It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future 875 Cover Their Retreat!

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A cold flash of light shone pa.s.sed Ling Lan's face. She raised her hand again and the strings around the officers became tighter. The expressions on their faces showed they were visibly in panic. They could already feel the string slicing through skin and feel drops of blood dripping down their bounded body to the floor.

"We can talk! Let's be civil for a bit and talk, alright? Don't be rash. What do you want? I'm willing to cooperate!" The commanding officer could feel death looming over his head, so he became very agitated as he spurted out words to calm Ling Lan down.

"Yes, yes. We are willing to cooperate." Under the threat of death, the regiment commanders were all willing to take a step back.

"Little Four, have you gathered all the information?" Ling Lan asked Little Four in her mindscape.

"Yes, Boss. I've settled everything," Little Four replied in a proud tone.

Ling Lan smiled and the cold aura around her disappeared. However, the commanding officer was surprisingly not shocked by her smile at all. Thinking that Ling Lan was distracted by something, he released all his force of presence to break free from the thin strings. But, as someone at the peak of Qi-Jin, he was unable to resist against a domain realm master.

Bang! Blood appeared everywhere as splattered all over. The officers that were still celebrating a moment ago had turned into piles of blood and meat.

"Quite surprising for a commanding officer of a base like this. He is not weak. What a good disguise. Luckily, I'm always careful." Ling Lan looked at the gory scene and mocked the commanding officer. When these officers were pleading her to think about her actions, they collaborated with one another, trying to send the news that they were invaded out of the base. If Little Four hadn't taken control of the mainframe, this piece of news would have been sent out of the base.

"Little Four, make a fake order by the commanding officer stating that the entire base is allowed to celebrate Haliya's victory." Ling Lan talked so much with these people because she wanted to get samples of the images and sounds of the commanding officer. She needed those images and sounds to stop the mecha clans in the base to move around, as this would decrease the chance of finding out their supplies were being transported out.

"Yes, Boss." Little Four imitated the voice and att.i.tude of the commanding officer and sent an order down to the base. He told everyone that Hailiya had successfully gained control of Planet Haijiao. Hence, the commanding officer specially allowed the various departments to celebrate together, even the logisticians should celebrate too.

This news was sudden but Hailiya had already taken over most of Planet Haijiao. Thus, the news was kinda expected. All the soldiers in the base cheered excitedly. None of them suspected that the order was fake. The destruction of the satellites disrupted the contact of the Federation's bases, but they also caused Hailiya's bases to lose contact with each other. They were only able to send and receive news within their own base like a bubble. This stopped Ling Lan's lie from being exposed.

When the logisticians heard this piece of good news, they followed their commanding officer's order and went back to their camps to celebrate. Their commanding officer specially allowed them to drink for this occasion, and the soldiers had not had any alcohol for a long time, so they took the alcohol sent by the logisticians and started drinking without any worry. The entire base turned into heaven.

"They are so lucky. Why do we have to be on duty! Ah!" One of the logisticians on duty stared at the empty mecha hold and complained in frustration.

"Bear with it. Once the last two patrols come back, we can leave," the other logistician consoled him. If they didn't service those mecha operators, the mecha operators would definitely kick up a fuss. This was why they still remained here.

"Hey, they seemed to be back." Someone heard the sound of mechas entering the ports and immediately reminded his co-worker to start working.

"Hurry up!" They quickly returned to their positions and prepared to welcome their mecha operators back.

The mechas entered one by one. The logisticians wanted to send the mechas back into their designated positions but one of the logisticians suddenly said, "Strange. This mecha looks weird." The color was the same as their mechas but the design was different.

The logistician pondered for a while. Suddenly, he realized that these mechas, besides their color, looked more like the mechas from the Federation.

"No. That is…" The logistician finally understood what was happening. He shouted in fright. However, he suddenly realized that he wasn't able to make any sounds, as a strong hand holding his throat firmly.

"Boss is right. The crucial moment is after we enter the base." Qi Long brutally snapped the logistician's neck and fresh blood stained his hand. It became red. He frowned slightly. Then, he slowly put the person down. The next second, he appeared in another position and killed all the logisticians on duty.

