The King Is Avatar 1567 Push And Pull

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Desert Dust's fist struck Lord Grim's Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. These two rivals of ten years would always clash against each other, neither one backing down.

Lord Grim's Charge was stopped, while Desert Dust stumbled back. The Knight's Charge had slightly higher priority than Collapsing Fist. With this advantage, getting past Desert Dust was an easy matter. The problem was that Han Wenqing wasn't the only person that Ye Xiu needed to get past.

Tiger Flips the Mountain!

Ye Xiu had opened a path past Desert Dust, but Lin Jingyan's Dark Thunder blocked it with a Tiger Flips the Mountain. Ye Xiu had no way to advance and could only retreat.

During this time, Han Wenqing was able to stabilize his Desert Dust. Dark Thunder's Tiger Flips the Mountain had missed, so he quickly followed it with his own attack.

Launching Kick!

Desert Dust flew threw the air with a kick.  

If it was a 1v1, Launching Kick was a very punishable attack. However, Han Wenqing had an experienced helper, Lin Jingyan, by his side, who would patch up any openings.

Ye Xiu could only have Lord Grim jump back again. He unsheathed a sword from his umbrella, sending out a Sword Draw.

Han Wenqing and Lin Jingyan were in a 2v1 situation, and they didn't hesitate to take advantage of it. Lin Jingyan's Dark Thunder put up his arms, tanking the Sword Draw. Han Wenqing's Desert Dust rushed out again. Lord Grim raised his sword, following with an Earthquake Sword.

Ye Xiu had slashed horizontally and vertically with these two low-level skills, mimicking the Berserker's Gore Cross. The Sword Draw was blocked by Lin Jingyan. The Earthquake Sword seized this small gap. Han Wenqing had rushed out too quickly and had no time to react to it. The Earthquake Sword swept him up along with the earth.

Ye Xiu didn't dare continue fighting. He immediately used a Shadow Clone Technique, his two hands quickly forming the seals. Dark Thunder closed in and swiped his claws at him, but he was too slow. Lord Grim's shadow clone disappeared into smoke as the real body moved away safely.

Turn around, Falling Flower Palm!

Lord Grim attacked again, coordinating with Soft Mist.

Tang Rou had been blocked by Song Qiying. At the moment, their fight was even. But Lord Grim's sudden appearance caught Song Qiying off guard. With a "pa!", Song Qiying's River Sunset was sent flying towards Zhang Xinjie's Immovable Rock.

Each and every detail on the battlefield had been considered by Ye Xiu. Although his Maelstrom Counterattack had been seen through, his following attacks had given Tyranny quite some trouble.

Immovable Rock dodged River Sunset, but Su Mucheng's Dancing Rain decided that it was time to give him special care and coordinated with Lord Grim's Falling Flower Palm. Dancing Rain had fired a Satellite Beam right where Immovable Rock had dodged to. In an instant, Immovable Rock was swallowed by the light.

The damage dealt by Satellite Beam wasn't low, but it was as if it hadn't affected Tyranny in the slightest. River Sunset ignored it. Immovable Rock ignored it.

After destroying Lord Grim's shadow clone, Lin Jingyan's Dark Thunder gave chase, throwing out a Paralysis Needle.

As for Han Wenqing's Desert Dust. The Earthquake Sword had knocked him back, but by twisting his body, he was able to spring off the wave of earth. Desert Dust rolled and then sprinted forward. In the blink of an eye, he had closed the distance. In contrast, Soft Mist's spear seemed dull and slow.


His fists moved like a blur as they twinkled with light.

Bang, bang, bang, bang. Lord Grim and Soft Mist were both hit by the flurry of punches.

Striker Level 75 skill, Light Speed Punch.

The speed of light was just a description. It wasn't so fast that it couldn't blocked. However, the attack came out far faster than most other skills. The afterimages formed from the skill were rather deceiving as a result.

Lord Grim and Soft Mist were knocked back. The Tyranny crowd erupted into cheers.  

They were beaten!

The viewers all thought the same, but not Han Wenqing. The two looked as if they had been sent flying, but in reality, both of them had jumped back. To put it more precisely, the Light Speed Punch had landed as they jumped back, making them lose their balance.

A loss of balance wouldn't pose a problem for those two just based on the fact that they had been able to react so quickly and jump back.


Continue attacking. Don't give the enemy any room to breath.  

Han Wenqing thought to himself. Desert Dust had already charged forward, but he hadn't expected them to counterattack before even steadying themselves.

Cloud Whirling Storm!

Tang Rou's Soft Mist had been able to sneak in a high-level skill. Soft Mist didn't know what she would need to do to balance herself when she landed. It was very easy to mess up one's rhythm when attacking under these circ.u.mstances. Usually, most players would use a quick low-level skill to defend themselves, but she unexpectedly decided to use a high-level skill instead.

