Just Mine 138 The Heir

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We are having a meeting, and you are my a.s.sociate, your name is Adriana....not much is known about my family, cause of my name. Plus I doubt Mrs Rose and her mate are smart enough to do research. Let's play this game, Sky said as she signalled Anton to ask Chiamanda to let them in.

Ok Anton said as he place his recording pen properly.

Mrs Rose, it's quite early for you to visit, I didn't know you were an early bird. As you can see, I'm in a meeting but I had to cut it short, cause I have another meeting by 9:00am so please be fast about it, Sky said as she led them to the meeting area, where Jenna and Anton was sitting.

How nice of you to see us after keeping us for an hour. Don't worry dear what I'm about to say is very important and can render you speechless.

Office hours is from 8:00-5:00pm Mrs Rose, so I didn't keep you waiting plus you dont have an appointment, I only agreed to see you cause your darling Mr Jide isn't around.

Hearing Mr Jide's name, Mrs Rose coughed awkwardly and arranged her dress. Well let's go straight to the point. This is Aidenn, you already know our Kayla. I've been trying to contact you but you've been ignoring my calls.

We all know my late ex was promiscuous, couldn't keep his p.e.n.i.s in his pant...Mrs Rose said smiling half heartedly. When I heard rumors of Jayden having another child out of wedlock, I took matters into my own hand. I flew to los Angeles and found the poor lad wondering in the dark, I checked all the necessary doc.u.ments. The first time I saw him, i saw my Jay in him, those eyes, the test only confirmed my suspicion.

Meet Mr Jayden's son. Aidenn Moore, he bears his mother's name, his mother Felicia Moore, was Jay's mistress abroad, when she found out she was pregnant for Jay, she moved away to another place...That was the period Jay was still with Kayla's mom, and she was chasing him around. She had no choice than to tell her boy about his father, after he turned eighteen. I don't know why they kept it a secret all this time but I know if Jay had known about this boys existence, you won't be here now. He is the rightful heir.

Sky smiled as the woman finished explaining, she noticed the way Kayla looks at the young man and that is no way a sister look at a brother.

It's not a throne Mrs Rose, it doesn't have to be by blood relation. I don't know what you are trying to do so I advice you stop it now before it's too late. And this young man here isn't Mr J's son so whatever doc.u.ment you have there, that's your business, i have important things to attend to and your time us up.

Aidenn looked at the lady, she wasn't threatened by any of the things Mrs Rose has just said. She was so confident....he liked her. He knew she was pregnant from the moment he walked in and also noticed the way she rubbed her baby b.u.mp. Coupled with the fact that he's a doctor who just recently lost his job and reputation because of a scandal. He s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the other lady who seem uninterested in their conversation and flipped through a magazine just because she was bored. He looked at her curvy body and exposed cleavage. Mrs Rose tap him on his leg to get his attention.

I'll take it to the press if you don't hand your position over to him. Mrs Rose threatened.

Come on Mrs Rose, if you ever heard any feeling for your late husband, let this company be ....you know the company has gone through alot recently and you know how much Mr Jayden lived this company. Anton said

It's cause I love the company, that's why i'm doing all this. Our company is in the hands of a stranger, a little girl who knows nothing about life, and slept her way to the top. My Jay was blinded by her beauty and youth when he signed the company to her. I'm sure he's rolling in his grave right now because of the way this wh.o.r.e is handling this company.

Mind the way you speak old hag, We can sue you for defamation of character. Just imagine if someone hears what you are saying, let's say the press for instance, then you destroy her image, her reputation which can even lead to her getting hurt. Have you ever seen this woman here with any man or let me rephrase that, have you ever seen Mrs Sky having s.e.x with any man? did you ever see her having s.e.x with Mr Jayden. If you think it's easy to make money or get to the top by f.u.c.king old men, have your daughter do it so she also can become a CEO of a conglomerate. By the way I'm Adrianna, I'm an a.s.sociate of Mrs Sky and also a barrister.

Aidenn smiled for the first time. Not only was she beautiful, she was smart. s.e.xy...he said to himself.

I told you I don't want to have anything to do with my father's company Mrs Rose. Enough of this, let's leave this place. Aidenn spoke for the first time.

Calm down Aidenn, like I told you before...it's your right. it's not going to be easy but I will put you in your rightful place.

I didn't know you are this generous Mrs Rose, Sky said smiling. There's no denying that this young man is handsome, is he the new boy...keeping your bed warm at night? But what's his deal, what does he get from this whole thing? Sky asked as she looked at Aidenn in the eye. Before either of them could reply...she continued. Since you claim I was one of Mr J's mistress, I think I should know his body just like I know mine. My Jayden was very handsome but these eyes aren't the same as his, they might look like his eyes but they are not the same.

Mrs Rose mouth dropped as she listened to Sky...the nerve you got young lady! saying these things in front of me. Here, take a look at his birth Certificate and a picture of Mr Jayden and Aidenn's mom. All the proof you need is in this certificate. Mrs Rose said as she stood up to leave with her gang.

d.a.m.n it Sist, he's fine...that guy is a fine specimen, did you hear his voice. Jenna said the moment the guest left.

a.s.sociate Jenna, just a.s.sociate not Barrister, where did you get that from? But you did good with that defamation of character, I can see you are studying. But you really want to be a lawyer? I thought you said you wanted food and nutrition or hotel management?

I changed my mind sist, I'll go to any school of your choice and gonna be a bad a.s.s lawyer so I can be a judge. Jenna replied her sister.

Anton listened to the two sisters as he checked the envelope. He froze as he brought out a doc.u.ment and read it. Sky you need to see this.

Just Mine 138 The Heir

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