It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future 794 Punishment!

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All these staff members were wondering if they had missed something. In the convoy, other than transport trucks with mechas inside, it wasn't anything similar with the way the past ace mecha clan had come to their base. There weren't countless hover buses that had soldiers in them. Other than transport trucks, there weren't any other hover vehicles.

No, there was actually a hover car that was the military's newest model hover car which was shaped like a bullet following the convoy.

The convoy stopped at the front of the base. The person-in-charge of the convoy had already sent their request to the base and was waiting for the base's permission for them to enter the base.

Soon after the request was sent in, many multi-terrain vehicles came out from the base, filled with fully equipped soldiers that were either standing or sitting on top of the vehicles with serious expressions on their faces. Although the convoy had received permission to enter the base, they still needed to undergo a safety inspection.

In the front of the multi-terrain vehicles, a junior rank officer was standing there with a microphone by his mouth. He shouted, "The person-in-charge of this convoy, please come over here!"

When he shouted that, almost all of the advanced mechas in the air that was following the convoy turned around to look behind the convoy.

The bullet-shaped hover car slowly drove past the transport trucks, coming to the front of the convoy, and parking parallel to the junior rank officer.

The window of the driver rolled down automatically, showing a face that was full embarra.s.sment, "What, what's the matter?"

"Where's the information?" The junior rank officer frowned. 'What kind of ace mecha clan is this? The person-in-charge of this convoy is small and timid.'

The driver quickly took out a computer chip and gave it to the junior rank officer. The junior rank officer used the optical supercomputer in his hand to scan it, receiving the information of the convoy, it showed that it was indeed 250 Ace Mecha Clan's transport convoy.

The junior rank officer was disappointed that the higher-ups sent this ace mecha clan to them. 'This clan is probably just a standard ace mecha clan, randomly created from just a molty bunch of ace and special-cla.s.s operators. It is no wonder that its name is only a number. How can a random clan be given any t.i.tles?' He was clueless as to why the ace mecha clans that were stationed in their base was becoming worse every time.

After losing interest instantly, the junior rak officer waved his hand to his subordinates to examine the convoy. Then, he handed the computer chip back to the driver.

The person-in-charge of the convoy, the driver, took back the computer chip without the usual att.i.tude of arrogant ace mecha clans. This type of warm and respectful att.i.tude made the junior rank officer feel better about this clan, but he was still disappointed. 'As expected, it is lowly and random ace mecha clan that didn't even have the demeanor of an ace mecha clan. It seems our base will be continuing to rely on the two bases our us to help us again in the future.'

Half of the soldiers inspected the cargo while the other half collected everyone else's information. After they compiled all the information together, a representative immediately ran back and reported to the junior rank officer the results of their inspection.

'As expected, it is that kind of ace mecha clan. In the cargo, other than the 200 ace mechas, there were also a few dozen special-cla.s.s mechas.' The junior rank officer was wondering why this 250 Ace Mecha Clan only had their mechas here. 'Where is their mecha operators.' He thought

"Where the rest of your ace mechas? Are they currently used by your mecha operators?" the junior rank officer couldn't help but ask.

"Huh?" The driver of the bullet shaped hover car had a confused expression on his face in response to that question.

"Does your mecha clan only have this many mechas?" The junior rank officer saw the driver's expression, and wasn't pleased. 'Is this guy pretending to be an idiot?'

"Yes, our mecha clan only have these mechas currently!" The driver finally understood the question and answered sincerely.

The junior rank officer immediately raised his head and looked toward the driver, discovering that the driver had serious expression on his face and was not joking with him. He suddenly felt his chest cramping up and some blood almost gushed out from his throat. It turns out this mecha clan couldn't even be considered as a standard ace mecha clan.

"Then, where are your mecha operators?" If there weren't any mechas being piloted, then shouldn't their mecha operator be here?

Hearing this, the driver put his head back into the car and took out a navigator from the glove box. He placed it in front of him and fiddle it with a serious expression, seemingly was searching for something.

"What are you looking for?" the junior rank officer asked confusedly.

The driver looked at the junior rank officer with a look that was asking if the junior rank officer was an idiot, "I'm looking for our mecha operators…" 'He just asked me where our mecha operators are. Aren't I helping him look for them? Are all of the soldiers in this base that dumb?'

The junior rank officer almost spat out a mouthful of blood from the answer. 'Do the people in this 250 Ace Mecha Clan have a screw loose in their brain?'

Right as he was about to become angry, the driver exclaimed, "They're here, they're here!" Afterwards, he literally pulled out his torso out of the window and began furiously waving towards the back of the convoy.

The junior rank officer looked towards the direction where the driver was waving at, but he didn't see anything. After squinting his eyes to try to spot for something, he seemed to have thought of something. He patted his body and found his binoculars, then quickly placing it in front of his eyes. At the edge of the horizon, dust could be seen being swept up like a storm. A white and blue dragon was moving the dust storm. When it got closer, the junior rank officer had a stunned expression on his face. The dragons was actually a group of people. They wore the 23rd Division's white and blue uniforms and were running towards them at a fast pace.

The reason why the junior rank officer was surprised was because of the speed at which that group of people moved as it was only possible for experts who had reached the Qi-Jin stage to reach that speed.

Not long after, even the soldiers from the bse could see them. It showed just how fast they were going.

"They…" The junior rank officer felt his lips were chapped.

"Our mecha operators." The driver had a big grin on his face. "They ran all the way from the main base to here."

'Run? A few hundred kilometers…' The junior rank officer just could wrap his head around that answer. He asked weakly, "Why are they running here?" 'If they had the physical endurance to run all the way here then they would totally be able to operate a mecha and fly here… No, mecha operators who were Qi-Jin experts didn't have any problems with endurance.' The person-in-charge's brain began to twist and turn, causing him to actually become unable to compute the situation.

The driver waved his hand and said, "It was because they were too excited, angering our regiment commander."

"Then…?" The junior rank officer asked with stunned look on his face.

"They were punished and sent to do some cross-country running," the driver said with schadenfreude.

'What a terrifying regiment commander…' The person-in-charge was dumbfounded. He actually began to stutter, "Then, then, where is your regiment commander?"

Before the driver could speak, the soldiers who made up the white and blue dragon all stopped in front of the hover car. Their faces were all red, with their hands holding their legs as they breathed heavily. Even for Qi-Jin experts, it wasn't easy for them to run alongside the convoy. They had to put in all of their might just to catch up with it.

"Qi Long and the others aren't here yet?" The driver looked around but didn't see Qi Long and the others. He instantly covered his mouth and laughed.

"Boom!" A silhouette landed from the sky and knelt half-way onto the ground. He had a girl on his back. It was Han Xuya. Han Xuya jumped down from the person's shoulder excitedly and shouted, "Next time you get punished Qi Long, I'm going to be your baggage again!"

"I definitely don't want to do that ever again!" Qi Long almost died from exhaustion. 'What did Han Xuya eat when she was growing up? She was so heavy.'

Another person followed behind him and landed in the same style. Luo Lang piggy-backed Luo Chao and arrived swiftly as well. Luo Chao jumped down immediately and asked in a caring tone, "Elder Brother, are you alright?"

Luo Lang was exhausted to the point where he couldn't speak and could only wave his hand. In order to increase the workload of these guys who were at the domain stage, the Boss made them piggy-back one person while they ran here ,in addition to the 150 kilograms sandbags on their ankles. Luo Lang thought he was going to die on the way to the base, but luckily the distance wasn't too far.

It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future 794 Punishment!

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