Soon, all the team members in team 03 and team 08 entered the mecha hold and they saw Qi Long giving them a v-signal. Then, they knew that the people in the mecha hold had all been killed.

"Did you destroy their bodies?" Han Jijyun asked.

"I don't have an ability like our Boss's. So, I just threw the corpses into a small room." Qi Long was frustrated. He admired his Boss's domain, as it had an amazing technique that could destroy bodies and remove all traces of the murder.

"We need to find a safe transport route." Han Jijyun reminded everyone of their next task. "I wonder where Boss is. Is he in danger?" Han Jijyun knew that his Boss could handle everything but he still couldn't help but worry.

"Since we are able to enter successfully, it means that Boss has controlled the mainframe of the base." Qi Long had ultimate confidence in his Boss.

"But, Boss is alone…" Han Jijyun muttered.

"The people in the base are all celebrating now. As long as you don't make a huge commotion, you won't alert them." At this moment, Ling Lan's cold voice appeared on their team channel.

"Boss!" Qi Long and Han Jijyun shouted in surprise.

"You all broke the military rule. After this mission, go and get your punishment from Zhong-qing," Ling Lan reminded them that they broke the military rule again indifferently.

"Yes." Qi Long and Han Jijyun willingly accepted their punishment. This was nothing to them. As long as their Boss was here, they felt at ease.

"This is the transport route. You all are in charge of guarding the area. Once you notice someone is nearby, kill him." Ling Lan pa.s.sed them a map with the transport route marked on it. At the same time, she gave them an order to kill.

"Yes." Qi Long and Han Jijyun led their team and positioned themselves on this route. They guarded the route carefully. Once someone got near them, they would kill him secretly.

Liu Furong received an order to enter the base. He led the eight mecha clans that had already gathered together and surrept.i.tiously entered Base Ailan.

Thus, under Hailiya's nose, the soldiers from the Federation sneaked the supplies out of Base Ailan. Their mechas that were supposed to be fighting in wars became transport mechas. They placed heavy bags of supplies on their shoulders and between the arms of two mechas. Then, these mechas quickly left the base.

Liu Furong and Han Jijyun's team left with these mecha clans too. They were supposed to escort the eight mecha clans to ensure their safety. As for Ling Lan, she was still in the base as she had other plans for Base Ailan. Han Jijyun was weaker compared to the other people in the base so letting him stay behind would just be putting him in unnecessary danger. Hence, she only allowed Qi Long's team to stay back.

Ling Lan didn't want to return Base Ailan unscathed to Hailiya. Hailiya destroyed numerous of their bases so it was time to collect some interest.

Ling Lan sat in the command center. The ma.s.sive screen in front of her showed her eight mecha clans leaving Base Ailan. If she didn't take control of the mainframe of the base and gave that fake order, the mechas from the Federation wouldn't be able to sneak into the base so easily and steal the supplies without anyone noticing.

Hailiya didn't choose to attack Base 013 because they knew that they didn't have many supplies left, right? Unfortunately for them, they would never expect her to have a bugged character like Little Four. Without Little Four, she wouldn't be able to do this.

"Boss, I've put TNT in all the locations you gave me." One hour later, Qi Long and his team finally completed the mission Ling Lan gave them.

"Wait." Ling Lan didn't move, She must wait till the transport team was at the first line of defense of Hailiya before letting the bombs explode, as this would attract the attention of the bases at the first line of defense, thus giving more time for the transport team to retreat.

Of course, she and Qi Long's team would be surrounded if that happened. They might not even be able to go back.

Time pa.s.sed slowly. Ling Lan sat in the quiet command center like a rock statue. She seemed to be asleep and resting. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and stood up.

"Qi Long, go back to the mecha hold. Prepare to leave." It was time to act.

Qi Long was already feeling a little frustrated from waiting. He instantly turned attentive and quickly ordered his team to leave their positions.

"Regiment commander!" Everyone shouted excitedly when they saw Ling Lan.

"Let's go. This time, we need to fight our way back. Leave your final words here." Ling Lan threw a recorder into Qi Long's hand.

