Input Log Dates 289 Main Recording: 9 Prt 1

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Location: main hallway

[door slams open as B4 runs out of the room]

[the footsteps come to an abrupt stop before B4 lets out a screech. The strange noise from before is increasingly getting louder as something squelches near by]

B4: B1 B1!

[another door slams open]

B1: s.h.i.+t hold on-Is that the mold?! [sputters a bit] B4 get back! Go to the-uh-[snaps as they struggle with their words]-go to the elevator. I'll get the disposer.

B4: okay, okay!

[B4 and B1 run their separate ways as the loud sound from before get closer. This is indicated to be the contamination spot growing. An indiscernible moaning sound can be heard from the where the contamination spot is, the squelching connecting with the sounds.]

[B1 fumbles out of their rooms before the sound of the disposer c.o.c.king can be heard]

B1: stay back! I am B1 of Building Block 0, I am [gulps in fear]-administering permission to dispose of the target. If you are an ex-resident, I am warning you. Last. Chance.

[More derange moaning and groaning as the squelching grows louder. A loud slam comes from the perceived molded smashes into the wall. Disgusting, slurping and squelching sounds comes next as B4 screeches in horror]

B4: Why is it eating that?!

B1: [gags in disdain] what did you eat-

[both at the same time]

Both: The rations.

B1: you're right, s.h.i.+t. s.h.i.+t s.h.i.+t s.h.i.+t-[disposer shoots] I-I am B1, stay back if you are an ex-resident! I don't want to hurt you.

[the molded screeches as the apartment begin to rumble. It is inferred that the mold is festering elsewhere in the building]

B4: It's not sentient enough to understand, we need to get out of here.

[B1 lets out a sound of acknowledgement as both are heard panting]

B4: We need to get 2.

B1: Gotta get B2, Gotta get B2. [more shooting as the molded screeches]- f.u.c.k there's so much mold! 4! We need to get B2 out of there and quick!

B4: On it chief.

[rampant footsteps are heard as B4 begins to run towards the other end of the hall, B1 insistent firing and the molded screaming in the background. Several curses can be heard coming out of B1 just as B4 slams into B2's door.]


B4: 2 come on! We got to get moving!

[in the distance, the building rumbles. Parts of it groaning as more areas become contaminated.]

B1: Come on you son of a b.i.t.c.h, stay the f.u.c.k back!

[the molded screeches again in retaliation as it slams against the wall it was eating off of. The entire hallway trembles in doing so.

B1 lets out sounds of struggles, presumably struggling to keep his footing, before a door to the right slams open.

B4 is heard, a.s.sumed to be greeting the other resident, only to be pushed to the side as B2 spills something all over the ground. In response to this, the molded screams. This sound was different than the one's before.*

The building rumbles again as B1 fires the disposer.]

B4: the bleach...? Of course! 2 good-

B2: get back 4. get to the elevator.

B4: on it.

[B4's footsteps are heard darting towards the elevator, distantly you can hear them picking up whatever supplies they had. B1 is heard next, shooting towards the molded as they began to back away.

B2 continues to pour the bleach all over the floor, presumably where the mold has crawled forward. The molded itself is heard once screeching before it, too, back away. Folding into the black contamination spots that are retreating as indicated by the rumbling in the building.

B2 is silent for the whole ordeal]

B1: We need to get this elevator working and stat. I'll set work on getting the commands ready, 2 get to 4.

B2: no.

B1: what?

[b2 returns to silence before the sound of their clothes being moved is heard. Several gasps erupt from the other two residents as they view their companion.]

B2: I'll do the commands. Get you downstairs. Get you up and out.

B1: But 2-

B2: there's no more hope for me anymore 1. I'll try to save you all. Just get to the elevator.

B1: But how! How did this happen?! How did I let you, of all residents, to get infected?!

[B2 chuckles sadly, pausing their pouring, to stare at the rest of the B level.]

B2: there's nothing you could've done to prevent this chief. I've been a goner for longer than I could've remembered. This is the best I could while in this state. So please, just get to the elevator.

[B1 tries to argue but is pulled back by B4. The two struggle, as B4 drags him to the end of the hall, as B2 is heard entering one of the units.*

After a few seconds, the elevator dings in succession causing B1 and B4 to grow quiet. The building rumbles as the elevator dings again, the elevator seemingly opening this time.

B1 sputters in surprise as B4 yells at their superior to get a move along. Dragging bags into the elevator. B1 can only let out a sob before they are heard running back to their room. B4 protests against this.]

Input Log Dates 289 Main Recording: 9 Prt 1

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