A Kaiju Reincarnated Into Pacific Rim 21 Dominance

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Jasons Pov...

As i carried Tommy and left with my sister to a safer location, along with Micheal and Jessica who was still apparently traumatized after her first battle with a kaiju and a close experience to death. As we made it towards the truck sent by the military we were given towels and warm blankets as the weather itself was still the same during the winter. I then gave jill, Micheal and Jessica a towel and a few blankets to warm them up.

The truck then began moving back to base, but the most annoying thing that happened along the way was the helicopter which was observing the battle between retro destroyer and the lizard like kaiju. This was something that commander brian was not going to be happy about, and now we weren't going to hear the end of it. However, that was for later as right now the battle between the two was becoming intense.

I knew that Chris and john could beat that kaiju since... well i did not want to admit it but, if me and jills record of defending the American division was impressive and would be placed in the top 5 then these guys would be in the top three in the U.S. I mean if we were to look at casualties of kaijus attacks, both chris and john had the least ever recorded. This was why i believed that they could beat the c.r.a.p out of this kaiju, but for some reason I just can't shake the feeling from that smile the kaiju made. However, i put this at the back of my mind as the battle was going pretty well.

Hakairas Pov...

This jaeger is pretty good in using both its movements to push me off or hold me in a difficult situation, they must have much experience. I then moved towards it and began by holding onto its hands, as soon as i did i quickly used my tail to trip it from its leg. However, it quickly jumped up, and as soon as its feet's touched the ground it turned around and held my hands while pulling me over from its shoulders. I then realized that i was now on the ground, while the jaeger was above and was about to stab me with a weapon in its left hand.

I quickly dodged and saw that its left arm was stuck in something, at that point i punched its head and managed to knock it off of its feet. I then got on top of the jaeger and punched both its head and chest. But that lasted for a moment as the jaeger opened its chest and was about to launch another metallic weapon from it. However, i was prepared and moved towards the side, while gathering oxygen inside my mouth and immediately fired it at its chest. I then noticed that one weapon which had yet to be launched had exploded within its chest.

Then an explosion occurred with the jaegers chest which damaged it from within, i then stood on top and thought of something which i needed to do. As in the future many of these jaegers would still be underestimating me. So i need to prove myself, i need to exert my dominance and show them.

Christophers Pov...

10 minutes earlier.

"Hey john, how long do you think we can finish this kaiju, huh?", i said as i was felt confident that we could beat the kaiju we were facing. "Lets see if we can do it within 10 minutes if we can, then that would be a new record.", my brother said as he probably also felt that it would be an easy job. For the next few minutes we obviously had the advantage as we fought the kaiju. However, 6 minutes later i noticed that this kaiju was adapting to situation it was in. But we managed to use a normal flipping technique which put it onto the ground.

John then pressed from our a.r.s.enal of weapons to push out a weapon from our left arm. However, just as we were about to pierce it into the kaiju, it dodged and now our arm was stuck within the ground. We tried to quickly pull it out, however the kaiju had reacted first and punched our chest then our c.o.c.kpit which had us dazed and managed to drop us onto the ground. It then landed ontop of us and began punching our chest, but we immediately used our missiles from within our chest to try and push it off or hurt it. But the kaiju somehow knew and dodged to the side, what happened next was something both john and i did not expect.

The d.a.m.n kaiju was now emitting fire from its mouth and sent a d.a.m.n flame thrower into our chest which ignited a missile which had not yet launched. The missile which ignited within our chest had damaged everything and pushed us into a critical state. At that moment i knew that it wasn't us who were toying with it, but it was kaiju that was toying with us, do you know how i knew, it was because the d.a.m.n kaiju was smiling by showing its extremely sharp jaws.

However, our nightmare did not end there, as the kaiju moved its hand and pulled at our head. I knew at that moment what this d.a.m.n kaiju wanted to do, it dteached our head off from our body. It then raised our head up until its own face was close to ours, it then opened its jaws and just when we thought it was going to devour us all it did was roar at high volume which nearly damaged our ear drums. It then used lifted us even higher than before, at that point we were above its head. I tried to not notice but how could i not, there was a chopper flying over us and probably got everything, from the beginning of the fight towards the ending.

General Pov...

To many who were watching the news many were first shocked that a kaiju was eating its own kind. Then a scene which had never been witnessed before was now happening, many have seen the defeat of a jaeger before. However, this was something never before seen, a kaiju had not only defeated a jaeger but it was now holding the mutilated jaeger head above its own. It then seemed to be proving something by doing this, some did not understand and thought that it was doing something barbaric in its actions.

However, to those who had been on many battles, or those who knew the behavior of certain creatures. This action that the kaiju was performing seemed to be proving its dominance not only to the jaegers, but to all those in the world. In fact one creature in hiding was closely watching the scene and felt its blood boil, "A bit more, once you have reached the level of which i would require of you, i will come and devour you myself before those of the other world do.

A Kaiju Reincarnated Into Pacific Rim 21 Dominance

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