Qi Long was stunned. He immediately understood what Ling Lan meant. He held on the recorder and laughed. "Father, I'm glad to be able to be your son. I'm glad to be able to come to Planet Haijiao with my Boss and work together with him to let our comrades retreat safely. I'll remember the teachings of the Qi family and not embarra.s.s you all. Goodbye!"

After he finished speaking, he pa.s.sed the recorder to his deputy. The mecha operators from 250 Ace Mecha Clan were all experienced mecha operators who had been through many battles, so they all understood what this meant. They left their final words and then pa.s.sed the recorder back to Ling Lan.

Ling Lan on the recorder and looked into the camera. She remained silent for a few seconds before saying, "I'm happy to be able to come to this world and become your child. Father, mother, I love you!"

After she finished speaking, she kept the recorder safely. She turned serious and said, "Enter your mechas."

Everyone entered their mechas. Ling Lan stomped her left leg and flew into the auxiliary seat of Qi Long's mecha, as her mecha was still in the mountains. Thus, she must use Qi Long's mecha to leave the base.

Ling Lan ordered Little Four to explode the bombs after 10 minutes of them leaving.

Little Four asked Little Blossom to give him one of his replicas and he stuck it into the mainframe of base Ailan.

Little Four gave a burst of evil laughter. "I hope they don't try to recover the data in the mainframe. If they do… they are dead!" Little Four immediately started the countdown for the bombs. Then, he returned back to Ling Lan's mindscape. There were no satellites so Little Four could only rely on radio waves to move. Hence, he couldn't stay too far away from Ling Lan. If not, he wouldn't be able to come back.

Ten minutes later, a huge explosion occurred in Base Ailan, destroying the entire base. Most of the drunk soldiers in the base died in the explosion with only a few lucky ones managed to survive.

At the central command center of Hailiya, the commander-in-chief was looking at the details of the reinforcements by the Federation. Their current position was written in the doc.u.ments too. He was thinking about the best time to conquer Planet Haijiao.

Ling Lan was right. Hailiya had a huge appet.i.te. They wanted to gobble up Planet Haijiao as well as reinforcements sent by the Federation. This was why they surrounded Base 013 but didn't seize it. The moment the reinforcements entered Planet Haijiao's atmosphere, they would destroy the bases left and make Planet Haijiao theirs. That way, the reinforcements would become invaders of Hailiya. Then, they would be able to send their two G.o.d-cla.s.s operators as well as their imperial operators to instantly destroy the hundred fleets sent by the Federation. This would prove that Hailiya was not a small country that could be easily messed with.

"Beep beep beep!" His mainframe suddenly sounded. It was the signal for an emergency. The commander-in-chief quickly answered the call. "What happened?"

"Commander-in-chief, we just received news that a base at our second line of defense, Base Ailan, suddenly exploded." An agitated voice sounded in the mainframe.

"Huh?" The commander-in-chief sprung up. "Have you sent someone over?"

"The bases around it had sent a patrol team over. They mentioned that the entire base was destroyed, and it was not an ordinary explosion."

"I know. Immediately report if there are new updates." The commander-in-chief hung up and walked out of his office.



The staff officer department was in a frenzy.

"Lieutenant general, you know what happened to Ailan, right?" A major general saw the commander-in-chief walking over and immediately spoke to him.

"Yes. Let's take a look at the map." The commander-in-chief asked the person to come with him. They walked over to the 3D map in the center of the room. They looked at the burning base and frowned.

"Did you notice anything?" The commander-in-chief looked at Base 013 which was more than ten miles away. He was clear about what had happened.

"There are two possibilities. One, the surviving soldiers from the fallen bases gathered together and attacked the base. Second, Base 013 attacked Ailan with a motive." The major general spoke his mind. "I'm more inclined to believe the second possibility."

"Major General Luo Qi, you are indeed the leader of the G.o.d-Killers. You saw the truth at a glance." The commander-in-chief nodded. He touched his chin and asked the adviser beside him. "How long has Base 013 been surrounded?"

"16 days," the adviser replied instantly.

"How many soldiers do they have left?" The commander-in-chief asked again.

It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future 875 Cover Their Retreat!

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