My Way To You 367 Nurse Kyrie

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"Cough, thank you for your help Miss Kyrie. Are you by chance the new nurse?" Ariana asked as she tried to change the weird mood in the room. "Ohhh ye-s-s-s!" Kyrie purred as she turned her dreamy eyes to Ariana. "He asked me to be part of his family and I couldn't say no!" Kyrie continued with a squeal. "He?" Ariana stuttered as she looked at the new nurse while Kyrie looked to have slipped into her own giggling world. She then looked at Waldemar but he quickly showed his disgust. "The Headmaster." He said. Ariana nodded her head and the room was silent again, except for Kyrie's weird mumbling.

"When the bell rings for the end of the day come to my cla.s.sroom." Waldemar said as he turned away. "Wait!" Ariana shouted as she glanced back at the nurse. Waldemar stopped. "Thank you." Ariana said. "I don't need your thanks." Waldemar replied and walked out out of the room. 

"Yuck. Gau-Gau is as delightful as ever." Kyrie said as she crinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue, surprisingly it made her look cute. Ariana turned to the nurse at the speed of light. She wasn't expecting for the nurse to speak badly of Waldemar. "Oh don't get me wrong! Tom-tom has always been salty. He's only ever opened up to one person and she was stolen from him before he could ever confess." Kyrie said nonchalantly then turned to the medicine cabinet. 

Ariana clutched her blanket and thought about what the nurse had said. "So you've been friends for a long time?" Ariana asked cautiously. The nurse pulled out a syringe filled with green liquid. "Finely." Kyrie said then motioned for Ariana's arm. "I'm sorry?" Ariana said as she rolled up her sleeve and gave Kyrie her arm. "It's a shot so no need to apologise." Kyrie responded flatly. 

"No, you said Finely?" Ariana asked. "Yes." Kyrie replied. "Why?" Ariana asked as she winced. "The shot is to help numb the pain." Kyrie responded. "No why did you say Finely?" Ariana asked as she looked at Kyrie's face. "Because you called me Miss Kyrie but it should be Miss Finely not Kyrie. Kyrie is my first name." Kyrie said with a firm nod.

"Oh I'm so sorry Miss Finely! I didn't mean to be rude!" Ariana said in a fl.u.s.ter as a cooling sensation washed over her body. "That's right! Miss Finely..." Kyrie respnded with a puffed out chest but then went silent. "Miss Finely?" Ariana called out. "Eww, nope. No, nevermind, I feel like my mother now. Gross, gross, gross. So gr-o-s-s! Don't call me that anymore. Just call me Kyrie." Kyrie said as she hugged hersef and rubbed her arms.

Ariana stared at Kyrie completely dumbfounded. She never met someone so wishy washy in her life. "Miss Kyrie?" Ariana called out. "Oh my goodness nooooo! Don't make me feel old! Can you not see that I'm a beautiful young maiden! Please just Kyrie." Kyrie cried as she grabbed Ariana's hands. She stared into Ariana's eyes and batted her long eyelashes as her pheromones were released into the air.

Ariana could only produce a weary smile. Kyrie was indeed very beautiful and young looking but at the same time she was also very weird. "Nurse Kyrie can I go see Cayden please?" Ariana asked. "N-nurse Kyrie! Ohhhhh sweet angel from above! Can I keep you? Yes I have decided I will keep you! Let's talk some more instead, okay? Leave handsome to sulk in his corner for a bit then you can go talk to him." Kyrie said with a bright smile.

"I really want to see if Cayden is okay then we can talk." Ariana said before turning her gaze to Cayden's bed. "I don't like being rejected." Kyrie said flatly as she narrowed her gaze at Ariana. "Sorry I didn't mean to make it sound like that! I'm just worried about him." Ariana said in a panic. "So now you don't think I'm competent enough to heal him? I'm no Mrs. Dabney but I can tell you that I am one good nurse and I know that he will recover completely" Kyrie said darkly as she released Ariana's hands.

"No that's not what I was saying! I just can't feel," Ariana started to explain but Kyrie started to pull Ariana out of bed by her collar. "I think you're good to go now." Kyrie said. "I love him so much that my heart won't calm down until I see his face!" Ariana shouted as she was hauled to her feet. "Oh!" Kyrie gasped as her whole face lit up and softened. "I am so insensitive! Of course my first impression of you was correct! How could I just jup to conclusions! My sweet, lovely, beautiful angel just wanted to calm down her lovely heart!" Kyrie cried out.

She then pulled out a very frilly, pink handkerchief and dabbed the corners of her eyes. She then pull Ariana into an embrace. "But handsome doesn't want to see you right now." Kyrie said as se rubbed her cheek on the top of Ariana's head. Ariana flinched, she wasn't sure why but something felt off. "He doesn't want to see me?" Ariana said in a weak voice.

"Handsome's ego got hurt so give him some time to heal his wounds, physically and emotionally." Kyrie said in a sad voice. Ariana went silent her body started to shake. Kyrie sighd as she let Ariana go from her embrace. "But then again his mouth isn't working right now. So if you took a quick peak when I wasn't looking no one woud know or complain about it." Kyrie said as she turned her back to Ariana.

Ariana quickly bowed her head. "Thank you Nurse Kyrie." She said with upmost sincerity. "Don't know what you mean, I have to orginize this cabinet. It's my first day here and I need to make this place my own." Kyrie said as she started to busy herself. Ariana smiled as she raised her head. She then walked to Cayden's bed. She looked down and saw that he was averting his gaze.

His body looked fine but Kyrie said that he lost the use of his muscles. "Cayden." Ariana called out. "Cayden, I will always remember today as a good day." She whispered then placed a small kiss of Cayden's forehead. Cayden brought his gaze to Ariana. They reflected a mixture of doubt and hope. Ariana let out a small giggle as she brushed back Cayden's fringe.

My Way To You 367 Nurse Kyrie

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