Input Log Dates Chapter 276

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Published at 25th of May 2020 11:15:04 AM
Chapter 276: 276
Location: Main hallway

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[door opens]

[footsteps are heard]


[door opens]

B1: [groggily] D4 . . . ?

B4: wh-what?


B1: [quietly] f.u.c.k . . . [normally] sorry 4 . I, uh, wait what are you doing here?

B4: [hesitantly] . . . I came to check on ration supplies . Chief-D1, are you okay?

B1: Yeah i . . . [sighing] yeah . Just got lots to deal with . . . I'm okay

B4: No you're not . Have you ever gotten any sleep?

B1: well i-

B4: You do know those who refuse to sleep end up cutting their lifetime? Not to mention you can't work your best if you're not even able to stand upright . Excuse my cra.s.sness, but I won't acknowledge you as a 1 if you half-a.s.s your work . Especially right now!

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B1: [chuckles] Okay, okay, okay . I . . . I hear you . Can't ever get anything past you huh B4 . Always taking care of me . . .

B4: If 2 isn't doing it, then I'll pick up the slack . Now, your rations, please?

B1: yeah yeah . . . here .

[footsteps is heard before something is given to B4]

B4: [clicks tongue in disapproval] Not much either huh . Any biscuits?

B1: Nope . Never was one for the sweets .

B4: you're such an old person, I can't believe you actually /like/ the regular rations .

B1: listen, I wasn't the sweet tooth of the group . That was something for-

B4: B6 . . .


B1: . . . yeah . Listen I-[gulps] Are there anything else you need 4?

[silence but it is a.s.sumed they shook their head]

B1: alright . . . yeah good . I'll see you later then?

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[another silence as they nod]

B1: alright . . . I'm sorry to bring them up again 4 . But once we're out, we'll be able to make up for all of this . I miss them too . But nothing good will come if we don't come out of this .

B4: don't need to tell me that 1 .

B1: [chuckles] I know . Stay strong 4 .

B4: will do chief

[door closes]


[long inhale before a sigh]

B4: [to themselves] let it go 4 . . . let it go .

[footsteps before knocking]

B4: 2? You up? I need to get your ration's list . I need to get a full stock list for when we head out


B4: are they really asleep now . . . ?

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B4: [knocks again] B2 . I need to speak with you .

[more knocking]

[a sudden loud B A N G is heard]

[B4 yelps in surprise]


[B AN G]

[door opens]

B1: what the h.e.l.l was that .

B4: i-i don't know

B1: was that coming from 5?

B4: I think-[BANG]

B1: s.h.i.+t, get 2 . I'm going to grab the disposer .

[loud footsteps as frantic knocking are heard . A door opens]

B4: 2! Come one 2, open the f.u.c.k up!

[Another loud bang is heard before a door slams open]

B1: Move!

[rapid footsteps before loud knocking is heard]

B1: B5! B5! Open the door!

B4: what the f.u.c.k is happening? Is there an infected?

B1: Move it!

[Loud B A N G]

[B1 grunts]

[B A N G]


B1: B5!

u003erecording forced stopped

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Input Log Dates Chapter 276

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