Magic danced around her spear and then burst out.

This is Cloud Whirling Storm?

Dark Thunder immediately stopped. Lin Jingyan had originally thought that he had enough s.p.a.ce to circle around it, but when the Cloud Whirling Storm burst forth, the range of the magic AoE was far greater than he had expected. It moved extremely irregularly too, so he had no way to predict where it would move to. 

What is this?

The camera switched over to Soft Mist's perspective. She had used the skill while adjusting her balance. Because of her mult.i.tasking, her control over the Cloud Whirling Storm was rather messy, but this messiness was what made it unpredictable.

Lin Jingyan was gloomy. He knew that the Paralysis Needle he had thrown struck his target. Lord Grim wasn't moving, no? It was because the moment that he had jumped back, the Paralysis Needle had hit him, putting him in a Paralyzed state.

If they could catch and kill him, their victory would be certain!

Lin Jingyan grit his teeth. Dark Thunder immediately activated Reinforced Iron Bones and charged into the Cloud Whirling Storm.

The magic a.s.saulted Dark Thunder, crackling as it burned away his health.

But with his Super Armor, Dark Thunder was able to quickly move through it.

Powerful Knee Strike!

Dark Thunder immediately leapt towards Lord Grim, who had yet to land on the ground.


He had only made it halfway through before hitting a target. A Spirit Cat pounced into the air, intercepting Dark Thunder.

The Spirit Cat's had lower priority than Dark Thunder's Powerful Knee Strike, but it could still take the hit in place of someone else. Dark Thunder landed on the ground, while the Spirit Cat rolled to the side. It was then quickly killed, leaving behind a piece of scorched earth. Zhang Jiale's Dazzling Hundred Blossoms had cleared away the summons behind him by now and had s.h.i.+fted his attention to this side. But just when he turned around, Concealed Light resummoned his dead beasts. As a result, Han Wenqing quickly went to finish off the Spirit Cat blocking Dark Thunder.

The Elemental Beast King Formation created through the four beasts was nothing to be scoffed at. As a result, when facing a Four Beast style Summoner, killing off one of the beasts to prevent it from coming into play was very crucial.

The Spirit Cat was instantly killed. The newly-summoned Thunder Eagle, Wyvern, and Frost Wolf continued to hara.s.s their enemies fearlessly. 

"Ye Xiu!!" Lin Jingyan shouted in the chat.

There was no time to lose! Tyranny was about to attack Ye Xiu's Lord Grim, when they saw a bright light s.h.i.+ne on top of Lord Grim before dissipating.

Lord Grim landed on the ground and rolled. A black shadow slithered from his sleeves, Shadow Cloak!

Everyone on Tyranny was experienced enough to recognize that bright light.

Purify, a Paladin skill that dispelled debuffs and status effects from the target's body. Happy's healer, An Wenyi, had chosen it to put on his Little Cold Hand's weapon.

It was a level one Purify, and could only remove one status effect. However, Lord Grim only had one status effect on him, Paralysis. After being Purified, he could immediately move normally again. He Quick Recovered and used Shadow Cloak. Tyranny was able to react in time though, if not, Lord Grim would have been able to catch all of them.

The initiative was still held by Tyranny though. After dodging the Shadow Cloak, Tyranny immediately pushed forward again.

Happy pulled back.

Lord Grim and Soft Mist coordinated with Concealed Light's summons, protecting Concealed Light and Little Cold Hands, attacking and retreating. Su Mucheng's Dancing Rain wandered around on the edges of the battlefield, hara.s.sing and disrupting Tyranny's offensive maneuvers.

But Tyranny continued to push forward.

Although it was a 5v5 again, Tyranny still had a sixth player that could be subbed in. They had the numbers advantage, which allowed them to be bolder and make aggressive moves.

Bold and aggressive was exactly what Tyranny was best at. Their offense was relentless. Happy was unable to escape from it. They could only face it, fighting while retreating.

Wave after wave of cheers came from Tyranny's fans. As long as Tyranny kept up this pressure, it seemed as if Tyranny's victory would only be a matter of time.

However, Tyranny's players weren't celebrating yet. They didn't dare get careless.

"Careful." Zhang Xinjie typed into the team chat. In his eyes, although Happy was retreating, they weren't retreating because they had no other choice. Their control over their tempo was quite firm. The direction of their retreat was within their grasp.

Happy was waiting for an opportunity to counterattack. Zhang Xinjie was certain of it. Did that mean this opportunity was lying in wait in the direction that they were retreating towards.

That area was the center of the map, the Seven Color Springs. It was an area that Tyranny had never ventured into. Was there a feature in that area that could be taken advantage of by Happy?

Was it another area that could collapse?

Seeing Concealed Light now and then recalling how Happy had only now come together as five after so long, Zhang Xinjie couldn't help but think of this possibility.

The King Is Avatar 1567 Push And Pull

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