Fall For Me 56 I Succeeded!!!?

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On paper Xintong was only a rank 2 alchemist but due to her over powered system of inheritance from her brother's alchemy teachings she could be considered a rank 4 alchemists. So theoretically speaking a tier 3 pill is nothing but child's play for her. The really difficult part is inducing the transcendent rank phenomenon onto the pill. In other words creating a pill whose effect are beyond what that pill's perfection effect could achieve.

Meaning a perfect pill is achieved if the alchemist can process 90% of the ingredients into the pill. While a transcendent rank is when 99% is process rate is achieved.

A way to think about it is the transfer of energy between objects. An example would be the food chain in the animal kingdom. Plant life is considered the base energy for all living beings. They get their energy source directly from the sun through photosynthesis. The sun helps push the chain reaction of water, carbon dioxide and whatever nutrients in the soil to make sugar, and oxygen. Then a cow or any herbivore would eat that plant. Theoretically speaking if a tiger comes along and eat that rabbit who ate the gra.s.s then the tiger should have absorbed the same amount of energy as the amount of energy the rabbit ate from the gra.s.s. Except that is the not the case because, when the rabbit ate the gra.s.s the stomach process the energy but it probable process less than 80 percent of it before p.o.o.ping it out. Thats also before considering the fact that the rabbit would use some of the energy too.

All in all if we a.s.sume the each time the energy moves up the chain and only 90 percent of it is process by the time it gets to humans, and a.s.suming that humans are the 3rd animal on the food chain then only 73 percent of the energy is left for the human to process. Furthermore if the human only from 90 percent of it too, then by, then out of 100 calories humans only get 66% of it and 34% is wasted in the process. So the question would be wouldn't it be better and more efficient for humans to directly to go to the source?

That would be the case if not for a little known something call nutrients. Well enough of that biology. Alchemy is the same way and in alchemy they try to process the ingredients into the best form of itself. While its qi might be lost along the way its other properties or "nutrients" are enhance. In such case these ingredients are made into pills for break through, healing, body strengthening and etc.

Xintong started up her fire as she finished measuring the ingredients. Then without a flicker of a thought she threw them in like somebody's grandma cooking left over food.

As Jun could be considered to be a step away from Pill King and with his eyes of discernment he could easily tell that those measurements Xintong used were correct. Which put him in a state of distraught. On one hand he wants her to succeed but at the same time he doesn't want to parade around the city yelling out that he has a nano d.i.c.k. -_-

(qq) s.h.i.+t I don't want my reputation to go from Martial Dao, Pill Dao genius, unrivaled within 300 miles of Ziyu City Xing Jun to unrivaled nano d.i.c.k within 300 miles of Ziyu City Xing Jun.

(╯‵□′)╯(┻━┻ (╯‵□′)╯(┻━┻ (╯‵□′)╯(┻━┻

Forget it let me win this bet first and then help her again. People need to learn to lose before they can win, Jun reasoned like an old wise immortal but it is really because he doesn't want to parade around the city yelling out those embarra.s.sing words.

"Ay Xintong should I make a sign that says 'My chest is a flat board' or 'flat board chest coming through'? Which do you think sounds easier to read? I preferable FLAT BOARD CHEST COMING THROUGH! As it contains 5 words vs 6."

Xintong excruciatingly grind her teeth as she tried not to get distracted.

"Maybe we can hang it on your chest too, to further emphasize it."

"Will it kill you to shut up micro p.e.n.i.s!" Shouted Xintong like she was about to kill someone.

Xintong was feeling anger the entire time and wasn't even feeling the pressure of the bet right now. All she wanted to do right now was kick Jun where it hurts and hard.

"How much longer? I'm thinking about ordering dinner? You want one too? Flat chest?"

Xintong was getting closer and closer to completion. About 95 percent of the pill was complete. It was at that moment she began to question herself.

Did I make any mistake?

I think I should have measured everything correctly.

I feel like I separated the heart herb and the snake flower perfectly by using an inception technique during the burn out process.

I really don't want to go parading around telling the city my chest is flat. How am i going to face everyone afterwards?

Will it even come out as a transcendent rank pill?

Why did I even take this stupid bet! I don't even know him that well! We only met like twice? maybe 3 times!

Did I feel follow the formula right through?

I feel like my timing was off. It was suppose to be 10, 3, 30, 5, 20, and 18.

"Ey does your boyfriend ever try to lay on your chest? And then ask why is this rock so hard?"

"Do you have a mental issue! Can't you shut up for 5 minutes!"

"A true alchemist would not get so easily distracted!" Jun said with a shamelessly straight face.

"How about you make a tier 3 transcendent rank pill! While I yell Xing Jun has a nano p.e.n.i.s?! Or keep it up unrivaled nano p.e.n.i.s within 300 miles of Ziyu City!" Xintong burst out in anger after bottling everything up in the last 30 minutes. Her eyes were glaring at Jun like a tiger ready to kill her prey while her hands, muscle and brains were completing the process of the pill refinement.

To Jun the process looked like it was getting closer and closer to completion. With his eyes of discernment he is 100% sure if she completes these last 1% steps then the pill that's gonna come will be transcendent rank. Therefore he would lose the bet but at the same time Jun began to worry. The cauldron was heating up way too quickly. He didn't know if it was instinct or not but he could see that Xintong was using her flames to protect the pills from the heat.

She was still glaring at him hatefully when Jun heard a crack. Jun instinctively activated the Boundless Dragon eyes as his vision pierce right through the cauldron to look at the pill inside. His body swiftly moved to be between Xintong and the cracked cauldron. In an instant he pulls Xintong into his chest to cover he from the blast as his left hand touches the cauldron.

He sent in a surge of the star freezing flame to absorb the excess heat and protect the pill. It might have been due the speed of the cooling but the cauldron began to crack even faster.

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Everything was happening too fast for Jun to keep up. If his actual realm was genuinely in the Master's realm instead of a half step Jun felt like he could save the pill along with Xintong. Sadly even with an OP body refinement technique his qi was not up to par with a Master realm's qi. His weight and ma.s.s instantly increased to the max of the first stage of the BEWFG body refinement method which was 1000 pounds. His defense instantly shot up initial King's realm.


Shards flew everywhere as it digs right into the walls and floor. Due to the strength of his body while the clothes on his back were torn to shreds his skin was still as smooth as baby's bottom.

While rank 3 pills were useful for up to Master Realm the strength of its' explosion was also only so high as the ingredients used only has so much energy. Most of the energy that caused the explosion were from Xintong herself. If the explosion was to happened right then there she might have died due to her cultivation realm but with Jun s.h.i.+elding all the shards from the blast and qi to prevent the c.u.mulation of essence flame to hurt her.

While still being tightly held against his body Xintong felt a similar sense of safety when she was with Lin.


"Are you okay?" Jun whispered to her.

Waking up from her reminisce she pushes Jun away aggressively. She did a slight bow and yelled out, "sorry!" Before running over to the mess of a cauldron and digging through the ashes.

"You did successfully refine the pill," Jun sighs and whips out two rank 3 transcendent tier pill.

"I succeeded?!" She asks doubtfully out loud.

Fall For Me 56 I Succeeded!!!?

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