son of Ling Xiao, he will not have any future." Ye Xu's eyes were cold and ambitious.

Wu Jiong opened his eyes. They had turned clear. "Fine, fine. You have great ambition. I will not drag you down. I will wait for you to realize your dream." He turned and looked at Qin Yi and the rest of his team members. "Let's go!"

Wu Jiong and his team members boarded the military s.h.i.+p without looking back.

"Young Master 13, the military s.h.i.+p for the 9th Division is arriving. We need to leave now." A member beside Ye Xu opened his mouth to say this.

"Zhou Ling? No, I should call you Ye Ling." Hatred flashed past Ye Xu's eyes as he sneered secretly. The Ye family was too strong. He was too weak to go against them and could only do what he didn't like. However…

Ye Xu looked in the direction Wu Jiong left and felt pain in his heart. Since he had fallen out with them, they would not be affected by him, would they?

"Since Young Master 13 is willing to listen to the Ye family and go to the 9th Division, I am able to use my real surname now," Ye Ling said with a smile.

He was a descendant of one of the Ye family servants. He showed great potential, which was why the Ye family changed his ident.i.ty and sent him into the First Men's Military Academy to watch over Young Master 13. He had spent 3 years with Young Master 13 before gaining his trust, after which he realized that Young Master 13 had been hiding his true capabilities all this while.

Ye Ling belonged to the Ye family and would only be loyal to the Ye family. Hence, he told the Ye family about Young Master 13's capabilities. This was why Ye Xu was forced to change his application and enter the Ye family's faction, the 9th Division. This resulted in the falling out between Young Master 13 and the Wu family. Young Master 13 could only rely on the Ye family now.

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