One Night With The Prince 103 A Friend Or A Foe 2

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Greg's eye widens from the question that Daniel had asked him. However, he's a brilliant Doctor, and he knows how to play the game. He extended his hands towards Daniel before replying.

"h.e.l.lo, I'm Dr. Greg Garcia, the husband of this beautiful woman." He then pulled Ms. Garcia to his embrace and replied to Daniel's question.

" To answer your question, I'm a friend, not a foe! Satisfied?!" Then winked at his wife who's concerned was clearly showing on her beautiful face.

After hearing what he said, Daniel finally accepted his handshake. "Nice to meet you! Dr. Garcia, I'm Daniel Grant, and this is Alexa Grant." Daniel did not elaborate in terms of their relations.h.i.+p. Which made Greg curious as to what's their relations.h.i.+p?

However, after shaking hand with Daniel and was about to extend his hand with Alexa... Greg suddenly stopped halfway through and stared at Alexa like he had seen a ghost, then his face turned pale. All the blood from his face washed away.

Daniel saw his reaction, and he thought he had stopped thinking about their relations.h.i.+p with each other. Unbeknown to him that it was for a different reason. [That's for another chapter]

"You don't need to know what's our relations.h.i.+p. Just know that Alexa's related to us. is that good enough?" He asked and informed Greg at the same time.

"Yes, yes, yes! That's good enough for me, why don't we all sit down and continue with this conversation comfortably." Greg went ahead and sat down without waiting for Daniel to acknowledge. His in deep thought as he made his way to the sofa to sit.

Ms. Garcia was curious as to why Greg suddenly stopped halfway and did not continue extending his hands to Alexa. All three of them were looking at Greg's reaction as he more or less slumps down instead of seating down.

Ms. Garcia sat next to him while Daniel and Alexa sat next to each other. The air was so thick, and the atmosphere was uncomfortably suffocating after that encounter for Greg, and it was visible on his face.

Ms. Garcia couldn't handle the quietness and began the conversation to lighten the mood.

"So, Alexa... Are you ready to start a new life with me?" She asked with the sweetest smile plastered on her face.

Alexa, who's still not in the mood and a bit down, replied politely. "Yes, mam!" With a half smile on her face.

Greg, who was still in deep thought, suddenly looked up when he heard Alexa's voice and stared at her some more in which had made Alexa feel anxious and shy at the same time.

"Sir! Do I have something on my face?" Alexa asked when she couldn't handle it any longer.

"I'm sorry! Please, accept my apology. That was rude of me to stare at you. Is just that... Never mind." Greg couldn't finish what he was about to say.

"Miss Grant, if you don't mind, I would like to ask you a question, may I?" Greg couldn't stop his curiosity.

Alexa looked at Daniel and then to Ms. Garcia. She's unsure of what to say, so she looked at them for help. Daniel nodded his head, indicating to go ahead.

"Sure, ask away! If I know the answer, I would gladly answer."

"What is your birthday? No... That's not my question. Well, I guess that would be good enough, your date of birth will do."

Alexa looked at Greg straight face before she replied.

"Sir, I don't mind answering your question, but first I would like to know the reason why you needed to know my date of birth?" Alexa asked sternly with a blank looking face.

Greg was stunned by how she had replied. He wasn't expecting her to be straight forward and asked to know why he wanted to know her date of birth. He had to think of a good reason if not, she might not tell him.

"I apologize once again. The reason I'm asking for your date of birth was that you remind me of someone I knew." Greg was telling the truth, and Daniel could see it and nodded to Alexa to go ahead and reply.

" My date of birth is... June 01, 2001," Alexa replied while watching for his reaction with the date she had given.

Everyone was watching Greg's reaction when he heard Alexa's date of birth. Unfortunately, he's a good poker player, therefore, he's reaction blank...

Daniel was done being a spectator and decided to interject. " Now that you have your answer, do you mind telling us who this person that reminds you off Alexa?" He asked gruffly.

"Oh, I used to know this aspiring model from the Philippines, and she suddenly disappeared. Last I heard from some colleague of mine was that she got pregnant and moved back home. That was around the year 2000 when I last saw her." He replied calmly with a straight blank looking face.

Alexa was curious now if he's talking about her Mother, so she had to ask. "And the name of that person was...?"

Everyone was holding their breath, waiting for Greg to reply...

One Night With The Prince 103 A Friend Or A Foe 2

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