Song Tian's Farm And His Daily Life 82 Another Side Ques

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At 6 AM, after putting the pair of chicken in the breeding room, Song Tian walked outside.

Just as he's about to open the door, Song Tian slapped his forehead as he forgot that he had two breeding rooms on the chicken coop.

Song Tian immediately picked another pair of chicken, and he went to put them in another breeding room.

After that, Song Tian starting to do his other work.

One hour later, inside the dimensional room, Song Tian, Su Wen, Giga, and Yos.h.i.+da Kenji went to check the Basic Fis.h.i.+ng Pond.

Taking a closer look at the Basic Fis.h.i.+ng Pond, all of them saw several translucent fish larvae, drifting around.

"Wow, they're so small," Yos.h.i.+da Kenji said as he looked at the larvae.

Yos.h.i.+da Kenji continued, "Five days, isn't it? Are you sure these small little things will grow to that huge fish?" he couldn't help but ask.

Song Tian replied, "It is, even tomorrow you should be able to see the growth of it," he said.

Song Tian continued, "After all of them matured, I'll release half of them back to the ocean," he said.

Su Wen furrowed her brows, "Half of them? Isn't that too much?" she said.

Song Tian shook his head, "I don't really know how the ecosystem on the sea work. What if the few bluefin tuna I released get devoured by a bigger predator quickly without having a chance to breed?" he said.

Song Tian continued, "All the effort to release them back to the ocean would be in vain," he said.

After talking for a while, Song Tian took several macro shots on the larvae and sent them to w.a.n.g Hai, Bob Lawrence and John Tucker.

He even records video of it just in case one of them think he found the photos on the website.

Five days have been pa.s.sed, and Su Wen is slowly getting used to open her stall alone.

In the middle of the ocean, Su Wen, w.a.n.g Hai, Yos.h.i.+da Kenji, Bob Lawrence, John Tucker, and Giga are looking at Song Tian who's ready to release the 150 bluefin tunas.

On the edge of the boat, Song Tian started to release 150 bluefin tunas back to the sea.

Plop! Plop!

All the bluefin tunas plunged back to the sea.

Looking at the bluefin tunas appeared out of nowhere, Bob Lawrence and John Lawrence didn't get surprised anymore as they've already seen abnormalities showed by Giga and Mia Lawrence.

After 150 bluefin tunas released, Song Tian rubbed his temples, "Now I had to think on how to sell the rest of them to people," he said.

w.a.n.g Hai asked, "Brother, why don't we go to the fish market nearby?" he said.

Song Tian shook his head, "It's too far from my farm," he said as it takes several hours just to drive to the beach.

Su Wen put the fish she just caught on the bucket, "Brother Qiang used to handle the matter on Springville local market, right?" she said.

Song Tian nodded, "Yes, why?" he asked.

Su Wen sighed, "Why don't you ask him about the fish? He might have a connection with it," she said.

Song Tian eyes widened, "That's right, how come I didn't think any of that," he said.

Su Wen couldn't help but roll her eyes.

w.a.n.g Hai laughed, "Just call him," he said.
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Song Tian immediately called Lin Qiang, and not long after, the call answered.

"Xiao Tian, what's up?" Lin Qiang voice could be heard on the phone.

Song Tian started to explain everything to Lin Qian, and he heard a laugh on the phone.

"Xiao Tian, you remember my workers on the local market? The couple?" Lin Qiang said.

Song Tian pondered for a moment, and suddenly he remembers the first time he eats at the Lin Qiang restaurant.

There was a couple of man and woman eating on the other table while he ordered the spiciest food, they also help him to find the first buyer for his strawberry, Tang Fu.

Song Tian asked, "The one who helps me find Old Tang to buy my strawberry, right?" he said.

Lin Qiang replied, "That's right, I brought them to w.a.n.g Hai's dad company, and they're currently doing a project at the Milverion Fish Market," he said.

Lin Qiang continued, "I'll let them know about this, they should contact you in the evening," he said.

Song Tian eyes lit up, "Great, thank you, brother," he said.

Lin Qiang laughed, "No need to thanks me, alright, I'll send the contacts and let them know," he said as the call ended.

Several hours later, Song Tian already at his farm after fis.h.i.+ng for a while. He went to his dimensional room with the cats.

Looking at the huge fish swimming around the pond, Song Li and Xiao Yu eyes lit up and started to leap toward it.

Just as they're about to dive into the pond, Song Tian already grabbed them.

"Don't rush, I'll get one fish for both of you," he said.

Song Li shook his furry head, "One fish for both of us? Please, that's not even enough satisfy my hunger," he said.

Xiao Yu nodded, "That's right," she said as her tail wagging back and forth.

Song Tian laughed, "Fine, each one for both of you," he said as he picked two bluefin tunas for the cats.

Several moments later at the living room, Song Tian asked, "Xiao Yi, can I display the fish on the dimensional room to the Basic Fis.h.i.+ng Pond outside?" he asked.

Song Yi answered, "Yes, you can. It'll be convenient for you if the clients want to look for the fish," she said.

Song Tian nodded, he was thinking if he's going to start selling the bluefin tuna to the clients, there's no way he would lead them to his dimensional room.

After hearing the confirmation, Song Tian already planned to build a huge pond on the empty field outside, just for the fish area.

"Oh, that's right, I haven't tried to sell the tuna to you," he said as he looked at the Bluefin Tuna's stats.

- Name: Bluefin Tuna.

- Size: 150kg (Medium).

- Condition: Fresh (Time will be frozen while inside the Basic Fis.h.i.+ng Pond).

- [Sell for $3000].

Looked at the price, Song Tian nodded, "So it's $20/kg in your world, huh," he said.

Song Yi replied, "Yes, that's the current price of it in my world," she said.

Song Yi continued, "That's right, there's another new side quest related to the building interface, and it's also related to the fish," she said.

Song Tian eyes lit up, "Nice, show it to me," he said as he didn't pay $1000 to Song Yi for nothing, she actually reminds him when there's a quest related to the [Building Interface].

- Side Quest 17: Hatch the Eggs.

- Requirements: Hatch any types of fish (0/30.000).

- Rewards: New option on the [Building Interface] and Amount of Eggs allowed in the Basic Fis.h.i.+ng Pond will be increased from 300 to 3000.

Looking at the scroll in front of him, Song Tian immediately takes the quest.

Song Tian's Farm And His Daily Life 82 Another Side Ques

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